Black Clover Explained: What happened during the “Dungeon Exploration” story arc?

Black Clover Explained

Black Clover is one of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine’s popular offerings. Despite switching to Jump Giga in December 2023, its source material and anime adaptation from Pierrot Studios have entertained audiences since its inception. 

Yuki Tabata, the series’s creator, carefully blends fun storytelling, enjoyable characters, and commendable themes to create a universe rich in action, magic, and suspense. Despite utilizing many tropes found in shonen works, Black Clover’s maintained a nice following.

That said, Black Clover’s storyline tackles ideas like friendship and determination in compelling ways. The series offers a vast fantasy world, brimming with distinct magic systems, incredible secrets, and takes turns that’ll catch some readers off-guard. 

Being the geeks that we are over here, we’ll be diving deep into the Black Clover world, shedding light on the elements that make this story such a spectacle to anime and manga veterans and newcomers alike. 

What is the “Dungeon Exploration” story arc about? What can readers expect from this article?

As with any series, Black Clover is broken into multiple story arcs, each containing minor and major events critical to the overarching tale. Where some arcs center around our protagonists, others could focus on the secondary characters or antagonists (if any). Black Clover consists of 11 story arcs (as of this writing), each offering fans something important to remember as they read. 

The “Dungeon Exploration” story arc is Black Clover’s second narrative arc. The anime covered this arc via episodes 14-19 while the manga covered this arc in its second and third volumes, chapters 11-21 exactly. This arc involves Asta, Noelle, and their comrade Luck Volitia teaming up with Yuno and two Golden Dawn members to conquer a dungeon. Unfortunately, both groups run into trouble with folks who stem from the Diamond Kingdom. 

Although no news has been shared regarding the anime’s return, the manga is ongoing (as of this write-up). Also, we know it may be difficult for folks to catch up to the series before that eventual fifth season airs. Fortunately, this explanatory piece will highlight the important takeaways from this arc, allowing long-time fans or new ones, in general, to get caught up with this arc’s events.  

Before we begin, it’s worth noting that this piece will contain spoilers for Black Clover’s second story arc only! Also, Pierrot Studios may have added scenes or changed things in their adaptation for this arc. Hence, we’ll be following Tabata’s original interpretation of its events via the manga. Regardless, we warn fans and newcomers to read this piece at your own risk!  

How does the “Dungeon Exploration” story arc begin? Who saves Asta and Noelle from the trap spell?

This arc opens with Yami telling Asta and the Black Bull members about a new dungeon. Asta’s companions inform him that dungeons carry powerful items so it’s up to Magic Knights to prevent folks from stealing them. Yami tells Asta the Wizard King wants him to tackle the mission. So Asta, Noelle, and Luck Volitia (a fellow Black Bull member) accept the mission and traverse the dungeon. 

Luck is an exceptional wizard capable of detecting mana swiftly. However, Yami tells Vanessa other squads don’t want Luck because of his busted personality. As Asta, Noelle, and Luck explore the dungeon, Luck senses strong mana. Luck and Noelle delve into the principles and importance of mana. Next, Asta discovers a magic trap and saves himself.

Luck senses others’ mana and tells Noelle and Asta to explore the dungeon without him. Luck departs and Noelle and Asta get caught by a trap spell. Fortunately, Yuno and his Golden Dawn allies arrive and save the two. 

What do the Golden Dawn and Black Bull squads discuss? Who are the people Luck sensed?

Yuno’s comrades Klaus Lunettes and Mimosa Vermillion introduce themselves. Klaus is a Golden Dawn senior member while Mimosa happens to be Noelle’s rude cousin and semi-rival. Klaus flaunts his squad’s gold star achievement and Asta retaliates by sharing the same news. Eventually, Mimosa, Klaus, and Yuno depart. They promise to capture this dungeon before Asta’s group does.

