Blind – K-Drama Episode 15 Recap & Review

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Episode 15 of Blind starts with Sung-Joon getting his memories back and realizing his brother was instrumental in making him believe he was Yoon-Jae. Sung-Joon is upset and rips his necklace off, holding it tight and trying to bargain with Yoon-Jae.

The thing is, the real Yoon-Jae has been planning all of this way back during the time Sung-Hoon made him believe he was the murderer. Sung-Joon is starting to think that Sung-Hoon and Yoon-Jae were both accomplices working together. Sung-Joon tries to goad a confession, telling Yoon-Jae that should he stay loyal, then Sung-Hoon will get to live the good life out and about while he rots in prison.

Sung-Joon relentlessly pursues this line of enquiry, and it would appear that everything – from the beginning with Man-Chun right down to the current issues – has been meticulously planned by Sung-Hoon. He got involved in Sung-Joon’s police investigation not to solve it, but actually to thwart it at every stage.

Now, this is only reinforced when Producer Bae takes off with a bag full of money from Sung-Hoon’s parents in exchange for staying quiet. However, he’s attacked by a masked man in the alleyway with a brick, who murders him and takes off with the bag. The next scene, Sung-Joon shows up with Eun-Ki and seems confused that Producer Bae is not picking his phone up. The thing is, Sung-Hoon actually met him prior to this and encouraged Bae to bluff his way into getting the money, despite not having the tape.

Next up, Minister Na receives a series of incriminating pictures that puts her right in the firing line. However, the attention is squarely on Sung-Hoon for now, as Sung-Joon makes it very clear that he can’t trust his brother. He speaks to Eun-Ki outside and encourages her to find somewhere else to stay as Sung-Hoon is acting suspicious. She also needs to share anything strange about his movements too. Eun-Ki agrees.

When Sung-Hoon heads out for a jog in the morning, Sung-Joon follows and notices his brother talking privately to someone in the woods. There are also yellow lines painted on the pavement too, which reinforce what we saw on his boots from before. Even worse, Sung-Joon realizes that his brother was directly linked to Bae Chul-Ho…who has just turned up murdered in the alleyway. Could this have been the handy-work of Lee Jung-Soo? The police certainly think so but Sung-Joon is adamant they need to focus on his brother.

Speaking of which, Sung-Hoon heads to the prison where Yoon-Jae reveals he’s been pretty open with Sung-Joon and done his best to help guide his memories. Sung-Hoon hits out at Yoon-Jae for taking this lightly and goes on to mention he took him out the equation for his plan. Yoon-Jae starts to lose control, struggling to keep it together, as he realizes Sung-Joon was right all along. Sung-Hoon has left him behind bars to rot.

Sung-Joon checks out the restaurant that Producer Bae met his parents at and finds a hidden camera in the flowerpot, which he believes was planted by Sung-Hoon. That way, his brother would know exactly what was going on.

Sung-Hoon clearly intends to kill Chief Yeom and his mother too. “Guess what my next move is. Don’t get it wrong.” He says and hangs up. Sung-Joon is shocked, having now figured out exactly who the killer really is and understanding that Yoon-jae was just a pawn this whole time. It also means Eun-Ki is right in the firing line.

Sung-Hoon meets her late at night and hands over a file, telling her she should make the right decision in time. When asked if he’s the accomplice, he’s notably quiet and eventually walks away. As for Sung-Joon, he heads back into the prison and tries to speak to Yoon-Jae once more, desperate to know who the next target is. And as we may have figured out – and now get the confirmation of – Sung-Hoon, not Yoon-Jae, was the mastermind behind everything.

Sung-Hoon was the one who picked out all the targets and eventually decided to allow the murders of family members. And unfortunately, it’s not over yet.

So who is Sung-Hoon’s next target? Well, it turns out it’s actually Judge Ryu, a man who agreed to refer Sung-Hoon’s case with the Hope Orphanage but refused to do so. Sung-Hoon rings his brother and tells him to meet at the fishing hole, setting up a tense confrontation to follow.

The Episode Review

So the penultimate episode of Blind confirms that Sung-Hoon was, in fact, involved in all these murders and wasn’t even playing the accomplice either. That’s perhaps been orchestrated for a while, given the clues along the way, and how a lot of the kids actually looked up to him back at the Orphanage.

What’s particularly great here though is how the show has managed to keep this level of mystery and momentum going right the way up to the end. Although some characters (namely Eun-Ki, let’s be honest) have been under-utilized, most characters have served a decent role in the storyline.

Tomorrow’s finale should be quite the intriguing watch. Will Sung-Joon come out on top? We’ll have to wait and see!

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