Capitani – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Out Of Childhood

Episode 3 of Capitani begins on the third day of our investigation, as Ley and Capitani drive to Rob’s parents’ house. Given his glasses were found in the woods, it seems likely that he was involved.

As they head in to speak to his chain-smoking mother, the woman nonchalantly calls Nadine a slut and mentions how the pair had a lot of problems in their marriage. The girls hitting puberty only made that worse. Ley struggles to hold back her coughs, as she excuses herself and heads out for some air.

Capitani eventually comes out the house emptyhanded, and tasks Ley with figuring out how Rob’s glasses ended up in the woods. He refuses to give her time off, remaining determined to figure out the truth. Capitani heads down into the woods to check the site. There, he notices a rock cairn, which may be important further down the line.

Ley heads back to the school, pleading with Mr Weyrich to help with the investigation and show them the camera footage at the school. When he refuses to budge, Let decides to get a warrant to speed things along, especially when Steve messages and tells her he can’t wait to see her at 2pm.

Well, Ley heads straight out the school and into her car, pretending to be the investigator. Mores picks up the phone and repeats her words. It does the trick too, and while Ley heads to the doctors and has a baby scan, Mores learns that a woman arrived and took the glasses out of Rob’s locker but can’t quite see what direction they went.

With the school on high alert and potentially covering things up – and with Capitani unreachable in the woods – Ley thinks on her feet and manages to get the greenlight to search the records. Within that, Mores finds a key name in Lydie Rommes, who happens to be the Mayor’s wife.

While Ley says goodbye to Steve, Capitani finds the military base nearby to the woods and suspects they could be linked. As he follows the fences around, he spies Ley kissing Steve on the job and is not happy about it.

Back at the station, he reprimands her for leaving her post and threatens to fire the girl. For now though, he keeps her on the team. The investigation continues with this trio as Capitani brings back important news.

Jenny did not fall from the cliff and he suspects that she was moved after being killed. Well, if Rob is involved then it could be linked to what’s going on between Mick and Nadine who seem to still be seeing each other. Mick even mentions that Rob knows where Tanja is too.

With secrets awash in the village and Capitani struggling to find anyone to trust, he calls on Carla for assistance. While the villagers all attend church that afternoon, we catch a glimpse of that similar rock cairn from the crime scene, sitting at the back of the room. Surely, that’s not a coincidence! Anyway, the entire investigation is turned upside down when Tanja stumbles in church. She’s alive!

The Episode Review

With lots of secrets in this village, Capitani channels serious Midsomer Murder vibes for this 12 episode crime series. There’s an awful lot going on here and it’s clear that more than one person is withholding the truth. Who’s lying? And why? It seems like the school may have something to do with it and if that’s the case then it goes all the way up to the Mayor as well.

Who would want to kill Jenny? Was it an accident? Or a deliberate act? With Tanja back now, hopefully we’ll be getting more answers to these questions but the show leaves the door wide open for where it may go next.

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