Asta doesn’t know how to navigate the dungeon so he suggests they wing it, much to Noelle’s annoyance. Fortunately, Nero, the anti-magic bird Asta acquired in the previous story arc, flies somewhere. This gives Asta and Noelle a clue of where to go. Meanwhile, Klaus and Yuno bicker over their encounter with Asta, but Yuno tells Klaus not to underestimate Asta.

Then, someone informs the Wizard King that Lotus of the Abyss (a skilled sorcerer) and his men are roaming the dungeon our heroes are exploring. The Diamond Kingdom seeks the territory’s treasures because it may help them expand their kingdom. Next, Luck defeats the Diamond Kingdom’s forces, leaving Lotus the remaining adversary. These are the individuals whose mana Luck sensed after the second time.  

What happens during Luck and Lotus’s battle? How do Asta and Noelle help Luck defeat Lotus?

Luck tries fighting Lotus despite the latter wanting to compete in a less violent affair. Lotus dodges every assault and notices Luck is a Black Bull member. After Lotus shares a brief tale about his encounter with Yami, Luck gets caught in Lotus’s smoke magic. Lotus explains the principles and requirements of his smoke magic to Luck.

Before Lotus departs, Luck stops Lotus. Then, Tabata, the series’s author, delves into Luck’s background. Readers learn Luck’s mother shunned him for his strange personality. Later, people around Luck feared him after Luck defeated a noble during his school’s Magic Exchange Competition. This encourages Luck’s mother to view him highly. Also, she tells Luck to focus on winning battles. 

In the present, Lotus captures Luck with a solid variant of his smoke magic. Eventually, Noelle and Asta arrive at Lotus and Luck’s battle. Asta uses his anti-magic sword to attack Lotus. Next, we receive more snippets of Luck’s backstory. We learn Luck lost his mother at a young age. This influenced Luck to dedicate his future victories to his dead mother.

Asta interferes in Luck’s solo affair. He tells Luck he’s not alone and can count on others for help. Lotus uses smoke magic to surround our heroes in a smoke-centric prison. Fortunately, Asta, Noelle, and Luck develop a strategy to overcome the smokey prison and Asta lands a fatal attack on Lotus. Lotus is impressed by Asta and his allies’ skills.

However, Lotus refuses to let them capture him so he uses his smoke magic to create a vehicle to flee the area. Luck suggests they head for the treasure hall and senses Lotus’s ally’s (Mars’s) mana. Later, Lotus lets his weaker ally heal his wounds. Lotus says they can count on Mars to gather this dungeon’s valuable items. 

How does the Golden Dawn squad’s battle with Mars go? How does Asta initially defeat Mars?

While Luck fights Lotus, Yuno’s group arrives at a large door. They believe the treasure hall lies behind it. Before they enter, Mars uses a spell to harm Mimosa, but she uses plant magic to heal herself. While she’s doing that, Yuno and Klaus battle Mars. Klaus asks Yuno to leave Mars to him and head for the treasure hall. However, Yuno refuses and attempts to hurt Mars with his wind magic. 

Unfortunately, Yuno’s tactics were meaningless against Mars’s mineral magic, much to everyone’s shock. Klaus examines Mars’s body further and notices several embedded jewels in his head. Klaus delves into the Diamond Kingdom’s artificial magic amplification ritual and how it relates to Mars. Klaus and Yuno proceed to fight Mars but struggle. Fortunately, Asta arrives and suggests they work together to defeat Mars. 

Meanwhile, Luck and Noelle support Klaus and Mimosa. Mars summons mineral dolls and uses them in his fight with Asta, Yuno, and the others. Asta performs exceptionally against Mars, enticing Mars to combine himself with his army. Noelle tells Klaus Asta lacks magic and Asta makes that clear seconds later. Asta and Mars clash, verbally and physically. Mars uses his mineral magic to create armor for himself.

Asta defeats Mars by violently using his anti-magic sword to attack him. This causes Mars’s remaining mineral clones to vanish. 

What happens when our heroes enter the treasure hall? What’s the significance behind Klaus’s comments regarding Mars’s dual magic types?

