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Episode 14 of Blind begins with Sung-Joon holding Yoon-Jae up at gunpoint. He tries to plead with Sung-Hoon for help, but he remains silent while Sung-Joon puts handcuffs on him and has the guy arrested.

News of this spreads across the nation, while those complicit in the murders and knew what was going on at Hope Welfare Center are worried and struggle to rationalize what this means for them. Among those is Minister Na and Yeom, with the latter deciding to hurriedly wrap this case up within the week, claiming they’re random killings from a psychopath. Sung-Joon refuses, wanting to do this properly.

To begin with, Sung-Joon heads in to question Yoon-Jae. Apparently, he’s been living as In-Seong for quite a while and he’s a master manipulator, knowing exactly how to get under Sung-Joon’s skin. He brings up his brother and tries to deflect, pointing out that the evidence they have is circumstantial and may not be enough to put him behind bars, despite being the killer.

Sung-Joon decides to try and find the video recordings from the CCTV, hoping that this may well hold the clue. The hard drive from the laptop in evidence is missing though, and it has been destroyed by Yeom.

The next interview, the roles are reversed and Sung-Hoon heads in to question Yoon-Jae. He’s a little rattled, especially when Sung-Hoon claims he wants to help him. He points out that if there’s evidence out there, then it’ll be used to have him executed. Yoon-Jae whispers something into Sung-Hoon’s ear, goading him and claiming that he too wanted those people dead given what happened at Hope Welfare Center.

Afterwards, In-Seong’s mum shows up with food, offering him a kindness. Yoon-jae is confused why she’s doing this but soon reveals what happened to her son. In-Seong tried to escape and ended up caught in a trap. Those at the Center didn’t bother to help him and the infection got worse. Yoon-Jae decided to “put him out of his misery.” As Yoon-jae nonchalantly continues, he points out that In-Seong’s last words were: “I miss my mum’s cooking.” It’s a heartbreaking revelation and really well acted as In-Seong’s mother heads out and clutches her chest.

Sung-Joon returns to interview Yoon-Jae, pointing out that Sung-Hoon always called him smart. Sung-Joon asks how Man-Chun ended up part of this… but it turns out it was done deliberately so he could get a trial by jury and be part of that without arousing suspicions. It was Yoon-Jae who was inside the car that night, which is who Man-Chun saw. Ji-Eun unwillingly stepped into a car with the killer.

Interestingly, the car that stormed behind Mr Choi in the taxi was actually Yoon-jae, and he initially intended to stalk Mr Choi and take him out. Only, he ended up going for Hye-Jin and switching his target. So what makes Yoon-Jae special? Well, he records all of his victims as a trophy. He doesn’t necessarily go straight for the culprits though, taking what’s most precious to them as a way of making them suffer and feel exactly what he and the other kids have.

And funnily enough, Yoon-Jae actually went after Sung-Joon too, as it’s revealed that he’s the one who pushed him at the playground. Yoon-Jae encourages Sung-Joon to take on the name Yoon-Jae himself and messed with his memory, explaining why he’s been so conflicted all this time.

Sung-Joon is crushed that he was manipulated in this way, and speaks to Sung-Hoon about the heartless manner Yoon-Jae went about this. And when it comes to the necklace, Sung-Hoon confesses that wearing it symbolizes that you’re family. That’s why he gave it to Sung-Joon, because he classed him as his actual brother. Most of the time he thought Sung-Joon was pathetic, given his perceived perfect upbringing, and he stayed quiet on purpose as he didn’t want to be a burden on the family.

As Yoon-jae is taken out, he tells them all that “they owe us an apology” which of course, is in reference to the fact he’s not acting alone. Sung-Hoon shows up at the courthouse and seemingly betrays Yoon-Jae’s trust to get a conviction. As he’s taken away, Sung-Hoon heads into his office.

As for Yoon-Jae, he riles up Sung-Joon and tells him he doesn’t know the whole truth regarding the necklace. After pushing him down the stairs, Sung-Joon’s memory comes back, where he learns Sung-Hoon was complicit in making Sung-Joon think that he’s really Yoon-Jae. He did this as punishment, resenting his upbringing. When Sung-Joon regains consciousness, he immediately confronts Yoon-Jae and demands an answer, wanting to know exactly what this means.

The Episode Review

So Blind bows out its penultimate week with a really intriguing twist in the form of Sung-Hoon. We know he’s not been happy with his brother and it appears he was complicit in making Sung-Joon believe that he’s Yoon-jae, which has certainly thrown things out of whack.

The show has done a great job keeping up its level of tension to this point and it’ll be interesting to see exactly how this one ends next week. It’s such a shame that a platform like Netflix haven’t picked this up as it seems like the sort of thriller that would really resonate with people.

Still, Blind has been one of the dark horse contenders for best shows this year and everything has been set up perfectly for a cracker of an ending to follow.

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