Campfire Cooking in Another World with my Absurd Skill – Episode 11 Recap & Review

Doing Business For The Missus

Episode 11 of Campfire Cooking in Another World with my Absurd Skill begins with Fel, Mukoda, and Sui visiting a butcher shop to collect their earnings for the meat they brought from the previous episode. Mukoda asks the butcher to skin the black serpent for its skin and flesh. Afterward, Mukoda cooks a new recipe with bloody horned-bull meat for Fel and Sui to try.

Mukoda visits Lambert to hand him the black serpent’s skin. Lambert offers him 50 gold coins, and Mukoda’s happy with that. Mukoda asks Lambert for advice on some beauty products he wants to sell. Lambert is happy Mukoda’s selling these since Lambert plans to buy them from him. He wants to give these to his wife for their wedding anniversary.

Mukoda has a hunch his world’s bathtubs exist in this fantasy setting. Lambert shows him a bathtub, and Mukoda wants to buy it. Lambert offers to point Mukoda in the direction of a bathtub seller. Mukoda gives Lambert a sample of the beauty products to try out and leaves.

Mukoda arrives at Lambert’s shop the next morning, and Lambert and his wife Marie greet him. Although Lambert wanted to keep the beauty products a secret until his wedding anniversary, his wife discovers the truth. She tried the product and loved it. Lambert asks Mukoda if he’s willing to sell these products at his shop. Mukoda agrees to wholesale the products for Lambert’s shop since he doesn’t have a shop himself. He returns to Fel and Sui to inform them about what happened. He plans to visit the Guild Master Willem’s guild since he heard he’s returned.

Willem says the chat about the mithril mine with the Royal Palace went smoothly and presents Mukoda with his 5,800 gold coin reward. Suddenly, one of the workers enters the room and informs the two that a stray of wyverns has attacked multiple adventurers.

The adventurers are in bad shape, so Mukoda offers high-grade potions to Willem so he can heal them. Willem and his worker are baffled by the medicine’s capabilities. While his worker heals more victims, Willem calls for a Wyvren Subjugation quest. He wants every C-rank and above adventurer to handle it.

Fel enters the shop and tells Willem to let him, Mukoda, and Sui handles the wyvern mission alone. Willem accepts Fel’s offer even though Mukoda’s not happy with it. Fel, Sui, and Mukoda arrive at the wyvern spot. Fel and Sui defeat the wyverns while Mukoda hides behind a rock in fear. Afterward, Mukoda makes a new dish for everyone to try. At Willem’s guild, he hopes the three are doing okay. Meanwhile, the three other people who came to this world with Mukoda discuss his situation. The episode concludes with them wanting to defeat the demon king so they can return home.

The Episode Review

This was another decent chapter with fun humor and compelling dialogue. It appears next week is the final chapter of this season, with no news yet if another season will happen. As with previous chapters, we follow the same format of Mukoda and his friends taking on dangerous beasts and getting rewarded for it. It was a pleasant surprise to see the other isekai warriors in the final moments.

It’s nice to see the anime shed light on their current situation. Despite Mukoda starting off being the weakest of the squad, he winds up eclipsing these travelers in terms of wealth and power thanks to his subordinates. It was a shame to not see Mukoda get involved in the action with the wyverns. Furthermore, the action didn’t look like a spectacle compared to the anime’s previous bouts.

Most of it consisted of stills and swift attacks on Fel and Sui’s part. I understand it’s to convey just how overpowered Mukoda’s familiars are, but it would’ve been more appealing if the action was fully animated and choreographed.

On the other hand, it’s a bummer that we may not see a beast that can rival Sui and Fel’s strength. Maybe if there are future seasons, stronger monsters can be introduced.

Overall, this was an okay episode with some funny jokes and gags to tie people over. It sets up a possible reunion with Mukoda and the other ordinary people who got transported to this world. It’ll be interesting to see their reactions to Mukoda’s miraculous rise to fame, strength, and wealth. Let’s hope the next episode can conclude on a satisfying note.

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