Brain Works – K-Drama Episode 11 Recap & Review

A Brain on Trial

Episode 11 of Brain Works begins with Ha-ru in a facedown with the masked man in his house. During the tussle, he has a brief flashback of when he was younger and had a similar encounter with someone. The intruder runs off, seeing he would lose to Ha-ru and they have a chase. The intruder gets away on his motorbike. Back in his house, he calls the police.

Elsewhere, a man with a helmet walks into an apartment building and uses smoke bombs to force the occupants out of their houses. A woman tries to head out too but the helmet man is waiting for her outside her door.

Detective Geum heads to the crime scene after receiving the call from Mo-ran while the captain heads to the police station for tracking. Mo-ran is taken to the hospital due to shock. At the apartment where the helmet man attacked a lady, there is writing on the wall saying, “I did what my brain told me to.”

At the hospital, Mo-ran tells the story of how she found the body. She was walking home breezily when she noticed a shoe and saw some feet wrapped in a floor mat. She at first thought it was a doll but upon closer examination, she realized it was a person. She immediately called detective Geum. She does not remember seeing anyone on the streets since she was so shocked.

Ha-ru’s case of breaking and entering is proving difficult since he has no CCTV in his house or a dashboard camera. He requests footage from the street but the officer tells him it will take some time due to privacy rights since it is a residential area. He asks detective Geum for a favour since he does not trust the police to look into it.

The victim found dead by Mo-ran is Cho Na-yang, 27 years old and a makeup artist. The speculation is that she was killed in her studio apartment and her body dumped on the street. The team thinks that the assailant is targeting them due to the writing on the wall and Ha-ru has a bad feeling about the new case.

Tracking the CCTV cameras show that the suspect stopped by a convenience store. The follow-up shows that he bought packing tape. The shop attendant noticed that he was wearing some kind of uniform and he looked like a cop. The victim’s boyfriend is a cop.

He is called in for questioning and claims he was home and did not visit his girlfriend since she was tired. They talked on the phone though. Records saw that the cop, Young-hoon had previously been accused of hitting his girlfriend to which he responds that he sued her for making false accusations. The dead girlfriend did not know about the case.

Ha-ru deduces that Young-hoon does not seem like a person interested in the brain so he might not be the one who wrote in the mirror. The detective thinks his insistence on checking his call records to show he was home sounds fishy. The captain also thinks he was too collected during the interview for a person who just lost a girlfriend. The sub-section chief thinks the most likely motive for murder is because of a breakup.

Detective Geum’s contact sends him CCTV footage of the person who broke into Ha-ru’s house. Both the intruder and the murder suspect have the same physique and helmets. The detective figures that he might have turned his jacked inside out and went to Dr.Shin’s house after the murder meaning he was challenging the doctor. Ha-ru does not remember meeting with Young-hoon before.

Elsewhere, Dr Park visits Dr Hwang in prison. He just wants to know if Ha-ru had visited Don-woo. He denies their meeting but after asking the guard, he confirms that Ha-ru visits Don-woo regularly.

Cho Na-young’s phone is turned on and the cell tower tracks it back to the jail where Dr Hwang is being held. The suspect is a prison guard who had a conversation with Dr Hwang in the previous episode about love. He talked about having broken up with his girlfriend.

It seems like Dr Hwang plans to mess with Ha-ru’s team. The suspect says he is not afraid to get arrested but is disappointed that he will not get to feel the thrill of killing again. Dr Hwang assures him that he will not be locked in for long and soon he will get to feel it if he does as Dr Hwang says.

The detective is tracking the phone and notes that the suspect is on the run. Instead, he turns himself into the neuroscientific investigation team and tries to kill the subsection chief. Captain Seul walks in just in time to save Kil-jeong and arrest the suspect.

The suspect, Kang In-hoon, split up with the victim a year ago but he claims they decided to take a break. She, therefore, betrayed her and met another guy. He says he broke into Ha-ru’s home to look around and wanted to cause him pain since he looked like a smart person who has everything.

After knowing that Dong-woo and Ha-ru have been meeting, Dr Park is terrified and he has a slight flashback to the death of a man and a woman. He goes to Ha-ru’s aunt to tell her about the meetings. She does not understand why Dong-woo is targeting Ha-ru but it seems Dr Park knows more than he is letting on.

Ha-ru visits Dong-woo who denies having anything to do with the murder and the break-in. Ha-ru asks about his parents’ accident and Dong-woo offers to tell him what he needs to know when he is ready to ask. He decides to ask Dr Park about the accident since he is the person who knows the most about it. He wants to know if his parents’ death was a normal accident.

Dr Park loses his cool and gets worked up about the question. He starts to go off about how Dr Hwang is an evil person who manipulates others and he is looking to rile the doctor up because he disliked his father. Ha-ru deduces that Dr Park lied to him about the accident and is hiding something.

The prosecutor on the case Yeon-hee visits the neuroscientific investigation team since she needed advice on the case. The defense team for the murder suspect is claiming psychopathic tendencies as the defense claim for the suspect’s behaviour and is bringing in Dr Hwang as the witness. During the trial, Dr Hwang shows up in a wheelchair and makes himself seem vulnerable.

During the trial, Dong-woo argues that psychopaths have a mental illness, which robs them of the free will not murder in stressful situations. Even knowing the consequences, their judgment is impaired and they do what their brain tells them. The prosecution argues that since there is no known treatment for psychopathy, they need to be given aggravated sentences and removed from the streets for the safety of the public.

Dong-woo continues to argue that even though there is no known treatment, experts are making attempts such as the psychopathic brain rebuilding project spearheaded by Dr Shin Ha-ru. He puts Ha-ru on the spot to respond to curing a psychopathic brain. The detective calls him to the stand. During recess, Ha-ru figures out a way to discredit Dong-woo’s claims.

During his testimony, Dr Shin agrees with the defense that psychopathy is a disease and it may be cured. However, he disagrees with the concept of giving psychopaths a lighter sentence since he has proof that not all psychopaths become murderers. He provides a brain scan that shows that the owner is a psychopath and to everyone’s surprise, it turns out that it is his brain scan. The successful Dr Shin Ha-ru has a psychopathic brain.

The Episode Review

That was such an exciting episode since it delves into the storylines of the main characters. So, one of our favourite bickering duos happens to be a psychopath. The grin on Dr Hwang’s face feels like he knew or expected Ha-ru to act as he did.

On the other hand, Kang In-ho is shocked since he might lose the case and be sentenced for a long time. Also, what’s the deal with Dr Park, did he kill Ha-ru’s parents and stage the accident? I remember Dong-woo saying he knew a person who was killed for love.

The flashbacks Dr Pack had about a man and a woman might be Ha-ru’s parents. Did Dr Hwang manipulate him? The series is getting super interesting and I can’t wait for the next episode!

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