Black Clover Explained: What happened during the “Royal Capital Assault” story arc?

Black Clover Explained

Black Clover is one of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine’s popular offerings. Despite switching to Jump Giga in December 2023, its source material and anime adaptation from Pierrot Studios have entertained audiences since its inception. 

Yuki Tabata, the series’s creator, carefully blends fun storytelling, enjoyable characters, and commendable themes to create a universe rich in action, magic, and suspense. Despite utilizing many tropes found in shonen works of past and present, Black Clover’s maintained a nice following for itself.

That said, Black Clover’s storyline tackles ideas like friendship and determination in compelling ways. The series offers a vast fantasy world, brimming with distinct magic systems, incredible secrets, and takes turns that’ll catch some readers off-guard. 

Being the geeks that we are over here, we’ll be diving deep into the Black Clover world, shedding light on the elements that make this story such a spectacle to anime and manga veterans and newcomers alike. 

What is the “Royal Capital Assault” story arc about? What can readers expect from this article?

As with any series, Black Clover is broken into multiple story arcs, each containing minor and major events critical to the overarching tale. Where some arcs center around our protagonists, others could focus on the secondary characters or antagonists (if any). Black Clover consists of 11 story arcs (as of this writing), each offering fans something important to remember as they read. 

The “Royal Capital Assault” story arc is Black Clover’s third narrative arc. The anime covered this arc via episodes 20-27 while the manga covered this arc in its third, fourth, and fifth volumes, chapters 22-37 exactly. This arc picks up moments after the Black Bull and Golden Dawn squad conquer the dungeon and defeat Lotus and Mars. Both squads greet the Wizard King, Julius Novachrono, and get into a fight with undead and wizard-like assailants. 

Although no news has been shared regarding the anime’s return, the manga is ongoing (as of this write-up). Also, we know it may be difficult for folks to catch up to the series before that eventual fifth season airs. Fortunately, this explanatory piece will highlight the important takeaways from this arc, allowing long-time fans or new ones, in general, to get caught up with this arc’s events.  

Before we begin, it’s worth noting that this piece will contain spoilers for Black Clover’s third story arc only! Also, Pierrot Studios may have added scenes or changed things in their adaptation for this arc. Hence, we’ll be following Tabata’s original interpretation of its events via the manga. Regardless, we want fans and newcomers to read this piece at your own risk!  

How does the “Royal Capital Assault” story arc begin? 

Asta and his Black Bull allies celebrate their dungeon achievement. Yami tells Asta the Magic Knights’s HQ wants him to report there. Asta and Noelle travel to the headquarters and stumble upon Yuno, Klaus, and Mimosa. Mimosa tells Noelle she has “romantic feelings” for Asta, making Noelle mildly jealous. Eventually, Julius Novachrono, the Wizard King, greets Asta and Yuno’s group.

Yuno presents his grimoire to Julius, and Julius notices he has an interesting spell inside it. Julius tells Yuno this text will allow him to summon Sylph, one of the Four Great Attributes’s Wind Spirit. This is the fairy that defeated Mars in the “Dungeon Exploration” story arc. Asta presents his grimoire to Julius and reveals his anti-magic sword to him. Julius explains how Asta can wield this heavy sword and Asta and Yuno ask Julius how to become the Wizard King. 

Julius tells Asta and Yuno they must produce exceptional achievements and a solid reputation. Then, Julius welcomes Asta and Yuno’s groups to the Distinguished Service Ceremony with other noble figures.

What happens at the Distinguished Service Ceremony? Who stops everyone from fighting and why?

Julius rewards and introduces several Magic Knights. These folks include Leopold Vermillion (Crimson Lion King Knights), Sol Marron (Blue Rose Knights), Nebra and Solid Silva (Silver Eagle Knights), Alecdora Sandler, Shiren Tium, and lastly Hamon Caseus (Golden Dawn Knights). Then, Julius steps aside and lets Asta and the high-ranking Magic Knights indulge in the ceremony’s festivities. 

