Bitch X Rich – K-drama Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Episode 10

The season finale of Bitch X Rich sees episode 10 start where we left off as Hye-in watches the video of Hae-in having sex with Woo-jin and takes the necklace out of her drawer, trying to understand what’s going on at the school. The next day, Do-eon meets and asks her to be his plus-one at Woo-jin and Yul-hee’s fifth-anniversary party.

What does Si-eun tell Hye-in about Hae-in?

When she is all by herself, Si-eun drags her to the abandoned restroom and the two discuss her situation. Si-eun further threatens to expose Hye-in’s video but the latter claims that Je-na is not the culprit. Si-eun sees the pen drive with Hae-in’s name. She tells Hye-in that Hae-in was threatening Je-na, which is what led to Je-na pushing her off the rooftop.

Je-na did so for Yul-hee. A flashback shows Hae-in in the same restroom where she is scared after someone sends her a video from the night. Present-day Si-eun tells Hye-in that Hae-in was threatening Je-na to expose her father’s affair. She threatens to expose Hye-in’s video too, and leaves.

So-mang, who happens to be inside the restroom, overhears the entire conversation. He tries to help Hye-in and offers to go to the cops with the information but Hye-in is sure the cops won’t be able to help. So-mang jokes that only praying to God about Si-eun would help.

What happens at Woo-jin and Yul-hee’s anniversary party?

That night, Hye-in joins Do-eon at the party celebrating five years of Yul-hee and Woo-jin’s relationship. Do-eon and Hye-in go out to get some air and Hye-in wonders if Do-eon really knew Hae-in well. Do-eon claims that to him, Hae-in is a sweet and innocent girl. Hye-in keeps the information to herself and the two rejoin the party.

Hye-in is suspicious of Yul-hee though, and asks about her necklace. Je-na tells her that the necklace is a limited edition and adds that even people with a lot of money can get it because of the waitlist. That night, Do-eon and Je-na get into an argument. Je-na claims that Do-eon abandoned his 18 year friendship with her as soon as Hae-in came into the picture.

She did not bully Hae-in because she was poor but claims that she did so because Hae-in is a bad person. Je-na exposes that Hae-in was demanding money from her as well as other people like Woo-jin by using their secrets as leverage. Je-na eventually tells Yul-hee that Woo-jin is sleeping with Hae-in causing a fight to break out while Yul-hee sobs.

What did Hae-in tell Je-na on the rooftop?

A flashback shows that after their conversation on the rooftop, Hae-in threatened Je-na and was trying to extort money from her. Not only that, but Hae-in also sent their spy cam video to Woo-jin asking for money from him. Hae-in tells Je-na that it was not wrong of her to try to get to the top by any means. Present-day Yul-hee has a breakdown in private with Je-na guilty of telling her the truth.

Yul-hee’s emotions change all of a sudden and she tells Je-na that she was already aware of Woo-jin’s cheating. She claims that he was now in the palm of her hands and would never try to leave her since she was going to “forgive” him for cheating on her.

Who pushed Hae-in off the rooftop?

That same night, Hye-in takes Je-na to her house and shows her the necklace that she had collected from Hae-in’s hands on the night she had fallen off the rooftop. Hye-in tells Je-na that Yul-hee was the one who had pushed Hae-in off the roof for hooking up with her boyfriend. Another flashback shows how Yul-hee showed up on the rooftop after Je-na had left.

The two girls were fighting and pulling at each other’s hair when Yul-hee accidentally pushes Hae-in off the roof while Hae-in pulls Yul-hee’s necklace with her as fell went down in the exact spot that Hye-in was standing in.

How does Bitch X Rich end?

The next day, Hye-in shows up to school hoping So-mang had handled the issue with Si-eun for her. However, she gets a text from Si-eun stating she had until midnight to report Je-na to the director. A girl wearing the same luxury shoes enters Hee-seo’s cabin. That night, Yul-hee and Woo-jin fight but she “forgives” him for cheating on her.

Hye-in asks Si-eul to wait for her at school because there was something she wanted to talk to her about. However, Si-eun is on the rooftop and about to post the video when someone pushes her off the roof. Si-eun lands in the same spot Hae-in fell, while Hye-in witnesses the second incident as she was standing in the same spot as she did the first time.

The season ends with blood dripping out of Si-eun’s head as Hye-in says how she was sure Cheongdam International High School was definitely cursed.

The Episode Review

It seems very unnatural for the show to be marketed as a mini-series only for it to end with a cliffhanger. Now as Si-eun falls off the roof with her skull cracking, it seems unlikely that she will survive the accident. It is clear that she knew the person who called her on the rooftop to push her off and it is very likely that Je-na was the one behind it. The only two people that knew about Je-na’s secret and who threatened her about it were Hae-in and Si-eun.

The boys on this show, So-mang and Do-eun in particular, really feel useless. It would be interesting if Do-eun / So-mang were behind Si-eun’s fall off the rooftop because it seems like we have seen enough female bully characters in K-dramas. One thing that I am still uncertain about is the fact that Yul-hee still had her necklace despite losing it during Hae-in’s fall. How did she procure it in 3-4 weeks if it was such a “limited edition exclusive item?”

It looks like Je-na could be an actual evil character if the show is ever renewed for a second season bringing the plot to a full circle. Red Velvet’s Yeri playing Je-na really nails the mean bitch character with her resting face and I would love to see her as an outright evil character if the show is ever renewed!

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  1. I feel like Jenna is too blatant of a suspect. I believe Jenna (ish) is nice when you get to know her. For the 10 episodes, despite being the ‘Queen’ of the school, if someone goes put of their way to cause trouble for her, then she will get back at you. She was the one to stop the unnecessary bullying (as it relates to females). She stopped Si-Eun from beating the girl, she stopped the three girls who were bullying the ‘leech’ girl. I believe Jenna is so caught up in her own situation to be going out of her to trouble anyone unless they trouble her first. It can be seen where she got everyone to bully Hye-In because she attacked her first in the bathroom, Hae-In (even though she did not get back at her) for using her friends, sleeping with her friend’s boyfriend and blackmailing her and the guy. And although she is powerful, she is not ‘powerful’. If that was the case, she would have gotten rid of Hae-In herself, would have gotten more than a restraining order against Si-Eun etc.

    Although it could be Jenna who pushed Si-eun, i feel like that is too obvious. I believe it’s a male this time.

  2. I really feel like it was So-Mang who pushed her . Remember , when he said to Hyein “I’ll GRANT YOU YOUR WISH” “ If she wanted to punish Si-eun?” .All of them seems to have mental issues . as for the necklace , Sulhee was already in the line up for procurement so it may arrived early. RULE OF THUMB for luxury items regardless , of whether you have it or not as long as you are in the lineup YOU HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO STILL GET IT.. Credit Score for clients is important when it comes to luxury brand not pursuing the purchase might result to the brand name not offering/listing you anymore as VIP CLIENT IN THE FUTURE .

  3. The script was disappointing as poor are shown not having any dignity . Hope this is not a trend or depiction of Korean society

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