Breathe Season 2: Into The Shadows – Episode 2 Recap & Review



Episode 2 of Breathe: Into The Shadows begins with our kidnapper watching on as Gayarti Siya’s hair is cut by Gayatri. At the same time, Avinash and Abha question whether to take the incriminating video to the police or not.

Thanks to Abha’s persuasion, Avinash decides against going and instead contemplates his next move at home. Together, they realize they have 11 days to make a decision before Siya’s insulin runs out.

Avinash starts tailing Pritpal, learning how he moves and where he works, while Abha manages to gain his address. As they put together a solid plan to take him out, they both realize Gayatri may have been taken as she’s a medical student and can administer the insulin for Siya.

Kabir (the officer from the first season of course) is released from prison after an extended sentence and his fight last time out. Prakash picks him up and the two drive off together, where Kabir admits that he was wrong originally. Not long after, Kabir learns that he and Prakash are being transferred to Delhi.

Avinash makes his move and takes advantage of Pritpal’s germaphobia, constantly harassing him with birds in his car and garbage left on his front porch. When Pritpal heads to the station with this grievance however, the officers there want nothing to do with it and write it off as kids in the neighbourhood having fun.

Posing as a businessman, Avinash arrives at Pritpal’s house and sends an incriminating call from the bathroom posing as a stalker. Hanging up on him, Avinash takes the time to wear gloves before brandishing a knife.

Only, his plan goes seriously awry when a police officer called Avtar Singh arrives to talk to Pritpal. Realizing it’s too risky to strike now, Avinash is forced to retreat. Instead, he administers Plan B which involves isolating Pritpal in the middle of the night.

Under the cover of darkness, he leads him to a landfill where Avinash eventually knocks him down. He tapes a camera to the front and runs him over.

With the footage sent to the police, Avinash takes his first step down this dark path to getting Siya back. As Kabir arrives in Delhi, he looks at the camera sternly as news breaks out about the murder.

Compared to the first season, Avinash’s descent into darkness is one that feels a little rushed and contrived. With Danny you really felt the anguish with every death but here Avinash killing Pritpal with a digger is pretty cold and calculated.

Having said that though, it’s great to see Kabir back and I’d imagine this time around he won’t be pulling any punches and will do everything he can to catch Avinash. This should set up a lovely game of cat and mouse to come.

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