While Asta and his buddies enjoy themselves, Alecdora states his frustrations with attending an event with “lowborn” folks like Asta and the others. Leopold, Nebra, and Solid chime in. They belittle Noelle, Klaus, and Mimosa for their meek skills. The high-ranking Magic Knights dogpile on Noelle, enticing Asta to confront them about their rude comments. Asta slashes through one of their spells and promises them he’ll become the Wizard King one day. 

Asta combats Solid and demands he and the others apologize to Noelle. Before Nozel Silva teaches Asta a lesson, Fuegoleon Vermillion stops them. Mimosa confirms Leopold and Fuegoleon are her cousins. Then, Nozel confronts Fuegoleon about his pacifistic approach and urges him to fight him. Before they do, a worker arrives, informing everyone at the ceremony that an evil sorcerer (later named Rades) is attacking the capital.

This convinces Nozel, Fuegoleon, and others to stop fighting.

Why do Leopold and Asta depart from the group? What do Fuegoleon and the remaining Magic Knights discuss?

Fuegoleon and the others discuss Rades’s tactics and spatial magic. He argues they should focus on guarding the castle’s area. Asta goes against the grain and plans to visit the loudest location to track Rades down. Leopold follows Asta since he considers Asta a rival because of his fiery spirit. Fuegoleon tells the remaining Magic Knights that he and Noelle will follow Leopold and Asta.

After they regrouped with them, Fuegoleon plans to head to the North District. The Silver Eagles squad will tackle the Central District while the Blue Roses squad the East District. As for the Golden Dawn squad, they split into two groups and plan to care for the Noble Realm’s civilians. After everyone departs, Charmy, a fellow Black Bull, appears and plans to regroup with Asta and his allies.

Charmy argues if she does a great job, she may be rewarded with delectable treats. 

What happens during Asta’s and Nozel’s forces’ battle with Rades and his undead allies? What type of magic does Rades use?

Eventually, Asta confronts and protects a little girl from Rades. Rades realizes Asta is the anti-magic swordsman many people told him about. Elsewhere, we see all our factions combatting the undead enemies Rades conjured. Although they don’t know how to defeat their undead opponents, Fuegoleon and the others plan to demolish them. 

After we receive several panels of our heroes doing that, Leopold marvels at Asta from afar, bewildered by his incredible might. Rades tells Asta he uses Wraith Magic, which allows him to control his undead comrades as puppets. Asta asks Rades why he’s harming “innocent” citizens, and Rades says they deserve it for being scumbags. 

What happens during Asta, Leopold, and Noelle’s fight with Jimmy and Rades? Who saves Asta from Rades’s ally, Alfred?

Rades summons a beast named Jimmy to attack Asta with his “special-made curse shell.” Rades claims Asta’s wounds won’t stop bleeding now and orders Jimmy to attack the little girl. Asta protects the girl and states why he’ll continue to do so. Next, Noelle sees Asta fighting Rades and Jimmy.  She hesitates to help Asta and almost gets attacked by the undead enemies.

Fortunately, Fuegoleon protects Noelle and motivates her to assist Asta in his fight with Rades. With Leopold’s help, Asta defeats Jimmy and sets his sights on Rades. Then, Rades summons a new ally named Alfred and another comrade. He orders his unnamed comrade to fight Noelle and Leopold. Alfred gives Asta a run for his money. Fortunately, Fuegoleon intervenes and tells Asta he views him as a rival, much like Leopold.

Fuegoleon asks Asta to let him fight Rades alone. 

What happens after Yuno, Klaus, Nozel, and Sol’s group defeat Rades’s undead army? Who confronts Rades’s ally, Catherine?

Before we explain how Rades and Fuegoleon’s confrontation went, it’s best to note what happened to Yuno and the others before and during the above situations. Sometime before the prior incident above, Yuno, Klaus, Nozel, and Sol’s groups defeat their undead enemies. Nozel realizes Rades sent these weaker ones after them to distract them. He argues that Rades might be after Julius or the country’s overlord at the castle.

