Brain Works – K-Drama Episode 14 Recap & Review

The Best Revenge

Episode 14 of Brain Works starts at an abandoned building with Hyun-jun tied to a chair and Dr Shim getting ready to torture him. He successfully manipulates Hyun-jun’s brain into feeling pain when he did not inflict any and gets a confession out of him.

Dr Shim later takes him to the police station and he confesses to the officer in charge of the case and is arrested for assault causing bodily harm.

Outside the interrogation room, Yi-na demands an apology from Hyun-jun. he offers her a half-baked apology when he sees Dr Shin which makes her angry and she punches him. At the hospital, Eun-ho wakes up.

Yi-na’s family plan a party to celebrate. Since Dr Shin would not join them when invited, Yi-na comes up with a plan to take the party to his house. They even have printed t-shirts with a photo of Dr Shin and detective Geum.

Ha-ru tells Yi-na that the best revenge is living a happy life and suddenly she says she had decided to live happily by marrying Dr Shin. He is her superhero. Ha-ru cannot take any more of their bickering and he sends them off.

Dr Hwang calls Dr Shin but he blocks his number. He intends to send Ha-ru a present to help him build the courage to face pain. He asks a prison guard to help him.

The next day at the police station, the detective invites the captain for a soda to thank her for helping Yi-na. Dr Shin arrives at the office first and receives a call from a certain team asking for cell phone records from Kim Hyun-jun and An Hye-young’s phones. He wonders why the team is asking for the records but thinks he knows the reason.

Just then, the subsection chief walks in. He asks if another team could ask for records on a case the team is not handling. The subsection chief tells him doing so would lead to a big problem for the team since it would be considered forging documents. He thinks it was detective Geum who did it and therefore he has something huge on him to use as revenge.

He threatens to go to the reporter with the information that he forged documents for a case he was not involved in. Detective Geum tries to beg him not to but Dr Shin thinks he should resign from the force and take responsibility for his actions. He seems very pleased.

Detective Geum agrees to hand in the resignation letter. Before he leaves, he hands Dr Shin a gift. It was consent forms for brain donation. The subsection chief tells him that for a while detective, Geum had been talking to people in the police force asking them to donate their brains.

Dr Shin thinks he got the best revenge but he is not at peace. He keeps thinking about the detective. It also seems like the detective did not request the call records but he thinks Captain Seul did. He resigns to save her.

Dr Shin goes for a check-up since he thinks something is wrong with his brain. The results suggest that his brain considers detective Geum as a close friend and he seems genuinely worried about him. His aunt suggests he calls detective Geum.

Captain Seul calls him and confesses that she asked for the phone records to help Yi-na. The officers in charge were convinced she was guilty and wanted to transfer her to the prosecution. She wants to take responsibility but the detective tells her not to.

Hwang Dong-woo delivers a parcel to Ha-ru. It is an article suggesting that his parents did not die in a car accident but were murdered. Saying that out loud triggers memories he had forgotten about the night his parents died. He visits Dr Hwang who says he will tell him who killed his parents if he gives him a diagnosis granting him a stay of execution.

The Episode Review

The episode did not have much happening after Yi-na was acquitted. It was an exploration of the relationships between Dr Shin and Detective Geum. The doctor has changed a lot over the episodes and he cares about the detective. He, for once, has a close friend he is fond of.

The ending was a cliffhanger leaving viewers with questions about what happened to his parents and who was the killer.

My theory is it was Dr Park because he was in love with Dr Shin’s mother but she chose Dr Shin’s father over him. It is a classic storyline and I will be very surprised if it does not go as I think.

With two more episodes to go, it seems this will be a battle between Dr Shin and his brain with the psychopathic side threatening to take over to get revenge for his parent’s death.

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