Castlevania: Nocturne – Season 1 Episode 2 “Horror Beyond Nightmares” Recap & Review

Horror Beyond Nightmares

In the beginning of Castlevania: Nocturne Season 1 Episode 2, we hear the Abbot narrate the dangers of the revolution. Since he perceives the monarchy as a hierarchy under God’s command, he is heard preaching about a new Joan of Arc who will save the people from the godless mob of the revolution.

Drolta Tzuendes soon arrives in Paris, claiming to be the Messiah’s representative. The vampire then embarks on her murderous rampage.

In this instance, we continue where we left off in the previous episode. Maria is weighing whether or not they should bury the vampires they murdered.

Annette, Edouard, and Richter quickly join in after. Annette explains that Erzsebet Bathory is the Messiah. Maria’s mum, Tera, shows signs of shock after hearing this.

When pressed, Tera reveals that she once called Russia home. She goes on to assert that her sister was taken from her by Erzsebet Bathory. Tera attempted to save her sister but discovered Erzsebet had already transformed her. She then elaborates on the cruelty Erzsebet inflicted on the people she captured. She then expands on how she was forced to leave her sister behind in Russia and flee the country.

Later that day, Richter, Maria, Annette, and Edouard go to the chateau to see if their hunches about the supernatural beings’ gathering are accurate. The group stays hidden and spies for a while until Annette spots Comte de Vaublanc. She can’t help but attract attention to the group, and events quickly get out of hand.

The supernatural beings can be seen pursuing the group as they try to escape. While everyone else is trying to escape, the vampires grab Edouard. Following this, Annette completely loses it because her best friend has been taken away from her.

Edouard and the other deceased figures are carried to Abbot’s Abbey in the final moments of the episode. At this point, the episode ends with a shot of Olrox watching the events unfold.

The Episode Review

The group’s spying on the chateau and the tragedies that ensued form the core of this episode. We are also cautioned about Erzsebet Bathory, another powerful vampire and the Messiah.

The episode raises the bar for the show’s suspense and thrills. The Messiah appears to be as vicious, if not more so, as Olrox. The backstory narrated by Tera during this episode was absolutely icy. When you consider the lengths the Messiah went to, it sends chills down your spine.

The tragic death of Edouard added an extra layer of melancholy to this episode. His death also provided Annette with a reason to seek retribution against the supernatural beings. The gloomy ending fits the tone of the episode perfectly. It will be intriguing to watch where the story goes from here.

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