Suddenly, someone uses Spatial Magic to transport Klaus, Nozel, and Sol’s groups away from the capital. Then, we learn Catherine is responsible for this. Catherine drains the capital’s citizens of their mana. Before Catherine murders an innocent man, Yuno uses his wind magic to stop her. Catherine is surprised Yuno escaped her Spatial Magic.

What happens during Yuno’s battle with Catherine? How does Charmy assist Yuno in defeating Catherine?

Catherine and Yuno clash. She tells Yuno that she and her buddies are after someone. However, Catherine doesn’t specify who. At the same time, one of Julius’s advisers (later named Marx) bows before the capital’s overlord and apologizes that no one’s here to protect him. Marx promises he and other advisers will protect him from harm. 

Meanwhile, Yuno struggles against Catherine’s Ash Curse Magic. Before Yuno’s down for the count, he experiences “the flow of mana.” Essentially, the narrator says Yuno tapped into his five senses at this moment and gained a mana detection boost. Yuno summons Sylph again and uses her power to attack Catherine, much to Catherine’s shock. 

Catherine desperately struggles to hold off Sylph and Yuno’s combined effort. Sometime before Yuno’s battle with Catherine, Charmy arrives at a restaurant and motivates a chef to continue cooking his dish for the Magic Knights. Eventually, the chef finishes the dish and Charmy devours it. Suddenly, an explosion occurs behind them.

We learn Yuno and Slyph’s attack hurled Catherine to Charmy’s location. Catherine orders Charmy to hand her dish to her. Yuno senses Catherine’s mana and arrives. Charmy uses her Cotton Creation Magic to summon a large sheep that defeats Catherine. Yuno hands Charmy the chef’s dish and Charmy thanks Yuno for saving her meal. 

Before Yuno asks Charmy for her name, he collapses on Charmy because he’s exhausted. 

What’s fueling Rades’s hatred for Magic Knights and this country? What happens after Fuegoleon defeats Rades?

Regarding the Rades and Fuegoleon fight, Fuegoleon orders Rades to explain why he and his allies are terrorizing the capital. Rades claims he was a former Purple Orcas Magic Knights Squad member. However, they expelled Rades, because they deemed his Wraith Magic taboo. Rades says his country and squad exiled him for his “commoner status” too.

All in all, Rades wants to use his Wraith Magic to exterminate everyone who poorly treated him. After hearing Rades out, Fuegoleoon fights Rades. Despite summoning Carl, another undead ally, Fuegoleon swiftly pinpoints Carl’s weakness and defeats him, much to Rades’s shock. Next, Leopold and Noelle defeat the ally Rades sent against them.

Fuegoleon imprisons Rades with his Flame-Binding Magic. He swipes Rades’s grimoire and notices he only has one spell in his book. Asta explains why Rades should’ve developed a better method to have people acknowledge him. Simultaneously, Fuegoleon suggests Rades surrender and tell him where his remaining ally is and who his target is. 

Rades tells Fuegoleon that he and his comrades are after Fuegoleon himself. Suddenly, someone uses Spatial Magic to send Fuegoleon to an alternate realm. Asta uncovers Rades’s final ally’s (named Valtos’s) whereabouts and Fuegoleon returns to the battlefield in a dangerous state. 

How do Asta, Noelle, and Leopold respond to Fuegoleon’s decrepit state? Who is the “Eye of the Midnight Sun” and do our heroes defeat them?

Leopold wanders toward Fuegoleon and realizes his grimoire is slowly crumbling away, signaling his possible demise. Before Rades departs, Asta stops and beats him repeatedly. Asta promises to make people like Rades suffer and Rades asks Valtos to do something.  Valtos tries harming Asta but Leopold protects him. 

Then, more reinforcements arrive. They plan to assist Valtos and Rades against Asta, Leopold, and Noelle. Asta’s determined to fight them all. Rades’s allies put up a great effort against Asta, Leopold, and Noelle. Although victory may be a distance away for our heroes, Nozel and the other Magic Knights arrive to lend our heroic trio support.  

