Breathe Season 2: Into The Shadows – Episode 3 Recap & Review

Wings and Chains

With the voices from the news echoing in her head, episode 3 of Breathe: Into The Shadows begins with Abha awakening from a bad dream and unable to shake the memories of the past. Desperate to get Siya back, she starts cooking while Avinash watches her grimly. With no word from the killer, it seems unlikely they’ll get to see Siya for quite some time.

Meanwhile, Gayatri seizes her opportunity to try and escape, proceeding to cut through a hole in the wall. It turns out she’s been doing this for quite some time, chipping away little pieces across a long period of time to try and break free.

When the killer arrives however, he remains none the wise to what’s happening. Gayatri pleads with him to let the duo outside for a few minutes for some air but he refuses.

Prakash and Kabir settle into their new accommodation in Delhi before the latter watches Meghna and Shankar from afar. He decides against greeting them again and instead makes his way to the police station.

As the police review the video message sent from the dump site, they notice that Pritpal doesn’t have his pen on him. Zeba questions the validity of Kabir’s observations but for now, the police decide to use this as a foundational basis for the investigation.

Avinash receives another parcel later that day with the same tape and wrapping as before. Scrambling to open it, the worried couple receive another ominous message, this time with another target to kill of a girl called Natasha.

As Pritpal was a killing justified by anger, Natasha happens to be one for lust. Based on this trend, I think it’s fair to say there’s going to be a fair few killings taking place in the future.

“We should have gone to the police,” Abha tells Avinash after looking through the box. Despite the irony of her being the one who convinced him against doing this in the first place, Avinash decides not to go after all.

Avinash pursues his target and heads to an upcoming book launch for Natasha to try and learn more about her. There, he learns that she’s gay and suspects this is why the killer is after her.

Avinash heads back to the dump site but when he gets there, finds police swarming and plenty of people working tirelessly to find the missing pen. Among them is Kabir who watches on.

Disguising himself as one of the workers, Avinash starts sifting through the rubbish to try and find the pen. Unfortunately he doesn’t get there in time and Kabir manages to bag this crucial bit of evidence for himself, which is where the episode ends.

The whistling motif for the killer is quite ominous but definitely overused through this series so far. It also doesn’t help that the flaky motivations for Avinash and Abha have done a 180 in this episode, with both of them jumping back and forth on how to proceed forward with the case.

It looks like we’re getting a killer using the different heavenly sins too and given how Se7en has already done this (albeit with the 7 rather than 10 sins), it does make Into The Shadows a bit of an unoriginal follow-up compared to the first season’s interesting take on the organ donor list.

For now though the series continues to tick by but there’s an undeniable feel that this season isn’t as strong as the first.

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