Castlevania – Season 4 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Back in the World

Episode 5 of Castlevania begins with Alucard leading all the villagers through the forest away from Danesti in the dead of night. They’re heading for the castle, and Alucard believes this is their best chance of survival. Even then though, the chances of making it through in one piece are pretty slim. While they walk, Greta comments how she can smell the rotten stench of corruption on Saint Germain.

They’re interrupted though by Alucard sensing something drawing near. Allowing the group to continue, Alucard heads up to the treetops. There, he fights off against a menacing giant spider.

Alucard defeats it of course, and the group continue on after defeating several different monsters. This seems to be part of Saint Germain’s scheme, as he mutters under his breath about the failed plan.

Meanwhile, Lenore examines from afar as Hector uses his new hammer to necromance Hell demons into existence. Although Hector is nonchalant to the whole affair, Lenore is troubled.

She mentions Carmilla’s scheming and worries that she’s overreaching. Lenore feels like she’s being pushed out and senses that her time of usefulness is drawing to a close. In fact, she believes Carmilla has been lying to her this whole time.

Elsewhere, Sypha and Belmont despair at the disorganization of Zamfir’s villagers. Having seen enough, Sypha steps up and begins leading them all, effortlessly organizing the villagers to work together in order to survive.

Belmont meanwhile, realizes there must be an underground court of some description and begins investigating further. As he does so, several winged beasts rise up and begin attacking. One of them places a strange pin on Zamfir’s back, something that looks like it’s going to be important going forward.

As the episode closes out, we cut back to Isaac who organizes his night creatures as they settle on a brand new mission. Conquest. And, more specifically, conquering Carmilla’s castle.

The Episode Review

The latest episode of Castlevania starts to draw the bowstring, ready to pierce an arrow of explosive action through the rest of the episodes. There’s a building tension to a lot of the scenes now and the different subplots are coming together nicely.

Belmont and Sypha’s story ultimately feels like one singular cog in a mammoth machine of fighting. While we only get teasing glimpses of what’s happening with them, it’s clear that this is going to be really important for the episodes ahead.

Either way, the second half of this anime looks like it’s about to step it up a gear.

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