Although things appear brighter, one of Rades’s allies uses a Dark Magic Item to capture Asta. They introduce themselves as the “Eye of the Midnight Sun” and vow to destroy the Clover Kingdom. The spellcasters, Rades, and Voltas vanish with Asta. 

What does Nozel suggest Noelle and the others do? Who greets Rades and his allies at their lair?

Noelle’s concerned about Asta but Nozel suggests they focus on reinforcing the capital’s defenses. Mimosa tries healing Fuegoleon but he suggests they take him to a medical ward. Simultaneously, Solid, Nebra, and Nozel belittle Fuegoleon and Leopold. However, Nozel suggests Solid and Nebra stop and focus on strengthening the capital’s defenses. 

Meanwhile, the spellcasters, Voltas, Asta, Rades, and someone named Sally arrive somewhere. Voltas tells Sally to kill Asta, but she refuses. Sally says she wants to experiment on Asta since he’s an anti-magic individual. Voltas lets Sally proceed and they all arrive at their lair. There, Julius greets them and defeats most of their allies with ease. 

Sally and the others fight Julius despite him warning them not to. Julius uses his Time-Binding Magic to imprison Sally, Voltas, and Rades. Then, Julius tells Asta to pay close attention to him. Asta remarks this is the type of power and status he hopes to achieve.

How do Rades and his allies escape harm’s way? What happens after Julius and Asta regroup with Nozel and the others?

Julius asks Rades and the others about the stone slab and jewels behind him. Sally explains, but Julius can’t hear her. Therefore, Julius plans to ask them once they return to the capital. Before he takes them there, a light blinds Julius and Asta. Julius realizes Rades’s master arrived, gathered his allies, and departed with them. Fortunately, Rades’s master missed someone named Geork.

Then, Marx uses his magic to get ahold of Julius and begs him to visit the medical ward. Later, Julius and Asta regroup with Nozel and the others. At the same time, we learn that Nozel and the other completed their tasks. They all head to the medical ward. One of the Magic Knights tells Julius their enemies stole Fuegoleon’s pendant. Julius contemplates the “Eye of the Midnight Sun’s (EOMS)” goals with this pendant, the stone slab, and the open jewel spaces.

He plans to interrogate Geork for intel. Also, Julius wants the Magic Knights to focus on maintaining the kingdom’s peace. Nozel leaves and we receive flashbacks of his past life with Fuegoleon. He vows to bring the EOMS to justice. Next, Leopold thanks Asta for pulling through in his fight. Also, Leopold promises to get stronger and become the Wizard King. 

How does the “Royal Capital Assault” story arc end?

Julius confirms he shared minor intel with the public about the EOMS’s assault. However, Julius says he didn’t disclose certain details. Most importantly, Julius fears there’s a traitor among the capital’s mages. Meanwhile, Sally and the others discuss Asta and their plans. Voltas tells their master they couldn’t save Geork and Catherine. 

Voltas’s master reveals Julius’s time-magic affected his arm. He argues that they must defeat Julius to accomplish their goals. Marx and others try interrogating Catherine and Geork, but they refuse to answer. Therefore, Julius suggests they wait for Fuegoleon to awaken since he argues Catherine’s master hurt Fuegoleon. 

Meanwhile, Asta, Noelle, and Charmy spot Yuno, Mimosa, and Klaus from afar. Yuno uses a magic spell to bid farewell to him and the others. Asta and the others return to the Black Bull’s base. Magna and Luck flaunt their achievements and Asta retaliates with his own. Luck and Magna learn Asta and Charmy out-rank them as Magic Knights. 

Yami suggests they respect Asta and Charmy. Also, Yami tells Asta not to worry about Fuegoleon’s condition. The arc ends with Finral telling Asta they should attend a mixer event.


Black Clover is an enjoyable manga with a beloved anime adaptation. Although this isn’t Yuki Tabata’s first manga series, Black Clover brought him the luck he needed to make a splash in the shonen anime and manga sphere. Although it’s been quite some time since the anime concluded, fans are hopeful Tabata will give Black Clover the conclusion it deserves. 

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