Capitani – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Beneath Is Dark, Wooden Crown

Episode 2 of Capitani begins on July 8th; the second day of this investigation into Jenny’s death. Capitani heads out for a run, spying Usch scratching stones against the wall. He then heads home and looks thoughtfully at the woods, trying to piece together what happened.

That morning, Capitani heads downstairs for some breakfast but runs into an old friend called Carla he hasn’t seen for 15 years. It turns out she left for Portugal, needing to get away from everything, but Capitani is obviously still hung up over this. After a pretty frosty talk, Luc receives a call from the station about Rob’s suicide, sending him back to work with Ley to check out the house.

Capitani meticulously works his way through the different rooms, getting a sense for how close this family are. At the same time, villagers comb the woods for clues.

Capitani’s search brings him back to the hospital, where we hear what happened to Nadine that night. She was drinking, three glasses of wine to be precise, and things were tense between her and Rob. Rob never wanted children but as Ley asks the question, her ties to the village make it difficult to keep her emotions out of the investigation.

After this brief interview, the two officers head to school where they question a girl called Lea, someone who knew Jenny and Tanja well. Capitani is pretty forward, asking outright about drugs and problems at home, but doesn’t get very far with his line of enquiry.

Instead, they decide to look at Tanja and Jenny’s lockers, with numerous pictures stuck to the inside hinting at a close sisterly bond. Rob’s locker doesn’t bring up much else either.

Well, out in the woods the villagers find Rob’s glasses. Now it seems like both of these incidents are linked together, as Ley and Capitani work together to try and piece together the timeline from that night.

Unfortunately, there’s a missing 5 hour period of time that’s been left unannounced for. Adding to the mystery is the toxicology report, which comes back to confirm Jenny didn’t suffer from an overdose. She was high on drugs but not to the point of overdosing. So what did happen?

The Episode Review

Episode 2 of Capitani keeps the tension high as we see Luc flitting around the village, interviewing different family members and trying to piece together what happened. For the most part, the show does a good job keeping its moody atmosphere going and the ending certainly leaves question marks over Jenny’s death. If it wasn’t actually a suicide, what really happened? Was Rob’s death actually a suicide or is there more going on here too?

We’ll haver to wait and see of course but this one is just starting to get interesting.

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