Brain Works – K-Drama Episode 12 Recap & Review

The Effects Love And Breakups Have On The Brain

Episode 12 of Brain Works starts at the trial with the battle between the defense and Dr Ha-ru on the psychopathic brain. The defense continues to make their argument saying that the defendant grew up in a poor family and worked a stressful job which led to the manifestation of psychopathic behaviours. Dr Ha-ru holds that he also went through traumatic events as a kid losing both his parents and working closely with criminals and is, therefore, proof that having a psychopathic brain is never a justifiable reason to kill.

Leaving the courtroom, Dr Hwang feels satisfied as he leaves the courtroom. The games he was looking forward to having finally began. Outside the courtroom, reports are waiting on Ha-ru to ask about his psychopathic brain. The reporters insist on the possibility of him becoming a murderer and he insists the likelihood is zero. Elsewhere, Dong-woo is watching the broadcast and questions whether Ha-ru’s claims are true.

The news of the potential murderer Dr Shin Ha-ru is everywhere. Dr Park seems troubled while his aunt is seriously worried about him. He assures that he is confident enough to control his brain and would never become a murderer.

The reporter is grilling detective Geum asking if he has noted any psychopathic behaviours from Dr Shin. In flashback, he remembers when he drove recklessly on a highway and jumped off the building with Ho-young. He however does not tell the reporter this and dismisses him saying he is just quirky.

The next day at the police station, Mo-ran shows up to change the water filter and she looks very different. Everyone seems concerned about her behaviour change but they do not speak about it. Once she is done, she asks to speak to Dr Ha-ru.

She is concerned because since she got discharged from the hospital, she no longer has the symptoms of hypersexuality. She tried touching Dr Shin’s hand and does not feel anything. She says that initially her heart would flatter at the sight of a handsome man and she would go on overdrive. She has only been taking some strange weight loss pills.

The captain and detective Geum go on a date in a park and strolled in the autumn leaves and hold hands. They have a great time. The detective helps make great memories of all the things the captain wished to do on a date in the park. They plan to have a camping trip soon. The captain makes one request f detective Geum, not to break up.

At school, some group of students bullies Yi-na and her friend. One of them claims that Yi-na refused to date him for her friend. Fortunately, the bell rings, and a teacher intervenes giving Yi-na and her friend a chance to escape. They plan to do something to Yi-na.

The contents of the diet pills come back and they find out that it contains a substituent for Viagra for women. A revelation of the detectives and Mo-ran’s love story shows she was very conservative and it was the reason they got together. She changed after taking the pills hence a medical accident is the cause of her affairs. She seeks forgiveness from detective Geum.

Mo-ran begs captain Seul to give up on detective Geum so her family can get back together. Yi-na is excited about the possibility of her parents getting back together. The detective is in emotional turmoil and captain Seul is devastated. She seems to be going back to her old self too.

Dr Ha-ru is at home researching traffic accidents since he is trying to look into any connection between Dr Hwang and his parent’s death. Dr Hwang calls him about their recent visit which Ha-ru had missed. Ha-ru tells him he is no longer interested in him since he had found another person to work with. Dr Hwang feels disrespected which angers him.

Elsewhere, Ha-ru’s aunt meets with the detective in charge of his parents’ case. She shows him a photo of Dr Hwang and asks if he was on the suspect list. The detective is certain there were no professors on the list but he is acting suspiciously.

Dr Shin and Yeon-hee go for drinks. Captain Seul breaks up with detective Geum under pretence since she was stressed about coming in between him and his family getting back together. The detective is heartbroken and the subsection chief and Dr Shin try to comfort him. Dr Shin joins him for a drink.

In a climactic ending, Yi-na is seen standing over her friend’s body in her room. There is blood on her hands and also where the boy lays on the ground.

The Episode Review

The break-up was devastating and it broke my heart but was soon forgotten with that ending. What is happening? We had a slight break in murders to dive into the character’s life stories only to be slapped with a more shocking one.

My suspicion is, it is connected to the boy being angry at Yi-na for rejecting him and his gang. Things might get even more complicated with Dong-woo angry at Dr Shin for disrespecting him. He might do something crazier since we have seen just how manipulative and destructive he can be.

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