Firstly, Asta uses his anti-magic sword to open the treasure hall’s door. Next, both squads are amazed by the glorious treasure inside. Yuno interacts with a document that’s resting on a podium. The writing on the document vanishes seconds later, puzzling him. Suddenly, Luck senses something’s amiss and tells the others to watch out. 

Mars opens a pathway to the treasure hall. He revived himself via fire magic, much to Klaus’s surprise. Klaus explains the four mana elements (water, fire, wind, and earth) and says mages can only use magic from their mana or an attribute derived from it. Moreover, Klaus confirms Mars has two magic types and can use recovery magic despite being a physical magic user. 

Next, Mars knocks Noelle out with his might, angering Asta. Asta retaliates but Mars uses a swift mineral spell to hurl Asta to a different room. Nero flies toward a slimmer sword and Asta grabs it and plans to use it to combat Mars’s new tricks.  

What are the main takeaways from Mars’s and Mimosa’s backstories?

Regarding Mars’s past, we learn he and his female friend, Fana, discuss freedom. Fana thinks Mars will be set free because of his exceptional magic talent. Fana hopes she will be free one day so she and Mars can explore the world together. Later in life, the Diamond Kingdom officials force Fana and Mars to compete in a death game, along with other competitors. 

Mars killed Fana and was chosen as the Diamond Kingdom’s sole mage warrior. The kingdom embedded him with many mage stones by using Fana’s ability. Next, Mimosa attempts to heal Noelle with plant magic, triggering a flashback between her and Noelle. In it, we learn many viewed Mimosa’s recovery magic capabilities highly despite her being a ditzy individual. 

Simultaneously, several folks from Mimosa’s household (the Vermillion House) share crude remarks toward Noelle for lacking magical talent. Then, she recalls seeing Noelle train effortlessly to get better at magic. Mimosa tells Noelle she values and respects her for her work ethic. This encourages Mimosa to do everything she can to protect Noelle from perishing. 

How do Asta and his allies defeat Mars in their second battle?

Before Mars harms Mimosa, Asta negates his attack with his new sword. Although Asta is nervous, Noelle awakens and encourages Asta to defeat Mars. Somehow, Asta’s sword produces water and ruins most of Mars’s flame defenses. Infuriated, Mars attacks Asta with mineral magic, giving Asta a severe injury. 

Asta plummets and Mars plans to finish Asta off with his mineral sword. Klaus, Luck, and others want to help Asta but can’t for specific reasons. Fortunately, Yuno unexpectedly summons a small fairy creature, who blocks Mars’s assault, hurls him into a wall, and defeats him.

How does the “Dungeon Exploration” story arc conclude?

Once Mars is down for the count, Yuno looks at the scripture he found in the treasure hall. He notices the writing’s returned and questions how this correlates with the fairy creature he summoned. Suddenly, the dungeon starts collapsing, enticing everyone to depart. Luck retrieves Asta and takes him to Mimosa. Asta awakens from his injury and tells the others to save Mars.

Klaus tells Asta they can’t save Mars. Therefore, Klaus and Luck assist everyone, besides Mars, in escaping the dungeon. After our heroes escape, we see Lotus sitting by some treasure. Lotus says he used smoke magic to make him and the others invisible. Simultaneously, Lotus says he and the others were on the battlefield the whole time.

Then, Mars wakes up in Lotus’s smokey vehicle. Next, Mars thanks Lotus for saving him. At the same time, Mars recalls his promise to Fana about seeing the outside world. Next, Asta wakes up, much to everyone’s satisfaction. Klaus hugs Yuno and Asta. He apologizes for belittling them at the dungeon. Asta, Klaus, and Yuno engage in amusing banter.

This story arc ends with someone telling Noelle that her clothes are shredded. 


Black Clover is an enjoyable manga with a beloved anime adaptation. Although this isn’t Yuki Tabata’s first manga series, Black Clover brought him the luck he needed to make a splash in the shonen anime and manga sphere. Although it’s been quite some time since the anime concluded, fans are hopeful Tabata will give Black Clover the conclusion it deserves. 

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