Brand New Cherry Flavor – Episode 3 “Roman Candle” Recap & Review

Roman Candle

Episode 3 of Brand New Cherry Flavor begins with Lisa awakening to find herself in her apartment. Only, strange vines are growing up and around the room. Running herself a glass of water, the green colour is an immediate sign of something wrong. Well, Lou suddenly rocks up and starts antagonizing her. He’s also there to offer her a job too.

Lou allows her to think it over, rubbing it in that his new movie (based on her concept of course) is being touted from critics as box office magic. When he leaves, Lisa continues to vomit kittens. Even worse, Lou isn’t exactly being cursed either.

Boro rocks up at the house, where Lisa reveals that she’s suffering from nightmares – and the spirit is still haunting her as well. Boro encourages Lisa to show up and see Lou, promising that he may well get ill soon.

At the lunch meeting, Lou offers a number of different positions for her but refuses to give up the Directing role from Jules. Midway through talking, he suddenly develops a nasty case of… hiccups. Well, this is some curse.

Lisa is restless, determined to get revenge and this hiccups incident isn’t help. Boro eventually offers her a chance to speed things up. Once the vines in her room begin spouting with flowers, she just needs to put that inside Lou’s drink.

After extracting the flower, Lisa heads into her bedroom and finds a strange trapdoor has randomly appeared on the floor. Where did it come from? And why? Well, it’s certainly not opening.

With the crushed up flower in her possession, Lisa shows up to Lou’s Christmas gig with Roy. She’s determined to slip it in his drink but Boro blocks her off en-route, alongside a woman named Denise who happens to be dead. At least according to Boro anyway.

The movie screening goes ahead and as Lisa seethes with anger, as Jules and Lou show off her film and pass it as something they discovered. Lisa manages to seize the right opportunity to slip the crushed up flower into Lou’s coke stash but Lisa is encouraged to have a line too.

Afterward, outside in the back garden, Lisa stares daggers through Jules, who suddenly lights on fire and finds himself burnt to a crisp.

The Episode Review

Brand New Cherry Flavor returns with a shorter chapter this time, one that shows Lisa’s revenge starting to take shape. The details are still hazy around Boro and what role she has to play though – and also whether she’s helping or hindering Lisa’s revenge mission. After all, Lou just has the hiccups while Lisa seems to be getting the brunt of abuse so far.

Either way, this series manages to blend some aesthetic weirdness nicely with this engaging and mysterious storyline, leaving things wide open for the rest of the season.

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