Brand New Cherry Flavor – Episode 4 “Tadpole Smoothie” Recap & Review

Tadpole Smoothie

Episode 4 of Brand New Cherry Flavor starts with Lisa arriving home to find the trapdoor wide open. Naturally, given this is a horror series, she heads down alone to reveal a pitch black room.

Inside is a single couch and a severed eyeball. That couch suddenly changes to a faceless woman though, who starts whispering. Lisa scrambles for the ladder and hurries up to safety.

Meanwhile, the incident with Jules has caused havoc for Lou. The studio have lost faith in the film project while a strange black dog waits around outside the premises. A large spider crawls out of Lou’s box of special coffee too, biting Jonathan and causing him to sport a very painful erection. Naturally, he’s taken into hospital.

Lou is convinced Lisa is behind this and even threatens to hurt her badly if things get worse. While he has several men follow her to find out what’s going on, Lisa shows up to see Boro. She’s getting cold feet and wants to call off the revenge mission.

Boro refuses to do so though, claiming it’s all part of their deal. She does, however, agree to allow her to stop throwing up kittens. In the middle of this though, Boro has a strange encounter with a woman named Shauna. She seems to recognize the woman and calls her Jennifer. That is, until she suddenly decides she’s mistaken and apologizes.

Back home, Lisa enlists Roy’s help to try and figure out what’s going on with Boro. There’s definitely something to this Jennifer story, and the pair head up to visit Shauna. According to her, this Jennifer she knows went missing 10 years prior and who she saw today wasn’t “punk rock” enough to be the same woman. Is it really a case of mistaken identity?

Well, Jonathan discharges himself from hospital and heads straight over to Boro’s. She crushes up a strange concoction of tadpoles and something powdery, injecting that into his neck.

Lisa gets herself checked into a motel, running herself a bath while sporting a pretty nasty and gnarly injury just under her ribcage. Instead of vomiting kittens, she’s now seeing them leave her stomach. It’s a grim, difficult scene to watch and one that eventually sees a strange man arrive to pick up the kitten. It’s also fair to say Lisa will go back to vomiting kittens too.

Lou’s informants find Boro’s address and heads in to confront her. Well, Boro nonchalantly reveals that she’s ben hired to curse him. Even worse, the pair now have a symbiotic relationship meaning that when one strikes, the other will hit back. Boro decides to use Lou’s arrival to her advantage, tasking him with finding out what happened to Lisa in the past.

The Episode Review

The weirdness continues to consume this series, as Lisa’s excruciating ordeal is made all the worse by her incident in the motel bathroom. That entire scene was difficult to watch and it’s fair to say vomiting kittens is the lesser of two evils.

Brand New Cherry Flavor continues to pedal these interesting supernatural ideas too, with Boro relishing this and seemingly acting as the manifestation of “be careful what you wish for”.

This conflict between them though is far from over and we’ll have to wait and see what her true intentions are here. And is she really this Jennifer from 10 years back? We’ll have to wait and see if the second half of this show reveals anything.

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