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Episode 2

Episode 2 of Black Knight picks up where the previous one left off but it presents the last-second twist through two different perspectives. When 5-8 storms in, the assassin chooses to commit suicide instead of getting caught. After investigating the damage, 5-8 takes Sa-wol, who is seriously hurt, along with him.

Seol-ah’s deceased child is pushed outside on a stretcher while Seol-ah issues a directive for the investigation to start. According to the proof so far, the General Districts have experienced a wave of identical kidnappings.

When 5-8 and Grandpa meet, they speculate that Sa-wol could potentially be a mutant. 5-8 continues by claiming that the bullet used to shoot Sa-wol harmlessly ricocheted off him without hurting him. 5-8 hints that his condition could be associated with the kidnappings and may be linked with his dad’s job in the oxyanium mines.

We learn that Deliveryman 5-7 served as the primary link between the general districts, and that Ryu Seok of the Cheonmyeong Group was responsible for organizing the kidnappings. However, shortly after learning that the people whom he kidnaps are being put through horrible experiments, 5-7 is starting to change his mind.

Ryu Seok manages his staff by inserting a device in their head that is capable of killing them with the touch of a button. When 5-7 tries to commit suicide, 5-8 intervenes to stop him. However, before Ryu Seok eliminates him from a distance, he is only able to make a passing mention of experiments.

It turns out that Ryu Seok is acting without his dad’s knowledge. His dad, on the other hand, appears to be truly driven by kindness and has always wanted the Air Cores to aid mankind.

Seul-ah’s passing has deeply affected Seol-ah and Sa-wol. Sa-wol enters Seol-ah’s flat and begins looking at pictures of himself and Seul-ah when Seol-ah is busy interrogating 5-8 regarding the crime.

When Seol-ah gets back to her apartment, she finds Sa-wol there. Thereafter, we discover that Sa-wol was adopted by Seol-ah during the cleansing of refugees that were opposing the Cheonmyeong Group. Evidently horrified by the things she was engaging in, Seol-ah avoided murdering any remaining survivors and secretly brought Sa-wol home.

Sa-wol can’t stay there with Seol-ah at this point. She bids him farewell in a moving scene, giving him his bag and the vial containing Seul-ah’s ashes before sending him to stay with his companions.

Sa-wol makes a pit stop to confront the gang he defeated during the first episode. He seeks retribution for his guilt by asking them to hurt or perhaps even murder him. Fortunately, his companions have recognized that he might pull this off. They step in, but they can’t stop him from getting injured, which puts him in an unconscious state for a few days.

Sa-wol awakens right in time to participate in a competition organized by Ryu Seok. Sa-wol believes it is simply a chance for him to live out his dream of becoming a deliveryman. Ryu Seok, however, is using the competition to locate a person who is capable of being a fresh link for the general districts.

Sa-wol stands at the center of the street in front of 5-8’s approaching truck, and with 5-8 driving, he accelerates towards Sa-wol.

The Episode Review

The episode adds more complexity to the show’s plotline. The questions we had after watching the previous episode are answered in this one, and it has a much stronger overall thematic focus.

In comparison to the previous one, this is certainly slower in pace and the storyline still feels a little clumsy. Hopefully these points are ironed out in the episodes ahead.

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