Buddy Daddies – Season 1 Episode 6 “Love Is Blind” Recap & Review

Love Is Blind

Episode 6 of Buddy Daddies begins with Kazuki watching the news and learning about a child’s horrible behavior. He worries Miri will grow up to be a delinquent like the kid. He reveals that parental abandonment caused him to act the way he does now, so he doesn’t want to be too lenient with Miri. Kazuki vows to be a more attentive parent to Miri.

Kazuki picks Miri up from daycare, but Anna informs him that she heard rumors that Miri got into a fight with a friend. She asks Kazuki to discuss the situation with Miri. At home, Miri plays Morio Kart with Rei. Kazuki confronts Miri about the fight. Miri gives Kazuki vague responses and ignores him. Kazuki eggs Miri further about the situation, resulting in her running to her room and telling Kazuki she hates him.

In the morning, Rei notices Kazuki’s making Miri lunch for her field trip. He wonders if Kazuki’s trying to get on Miri’s good side because of the fight discussion. Miri arrives at the table and still harbors hatred toward Kazuki. Miri says she wants Rei to take her to daycare today instead of Kazuki. Alone, Kazuki worries that Miri will go down a path of delinquency in her older years. He notices he forgot to give Miri her lunch and rushes to the daycare before her field trip starts.

Kazuki bumps into Rei, and Rei tells him that Miri’s already left on her field trip. Kazuki vows to give Miri her lunch and drags Rei along for the ride, despite him not wanting to help. Miri, Anna, and her friends arrive at the zoo and explore. At the monkey exhibit, a boy named Taiga, the one Miri had problems with, spooks her and her friends. Miri tells him to stop. She and her friends head to another direction. Taiga vows to visit the lion exhibit alone.

Miri chases Taiga because she says it’s too dangerous for him to travel there alone. Kazuki and Rei arrive at the zoo and enter. Meanwhile, a strange man tied to a convenience store robbery enters the zoo after seeing several police cars in the area. Miri and her friends catch up to Taiga. Her friends notice they’ve lost Anna and the others, but Miri says it’s okay since she’s gotten into this situation before.

At the same time, Kazuki and Rei look for Miri from afar. Kazuki spots Miri holding Taiga’s hands and believes he’s her boyfriend. After noticing two other girls behind Taiga and Miri, Kazuki believes Taiga’s a philanderer. Kazuki starts yelling nonstop, attracting other people’s attention. Kazuki and Rei trail behind Miri and her friends and wonder if she’s gotten lost. Although Rei wants Kazuki to hand her the lunch so they can leave, Kazuki wants to secure Miri’s safety.

Kazuki overhears Miri calling the boy Taiga and remembers he’s the one that she supposedly fought. Miri and her friends rest at a stop, and Taiga spills water on his shirt. Miri gets a cloth and wipes it up for him. Kazuki’s surprised by Miri’s kindness toward Taiga. Miri notices the store suspect trying to steal food from a cart and tells him to stop. The man attempts to push Miri aside but gets hit with a rock. He leaves the food and scrams. Miri and Taiga stumble upon some Morio Kart attractions and get enthused by them.

Both chatter about the game as Miri’s two other friends wonder if they’re becoming friends now. Meanwhile, Kazuki’s irritated by Miri’s kind words toward Rei and his skills at Morio Kart. After walking some more, Miri and her friends sit in the grass to eat their lunches. Miri realizes she forgot her lunch. Kazuki attempts to give it to her, but Rei says he can’t be seen. Taiga offers Miri a portion of his lunch, surprising everyone. Taiga apologizes to Miri and the others for being rude to them and vows never to do it again.

In hiding, Rei and Kazuki comment on Taiga’s kindness. Kazuki still doesn’t want him to be Miri’s boyfriend, though. Suddenly, the store suspect arrives and tries swiping Miri’s food. The suspect realizes Miri’s the same girl who stopped him from stealing the food earlier. He points a gun to Miri’s head and demands she hands him the food. Kazuki and Rei swipe the mascot costumes, beat the criminal up, and depart. Anna finds Miri and the others, and two girls pass by, revealing the store suspect was apprehended.

Driving home, Kazuki realizes that Miri’s more attentive than he anticipated. At home, Miri rushes into Kazuki’s arms to tell him how much fun she had on the trip. Rei hands Kazuki Miri’s notepad. It’s revealed that Miri tried to stop Taiga from fighting and accidentally slapped him. Kazuki hugs Miri and apologizes for doubting her. The episode concludes with someone named Karin arriving at Kyutarou’s shop.

The Episode Review

Buddy Daddies delivers another wholesome and enjoyable chapter for fans to digest this week. This episode centers around Kazuki’s constant worries for Miri’s future. This chapter evokes similar vibes to Spy X Family’s episode involving Yor rushing to Anya’s school to deliver her gym clothes. However, this chapter carried better value than that one.

While showing concern for your adopted daughter is important, there are times when it’s best not to overreact to situations. This episode nails that point home by showing Miri performing kind and brave gestures in front of her parents and her friends. We also get to see a mature side of Miri for once. Previous episodes depicted her as this aloof toddler, but in this one, she feels like a natural leader.

It’ll remind some folks of Tommy from the Rugrats. While it would’ve been great to see a chapter dedicated to Miri’s maturation, it came as a pleasant surprise to see them exhibit these noteworthy feelings and actions. The debacle with the store suspect pointing a gun at Miri sent mild chills down my spine and reminded me that the show can get dark when it wants to be.

Overall, this was another fun chapter of Buddy Daddies. Kazuki and Miri receive great development and it managed to tackle a segment better than an anime that’s more popular. This showcases why it’s best to wait and watch a program before labeling it as a mere copycat of a well-known product.

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