Boy Swallows Universe – Episode 5 “Boy Takes Flight” Recap & Review

Boy Takes Flight

Episode 5 of Boy Swallows Universe begins with an armada of people gathering to pay their respects. The pastor delivers a passionate speech and plays Slim’s favorite songs. Even though Slim served 25 years in prison before his daring escape, he had always maintained that he was innocent. However, he gladly accepted jail, believing it to be punishment for his past deeds. 

George Maosumi also attends the service as one of Slim’s friends. Eli asks him to help him smuggle something inside the prison but George refuses, saying he’s only a fruiterer and doesn’t want to get in trouble. Caitlyn also attends the funeral and asks about the man who cut his finger, but Eli refuses to share anything.

Eli believes that no matter what he does, the bad guys will keep winning anyway. Eventually, George smuggles a letter and a cassette tape to Frankie in prison. However, Frankie’s red eyes and disoriented state scream that she has started smack again. When Eli doesn’t receive any letters from his mother, he convinces George to smuggle him inside the prison.

George hesitates but agrees when he’s reminded of Slim, who helped his brother when he was in prison. Gus tries to talk Eli out of it, but the latter has made up his mind. Eli sneaks inside the prison by hiding in George’s fruit truck. Eli learns from Debbie, Frankie’s cellmate, that she has started to do drugs again.

Eli finally meets his mother, and it gives Frankie a much-needed audience with her son. Eli assures her that things are going to get better soon and she’ll be out in no time. Eventually, the prison guard catche wind of it, and Eli is caught while trying to escape from the prison. Eli also manages to strike a deal with the prison guards, allowing him to see his mum whenever he wants. 

Eli also learns from Darren that it was Teddy Kallas, Lyle’s friend, who ratted him out to Ivan. Finally, in their old house’s garage, Gus and Eli find Lyle’s secret stash, which he had hidden in a black duffle bag marked with the initials “QSLG.” Eli wants to sell the drugs to Darren Dang to have enough money to pay off their house’s deposit.

If you don’t know, Darren has taken over his mother’s business after she gets paralyzed. Darren pays Eli 50k to Eli for the drugs, and the situation escalates, and he ends up in a gang war with Dustin Vang’s men. The battle turns bloody, but Eli manages to escape unscathed.  As the episode nears its end, Eli and Gus hide the money, hoping for a better tomorrow.  

The Episode Review

In Episode 5, “Boy Takes Flight,” Eli attends Slim’s funeral and decides to help his mother in prison, regardless of the outcome. With George’s aid, he smuggles in and learns about Frankie’s drug relapse and also strikes a deal with guards for visitation rights. Eli also finds out about Teddy’s betrayal.

As the episode comes to a close, the brothers find Lyle’s hidden drug stash, leading to a bloody gang war. Despite the chaos, Eli escapes unscathed, hiding the money for a better future. Like always, Boy Swallows Universe balances struggles, friendships, and building anticipation for the coming episodes.

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  1. The stash was in a boxing punch bag that was seen in an earlier episode and not a duffle bag. A small correction but a detail I enjoyed and feel like pointing out.

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