Bosch: Legacy – Season 2 Episode 1 “The Lady Vanishes” Recap & Review

The Lady Vanishes

Episode 1 of Bosch: Legacy Season 2 kicks off with a man in a luchador mask in Maddie’s apartment. He attacks her, and a fight ensues, with Maddie seeming to get the better of the masked intruder until he knocks her out using chloroform. He removes his mask, and we see that it is Kurt Dockweiler, who was the city inspector Maddie made contact with towards the end of the last season. Dockweiler puts Maddie in a bag, and puts her in his truck and drives off.

Harry Bosch is at the scene of Maddie’s disappearance as the police turn up to investigate. His old partner, Jerry Edgar, is there, and Bosch goes over some details with him. Edgar thinks her disappearance could be linked to the Thai town rape she was investigating. Bosch is frustrated and wants to be involved with the case, but despite Captain Seals letting him sit in on a debriefing, he warns him to stay away from the investigation. 

Bosch tells Edgar to keep him informed, and he leaves. He then calls his fixer, Mo, to get him to look into Maddie’s card transactions and check her phone and social media for clues. Edgar looks through Maddie’s notebook in her locker and then meets with Vasquez to discuss the Thai town case she was working on with Maddie. He asks about Dockweiler, and Vasquez says Maddie didn’t think he knew anything. 

Bosch is making multiple calls to people to get any information he can, but nobody wants to help apart from Sgt. Mankiewicz, who promises to keep him informed. Bosch gets a call from a coroner who tells him a Jane Doe fitting Maddie’s description has just been brought in. Bosch turns up to have a look, and thankfully the victim isn’t his daughter. He breaks down and cries in the parking lot. He composes himself, and checks in with Mo, and he tells him Maddie had a call with someone using a burner phone. He also tells him Chandler called Maddie in the days leading up to her abduction. 

Bosch tells Chandler that Maddie has been taken, and she tells him she spotted a man smoking in the courtyard, and Bosch arranges for her to sit with a composite artist to get a sketch of the man. 

Dockweiler is driving through the desert, and he stops to give Maddie another shot to keep her unconscious. She tries to fight him off, but he gives her the shot, and she passes out again. 

Bosch talks with Vasquez, who tells him more about the rape case, and he notices the city inspector notice, which she tells him Maddie had looked into. 

Dockweiler calls a contact in the police to enquire about the investigation. He learns there are no witnesses. 

Edgar and his partner, Bennett, visit Dockweiler’s home, but he’s not there. Edgar sees loads of cigarettes on the porch and picks one up as evidence, as he remembers the victims of the rapes reported smelling smoke on the perpetrator. Dockweiler returns home and sees them leaving. 

Edgar believes the composite sketch looks like Dockweiler, and Chandler then confirms it’s him when she sees bodycam footage of him. Bosch persuades Edgar to let him go to Dockweiler’s home to investigate, and he reluctantly agrees, but tells him to get out of there before the police arrive with a warrant. 

Dockweiler is getting dressed into a suit when Bosch arrives and breaks into his house. he searches the house for Maddie but finds nothing, and Dockweiler manages to get out without Bosch finding him. The police arrive just as he leaves. He calls Edgar and tells him Dockweiler has turned himself into the police. 

Edgar interrogates Dockweiler and tells him they have evidence on him for the Thai town rapes, but the suspect tells Edgar he wants to wait for his lawyer. Bosch turns up, but Mankiewicz and Edgar tell him to stay away for now. 

Maddie wakes up, and she’s handcuffed in a wooden crate, screaming for help. But nobody hears her, as she’s buried underground in the middle of the Mojave desert. 

The Episode Review

Harry Bosch is back, and he’s as badass as ever in the opening episode of Bosch: Legacy season 2, with the hunt on for his daughter, Maddie, after her disappearance. This provides a good opportunity for the ex cop to re-unite with his former partner, Jerry Edgar, and it’s a joy to see Jamie Hector back in the role before he gets his own spinoff in the near future.

Bosch: Legacy is creating an exciting new universe, and it doesn’t feel like Titus Welliver is close to being done with Harry Bosch. Based on this blistering first episode, neither is the audience. There is a nice tribute to former Bosch alum, Lance Reddick and Annie Wersching, who both sadly died earlier this year, but then it’s back into the action straightaway, and it doesn’t let up until the final frame. It’s so good to have you back, Bosch!


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