Campfire Cooking in Another World with my Absurd Skill – Episode 12 Recap & Review

Adventures Are as Countless as Varieties of Food

Episode 12 of Campfire Cooking in Another World with my Absurd Skill begins with Mukoda and his familiars returning to Guild Master Willem’s guild. Fel tells Willem they took so long because they were eating and the wyverns weren’t challenging. Later, Mukoda sells half of his wyverns to Willem since they don’t have enough money to pay for all of them. In his quarters, Mukoda offers the goddesses their sweets to earn their blessings.

Each goddess uses magic to whisper into Mukoda’s ear to see if they can get specific meals in secret. Mukoda turns them all down since he’ll send them a bucket of delectables in one go. Mukoda and Fel walk through town in the morning and overhear people gossiping about them. He and his friends visit a shop to purchase a bathtub. Afterward, Mukoda asks Fel if they can head outside the city due to the gossip. Fel flees to hunt while Mukoda and Sui bathe together in the forest.

Mukoda prepares the wyvern meat meal for everyone afterward, but he realizes Fel hasn’t returned yet. He makes more meals, and Fel arrives with a giant Earth-Dragon. He says this monster gave him a better challenge than the wyvern.

Mukoda and Fel get into a heated argument about the dragon since it’s useless. Mukoda and Sui clean Fel since they don’t want him to eat in his dirty state. After cleaning him up, they finally enjoy dinner. Mukoda tells Fel that he’ll receive a bath two times a month.

The butcher and Willem tell Mukoda they can’t accept the Earth Dragon since its parts are precious material. Willem tells them he knows of a place that could accept and dissect the Earth Dragon for them. He tells our heroes to travel to Karelina to meet the Guild Master in Dolan since they know about dragons. Mukoda and his friends say goodbye to everyone and venture out to Karelina. The season concludes with Mukoda and his familiars eating more wyvern beef stew.

The Episode Review

And with that, we close the book on the adventures of Fel and his familiars for now. It was a fine episode with a few plot developments to look forward to if it gets picked up for another season. This episode felt entirely wholesome and comforting. It mainly focused on its trademark humor of Mukoda getting into arguments with Fel and having funny reactions to things.

It was disappointing that we didn’t get a glimpse of Fel’s fight with the Earth Dragon. Many have wanted to see our characters deal with some level of conflict that’d push them. This would’ve been a great opportunity to show that Fel isn’t entirely invincible. Even if the outcome would’ve resulted in Fel’s usual victory over the monster, it’d be a nice change of pace for this tale.

On the other hand, it’s great knowing that Mukoda, Fel, and the others will be heading toward a new destination. Fel’s battle with the Earth Dragon alludes to the fact that there might be a more challenging adversary out there. It’d be nice for a follow-up season to include more significant hurdles for our heroes to make their victories feel more earned and less easy.

Overall, this was a decent finale for the anime and it’s a bummer to see it go. Hopefully, we’ll be able to see our boys animated quests again in the future.

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