Chambers – Episode 10 “In the Gloaming” – The Finale – Recap & Review


The Final Confrontations

The finale to Chambers begins with a flashback to that fateful night. The skateboarder we have been seeing on and off in many episodes happens to be in the hospital with Sasha. He stumbles across a room where we see the Annex people, including Ruth, performing some ritual around a body in surgery, which we’re led to assume is Becky’s. The skateboarder bumps into the person carrying the donor’s heart which falls on the floor, still beating and with crystals all around. Later on, he gets something from the vending machine but we see a figure, someone from the Annex, taking him away.

In the present, the scene begins by showing a missing poster for him. Yvonne and TJ take Becky/Sasha away and head to the Annex themselves. They take her to a room where they lay her down and try opening her chakras to get Sasha out. One of them, anahata is the heart chakra. Yvonne puts the black tourmaline in the heart chakra as we cut back to another vision.

Within it, we see Sasha back in her house only this house is different. It looks as though the Lefevres had always lived in that house. Becky starts talking to her and explains this is actually her heart. She then ties Sasha down and explains she needs to kill herself in order to protect everyone around her. In order to try and coerce her into the act, Becky keeps showing her the video of her Mum abandoning her and they talk for a bit before she leaves the room. But not before she gives her a piece of glass to kill herself with.

Yvonne and TJ both talk to Becky about memories to try to make her come back which seems to start working as she frees herself long enough to go in the bedroom and tie Becky to the bed. After hesitating for a while, she decides to suffocate Becky with a pillow which causes her to finally wake up as herself. Meanwhile, Ruth has been watching all the events unfolding on camera.

We then cut forward to one week later where we see Sasha getting a tattoo of Becky’s name on her heart as a tribute. She goes to see Frank in prison and he tells her to look out for her Grandad. Everything appears to have been returned to normal too, as she finds herself back with TJ. However, something strange and random happens as a little girl brings her a flower out of nowhere.

At the detox center, Elliot is woken up by Marnie who introduces herself as his transitional partner. She tells him that he is going to finally see what a family feels like. His mother happens to also be a patient at the clinic and gets told his Father is no longer with them.

Sasha then has dinner with her Grandad and they talk about Frank. She doesn’t think people will believe he didn’t kill Johnny because of who they are. Suddenly, Ruth and people from the Annex arrive at the door. She explains that Becky is not interfering anymore and Lilith can finally inhabit her completely. Becky was a vessel but not a good one although Sasha is found to be worthy. They think Lilith can bring balance in the world and Sasha will be able heal the sick, get her Uncle out of jail and cure Yvonne’s mum among other things.

She vehemently refuses but Evan doesn’t take no for an answer and tries to force her to join them. She turns him down again more fiercely and as her eyes glaze over and double up, she causes multiple people to faint. Could this be the awakening of her new powers as Lillith?

While the episode itself certainly answers a lot of questions hanging over the series, the cliffhanger ending is less than ideal given how long it’s taken to reach this point. The cult-like Annex are certainly a nice inclusion to the series and the various characters certainly show their true colours. There’s a lot of symbology and a fair amount of religious connotation that could be taken from this series though but for the most part, Chambers never quite delivers on its promises. There’s enough here to make for an enjoyable series but it’s also a pretty forgettable one too.

Whether there will be a second season is anyone’s guess but if there is, Chambers will have to improve with its pacing going forward. Quite whether its audience will have the patience needed to sit through another 10 episodes at this pace is anyone’s guess. For now though the first season is perfectly acceptable and enjoyable at times too. The finale is worth the wait though and if you’ve made it this far, Chambers does well to answer most of the questions hanging over the series.


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