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Funny, emotional and surprisingly well written, Can You Hear Me is a simple but touching dramatic comedy that does a great job balancing humour and drama. While the series begins with some lighthearted humour and appears to be going in one direction, the series suddenly and abruptly turns things upside down to produce a memorable and thought provoking first season. The way this series shifts genres on the fly and dives deeper into the poignant material is partly the reason this works as well as it does. The 10 episodes are easy to binge through, sitting at 20 minutes a pop, and throughout the season the show does a great job balancing this humour and drama to deliver a compelling series well worth watching.

The story itself begins with a simple opening episode to set the scene for what follows. Three friends Ada, Fabi and Caro are far from perfect but find comradeship in each other as they share the highs and lows of their lives. Ada is a girl with serious anger problems and is forced into attending therapy sessions to get this under control. Only, this is further exacerbated by an estranged relationship with her Mother and a desire for sex that’s used as a crux to hide her emotions.

Fabi has a heavenly voice and while her friends do their best to share that gift with as many people as possible, she’s caught with her own familial issues. Those include looking after her sister’s daughter and balancing a relationship with a man named Jean-Michel whom Fabi’s friends don’t approve of. Rounding out this trio is Caro, who has arguably the best arc of the season and finds herself suffering from a toxic relationship at the hands of her abusive partner. All these storylines reinforce the themes of friendship and compassion which seeps through every part of this series.

Tonally, the show tackles some pretty heavy topics but the way it swings between comedy and drama throughout the 10 episodes is partly the reason it works as well as it does. These women aren’t perfect either and in an era where Hollywood continues to fall over itself to create the perfect Mary Sue, seeing these women try and work through their imperfections actually has the perfect effect of showing how strong they each are mentally.

With lots of scope for a second season and an accessible and well written 10 episodes to blitz through, Can You Hear Me is a cleverly written, emotional and funny series. It’s a show that knows exactly what it wants to be and manages to execute on that perfectly to deliver three compelling and realistically depicted women struggling through their lives. Can You Hear Me is a show that’s seemingly come out of nowhere and may just prove to be one of the better offerings of the year.


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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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