Black Knight – K-Drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

Episode 3 of Black Knight opens with an intense gunfight in the wake of an ongoing refugee rebellion against the Cheonmyeong Group. The entire time, 5-8, who is behind his mask, serves as our point-of-view character.

5-8 is brutally dumped within a mass grave, and his corpse is to be burned alongside everyone else’s. However, he kills all the guards by grabbing a weapon from one of those nearby corpses.

The episode now builds up from where we left matters in the previous chapter. 5-8 hits the brakes slightly too late, however his vehicle moves harmlessly over Sa-wol. Sa-wol states that he hopes to participate in the scheduled Deliveryman competition, going on to say that since 5-8 is the strongest Deliveryman, he wants his help. 5-8 informs him of the date and location, asking that he show his skills.

In the flashbacks, it seems as though 5-8 is engaged in an ongoing war to overthrow the Cheonmyeong Group and recognizes a bit of himself in Sa-wol.

It is established here that 5-8 collaborates with a group of other Deliverymen. They were refugees at a point in time, who are now opposed to the Cheonmyeong Group because they are aware that he is responsible for the abduction of the kids of ex-oxyanium miners. We also learn a little bit more about the mutation, which results in metal bones and incredibly quick wound healing.

Through the competition, the group intends to reach Cheonmyeong using Sa-wol. Seol-ah, who continues to investigate into Seul-ah’s death, interrupts their conversation. 5-8 shows Seol-ah the symbol that Cheonmyeong’s criminals all appear to have. He then goes on to tell her how 5-7 had been killed by a device placed behind his head.

Sa-wol shows up at the remote gym some time later, where 5-8 and 4-1 start preparing him to compete in the Deliveryman tournament’s opening round.

A large group of competitors, including Sa-wol, are filled together for the first round of the competition. They are asked to fight with each other, while the oxygen level in the room keeps dropping. The last person standing advances to the second round.

In the following round of the competition, competitors must deliver a package to a specified destination while being constantly pursued by dangerous and fully equipped hunters in their vehicles.

Meanwhile, Ryu Seok sits in the exact same room as 5-8, who is monitoring the live footage. Sa-wol sacrifices his own assured place in the round in order to help a fellow competitor as the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

With some stunning sequences, the episode truly cranks up the action. The fight, as well as chase sequences, are expertly choreographed and filmed, and they elevate the overall feel of this adrenaline-soaked chapter.

This episode also provides some additional information about the main plot, although that does continue to be somewhat muddied with its worldbuilding. However, this is definitely a step up from the previous episodes in the show.

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