Castlevania – Season 4 Episode 6 Recap & Review

You Don’t Deserve My Blood

Episode 6 of Castlevania season 4 begins with the assault on Carmilla’s castle. Isaac’s forces attack in their droves, with Isaac himself leading the charge. He effortlessly dispatches numerous hell beasts as a whole flock of Isaac’s monsters ascend on Carmilla’s throne room.

It’s just the distraction Hector needs to put his plan in place. He traps Lenore in a blue cage while explaining that he intends to help bring Dracula back from the dead. He’s been conspiring this whole time, and with Isaac arriving in the room, business is about to pick up.

Isaac effortlessly pushes past the blue bars on the cage and threatens Lenore. Hector stops him though and willingly offers his own life for what’s happened between them.

Isaac turns his attention back to Hector and pauses. He tells the forgemaster he doesn’t want revenge but instead is intent on going his own way.

Hector has been busy and biding his time to escape. Lenore can only stand and watch in horror as she realizes she’s been deceived all this time. And just like that, Hector uses Isaac’s knife to cut his own finger off, severing the bond between he and Lenore. With the blade pulsating red-hot, Hector cauterizes the wound.

Blood-soaked and exhausted, Carmilla continues to fight on. The ground is drenched in sickly red, as Isaac steps forward and confronts the vampiric menace about her ambition. This eventually leads to the pair fighting against each other as a killer orchestral score plays in the background.

It’s an epic fight between the two; a beautifully choreographed dance of blade and blood. It also feels like it’s been ripped right from the game series.

Anyway, Carmilla eventually sacrifices herself, piercing her own heart with a stake and exploding the throne room and everyone else in it. Morana and Striga watch from afar, shocked that Carmilla is dead and wondering what to do. They doubt themselves over whether to jump in or not, eventually settling on riding West, away from the castle. They’re going to forge their own chapter.

With the castle taken, Isaac decides against going after Dracula. In fact, Isaac decides to let him rest and press ahead with his own ambitious plans. He wants to live and believes Dracula has earned his slumber.

The Episode Review

With Carmilla finally defeated and the vampires scattered for now, this episode takes on an interesting complexion as we see Isaac and Hector collaborating together.

The reveal that Hector has been scheming this entire time is perhaps unsurprising, but it definitely catches Lenore off-guard. Carmilla did warn her though that she needs to be careful but the arrogance got to her and she didn’t listen. This has cost her dearly but Hector’s decision to stay in the castle willingly is testament to the bond they both have together – ring or no ring.

Isaac’s ideology about living and the interesting change from Dracula’s tyrannical rule is a nice touch, but also one that conflicts against Varney and his supporters who, for now anyway, have been relegated to the back-burner for much of the season.

With Carmilla now defeated, it seems like we could well be shifting perspective and focusing more on Varney for the episodes ahead.

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