Brain Works – K-Drama Episode 15 Recap & Review

The Murderer Inside Me

Episode 15 of Brain Works starts with the ha-ru visiting Dan-woo in prison demanding he reveals what happened to his parents. Dan-woo demands that Ha-ru needs to get him out first and he will tell him once at the hospital. Dan-woo does not trust Ha-ru to respect his end of the bargain if he learns about who killed his parents beforehand. Dan-woo deduces that he has a crucial piece of evidence that will prove his claim. Ha-ru intends to try and look into Dan-woo to get information about him.

Ha-ru starts his investigations in his childhood neighbourhood and goes back to his childhood home. Ha-ru decides to employ the skills of the ex-detective Myung-se. He wants to investigate his parent’s death. Myung-se asks the subsection chief for assistance and he refers them to the detective in charge of the parent’s case. The detective shares that Don-woo was never a suspect and he shares the information about the one person he thought was the killer.

Ha-ru’s aunt finds some suspicious documents in Ha-ru’s mailbox regarding the research conducted by Shin Jae Sung. He calls Dr Park but he ignores her calls. The next scene reveals the detective’s suspicion. He suspected the person who called it in, a colleague of ha-ru’s father at the institute even though he had an alibi since hypnosis did not work on him indicating he was psychologically reluctant to hypnosis.

Back at home, Ha-ru’s aunt revealed why she lied to her about what happened the night his parents were killed. She wanted to protect him. The suspicious paper is the known doctoral submission made by Dr Park but the name on it was Ha-ru’s father. Dr Park might have stolen Ha-ru’s father’s dissertation and probably killed his parents. to know the truth, Ha-ru has no choice but to accept Dong-woo’s deal.

He provides Dong-woo with the necessary documents to warrant his release for medical evaluation at Korea National University Hospital. Dong-woo still holds that he will reveal what he knows at the hospital. He is released from the Jangwan penitentiary.

Ha-ru waits in the hospital room and puts a tracking device in Don-woo’s coat. Dong-woo hands him a location for the evidence. Ha-ru’s aunt is anxious and seeks the assistance of the Neuroscientific investigation team and specifically asks Detective Geum to help Dr Shin.

Ha-ru arrives at the location and finds a recording of a conversation between Dr Park and Dr Hwang plus the murder weapon. Just then, Dr Park arrives at the location and holds that he did not kill Ha-ru’s parents and that it was a set-up. Dr Park loses it and tries to kill Ha-ru but Ha-ru can defeat him and hold the knife to Dr Park’s throat.

At the hospital, Dong-woo seems overly excited about the turn of events. He is convinced that Ha-ru cannot contain his brain and will also become a killer.

Bac at the remote scene, Ha-ru holds the knife ready to stab Dr Park who still argues that he was not the killer but tried to kill Ha-ru since he would make known the secret that he knew about the killer but decided to turn a blind eye. He says that Dr Hwang blackmailed him with fake evidence and he had come to get rid of it. Detective Guem who is at the scene tries to plead with Dr Shin. Ha-ru remembers Dr Hwang’s words that he wants him to become a murderer. He lets go, Dr Park.

Ha-ru uses Hypnosis to try and remember what happened the night his parents were killed. He uses a dangerous drug putting his life at risk. Captain Seol helps with the hypnosis and Ha-ru goes back to the night his parents were killed.

He hears his father argue with someone on the phone and then the doorbell rings. He remembers his father fighting with someone which woke him up. He witnessed his parent’s murderer, who managed to run away before he got to him. He hid in his parents’ car but could not get a clear look at his face.

Ha-ru gets lost in his hypnosis and is unable to wake up. The team is worried about him. In his hypnotic state, he meets with his parents and wants to stay with them but they urge him to go back. He wakes up and reveals that the killer was Dr Hwang Don-woo.

In a flashback, Dong-woo remembers his interactions with Ha-ru’s father on the night of the murder. He was pleading with him to not reveal that he killed a patient and when he refused to give in, he killed him. He went ahead to also kill Ha-ru’s mother. He is glad that he let ha-ru live since now he was having fun.

Detective Geum accompanies Dr Shin to the hospital. On the way, they notice that Dong-woo’s tracker is on the move. The guards find out that he climbed down the hospital window and escaped. The police are after him. The car they are chasing stops at a car wash with the tracker still inside. The police wait at the other end but the man who gets out of the car is not Dong-woo. He is still at the hospital and he walks out after the guards go after the car.

A look into the security cameras reveals that Dr Hwang met with someone outside the hospital. Ha-ru recalls seeing him when he visited his childhood home. He knows where Dr Hwang went.

Ha-ru and detective Geum visit his childhood home and meet Dr Hwang just as he walks in. They manage to break in and Ha-ru realizes that the house is still the same. Don-woo must have bought it before he was sent to prison.

The entry is however a trap and Dr Shin and detective Gyeum pass out from inhaling knock-out gas. Dr Hwang hooks their brains to some machines and ties them to chairs. When they come to, Don-woo tells them that they will play a sympathy game.

The Episode Review

The series becomes even more twisted toward the last episodes. Ha-ru finds out who killed his parents and the audience figures out the motive. Dr Hwang wanted to hide the fact that he had killed a patient. However, it’s still a mystery why the dissertation submitted by Dr Park seems to be the work of Ha-ru’s father.

Ha-ru has got over his childhood trauma and gladly he did not turn into a psychopath. However, Dr Hwang seems to still have more in store for Ha-ru as will find out in the next episode.

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