Castlevania: Nocturne – Season 1 Episode 3 “Freedom Was Sweeter” Recap & Review

Freedom Was Sweeter

In Castlevania: Nocturne Season 1 Episode 3, vampires are branded by the Messiah’s chilly representative, setting a frightening tone for the episode. Following that, we see them make a solemn vow as they prepare to give up everything for the Messiah.

The focus then moves to a grieving Annette, who has just lost her partner, Edouard. She seems to be blaming herself, thinking she did not do enough to stop him from being taken by the vampires. Following this, she reflects on how Edouard filled in as the carer after her mother passed away.

We are then taken back in time and given some background information on Annette. We watch young Annette enjoying herself tremendously with her musically inclined mother. The fact that her mother is a witch makes their situation as vampire slaves more complicated.

Vaublanc, the vampire from the previous episode, finds out the truth about Annette’s mother at some point. Following that, he violently murders her, leaving Annette an orphan and a broken girl. He then appears to be leaving with her in tow.

Vampires eventually try to brand Annette. However, she gets away and finds safety at Edouard’s. As a consequence, Annette considers Edouard to be a member of her family.

A priestess is shown working with Annette, and the two of them become allies. With Ogun’s power at her disposal, Annette is shown developing her skills.

The priestess shows signs of extreme fear. She tells Annette that the Messiah must be stopped, and that she has an inkling to prove it. The Messiah, she stresses, is completely merciless and will ultimately rule all of Europe. Therefore, Annette makes the choice to stand against the Messiah in France. Following this, Edouard invites himself to go with Annette.

An outbreak of vampire attacks occurs in the present. Annette’s heart breaks as she sees Edouard, now a vampire, while fighting alongside Richter and Maria. Edouard, now overtaken by the supernatural, disappears, marking the end of the episode.

The Episode Review

This episode provides insight into Annette’s background. In the current era, the community is being subjected to vampire attacks.

The show effectively demonstrates an elevated degree of effectiveness in character development throughout this episode. Additionally, the episode provides significant depth to Annette’s character, fostering a sense of empathy for her circumstances.

Moreover, the integration of supernatural components with the collapse of the French aristocracy is executed with great finesse. The blending of the aristocracy and the supernatural entities significantly enhances the thrill-inducing element of the show.

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