Buddy Daddies – Season 1 Episode 7 “After Rain Comes Fair Weather” Recap & Review

After Rain Comes Fair Weather

Episode 7 of Buddy Daddies begins with Kazuki picking Miri up from daycare. Miri loses control of her umbrella, and it gets crushed by a truck. This triggers Kazuki to have a flashback regarding an incident between him and his wife. Rei, Kazuki, and Miri eat dinner at home. Afterward, Rei exercises while Miri takes a shower.

Kazuki looks for his sewing kit and finds a photo of him and his wife in it. While Miri’s asleep, Kazuki tells Rei that he needs to step it up regarding helping him care for Miri. Kazuki heads out to get more groceries. He spots a girl that looks familiar to him and flees before she can notice him. At home, he starts questioning if he’s living a happy life with Miri and Rei. At dinner, Rei and Miri complain about the food, angering Kazuki. He yells at them for treating him like a maid, so he heads for his room. The next morning, Miri tells Rei that Kazuki’s gone and asks Rei to make her food.

Rei packs up Miri’s belongings and takes her to daycare. Meanwhile, Kazuki discusses the situation with Kyutarou and reveals he’s staying out of their lives to teach them a lesson. Kyutarou hands Kazuki something from Karin, his former wife’s (Yuzuko) sister, and his sister-in-law. Kazuki refuses to let go of what happened between him and leaves to have fun around town. Kazuki starts parting up at the casino while Rei attends to Miri’s desires at home. Afterward, Rei notices it’s getting late, and Kazuki’s not home yet. He believes Kazuki’s abandoned them. Meanwhile, Kazuki picks a fight with some thugs and gets beaten up.

Karin notices Kazuki and offers to help him up. Kazuki ignores her and starts walking away. Karin tells Kazuki that they need to discuss things regarding Yuzuko. It appears Kazuki’s been sending Karin cash and avoiding her due to his guilt about Yuzuko’s demise.Karin tells Kazuki that it’s not his fault her sister died that day, but Kazuki feels he’s to blame. As he walks away, we see what led to Yuzuko’s death. The next morning, Rei notices Miri’s severely sick and tries calling Kazuki. Kazuki doesn’t pick up his phone. Rei can’t find any medicine at home and attempts to find a hospital for Miri.

Meanwhile, Kazuki visits Yuzuko’s grave. Rei visits Kyutarou since he’s unsure where to find a hospital. At a gazebo, Kazuki recalls what happened after Yuzuko died. Karin arrives and talks things out with Kazuki. Yuzuko tells Kazuki it’s okay for him to let go of his past grievances with Yuzuko. Kazuki tells Karin he’s scared of forgetting Yuzuko and having their family be fulfilled by something else. Karin tells Kazuki to live his life to the fullest and not to let his past grievances interfere with what he has in the present. Karin tells Kazuki that Kyutarou told her about Miri.

As the sun rises, Kazuki vows to live his best life with Miri and Rei. He returns home and sees the house a mess. He heads into Miri’s room and notices Rei took Miri to the hospital. Rei and Miri make Kazuki some french toast, but Kazuki doesn’t like it. Kazuki tells Miri he got her a new umbrella. The episode concludes with an image of Yuzuko and Kazuki’s photograph taped on his computer screen.

The Episode Review

This episode was an emotional roller coaster. It gave us fantastic closure with Kazuki and his deceased wife, tackles relatable issues that often crop up in modern households, and gives Rei more development. The conversation between Karin and Kazuki drove me to tears. This wouldn’t have occurred if the story hadn’t built upon Kazuki’s guilt in prior episodes.

Buddy Daddies’s fans knew it would happen eventually, so it’s great to see the moment executed with serious integrity. On the other hand, it was great seeing Rei take initiative and tend to Miri’s sickness. Rei’s lack of common knowledge is a bit strange, though. Nonetheless, it was a smart decision to have Rei take responsibility since it’s been a while since he acted like a responsible father.

This episode also contained heavy themes that will leave a remarkable impact. The show’s demonstrated its strengths in balancing its lighthearted content with its mature concepts, so far. With Kazuki and Yuzuko’s chapter coming to a close, it’ll be intriguing to see where the show takes off from here. Hopefully, the anime can deliver a powerful conclusion that’ll hit a home-run with its ever-growing fanbase.

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