Chambers – Episode 9 “In the Gloaming” Recap & Review


The Transformation

We begin the penultimate episode of Chambers back to that night at the hospital. Evan tells Ben it’s not over and he can donate Becky’s heart if he wants to. However, Nancy can’t let go of her daughter and as Becky is taking away, her eyes open for a second.

Back in the present day, Sasha worries she might go to prison but Nancy reassures her she won’t. Sasha explains that it wasn’t her that pushed Coach Jones but Becky. At this point, Sasha gets taken over by Becky who sings the song Nancy always used to sing to her. She also tells her ‘Don’t leave me in the hole again’. Nancy tells her about the time Becky fell in a hole when she was little which causes Becky to take over again and try stabbing herself.

At the detox centre, Elliot tells his dad he never attacked Becky but it was actually the other way around and that she is going to hurt Sasha. This then leads back to Sasha who wakes up in a wine room Nancy has locked her in. She explains that after what Coach Jones did to her, Becky decided to kill herself. Nancy wants Becky to come out again and after a bit of persuasion and some videos, it works and she possesses Sasha again. Becky explains that she wasn’t raped but that people from the Annex summoned something evil which went inside of her.

At Frank’s house, they speak to the crazy old lady who repeats the same word over and over again ‘Anahata’. Frank and TJ then leave to find Sasha but the police arrest Frank for suspicion of murder against Johnny. The old lady then gives black tourmaline to Yvonne and tells her she needs to perform a ritual to help Sasha.

Sasha, as Becky, remembers what the hooded figures were wearing – on their top they had the symbol of the Annex. Ben then arrives home and Becky realizes he was there that night and also responsible for what happened to her. He tells her that nothing bad was supposed to have happened to her (she was meant to heal the world) and that he needs to take her to the Annex. Nancy then stops him by stabbing him.

The episode then ends with Yvonne and TJ arriving at the Lefevres and instead of Sasha, they both see Becky as she has managed to completely take over Sasha.

It’s taken a while but Chambers has finally lived up to its potential with this episode. With a good dose of tension and a decidedly purposeful pacing, Chambers delivers a very good episode indeed. The ending certainly sets things up nicely for the finale too and given Becky’s iron grip over Sasha, it’ll be interesting to see quite how things are wrapped up in the finale.


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