Bitch X Rich – K-drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2

Episode 2 of Bitch X Rich starts at Cheongdam International School. Je-na’s minions are bullying the poorer kids asking them who complained about Je-na. Je-na snaps at her minions for not being able to punish the informant. She asks him to jump in the pool as he was of no help and the three boys jump in as instructed. Je-na tells the poor students that their only fault is that they were born into poor families.

At the same time, Hye-in is using Na-yeon’s outfits and accessories to pretend that she’s rich. His friends ask Hye-in about the shoes in the photos and wonder why she hadn’t gotten them to school but was only posting them on Instagram. A flashback takes Hye-in to her conversation with Sun-joo at the convenience store. Sun-joo had told Hye-in about a girl in her class who belonged to a rich family.

The girl often came to school in a Mercedes and wore expensive shoes and clothes. Sun-joo claims that the girl claimed that she never took any money from her parents but worked part-time jobs for her allowance. She states that the girl claimed that she only used her parents’ house, car and gifts because it’s the parent’s duty to provide for their children and that she was only using the car until she could get her own.

Hye-in uses the story and lies to her friends, saying the exact same thing. Her friends are shocked when Hye-in claims that she does not want to damage or lose the expensive gifts from her parents. Her friends praise Hye-in and tell her about turning into an Influencer on Instagram. Hye-in is shocked to learn that influencers earn 3-4 million won a month just by advertising products. Her friends tell Hye-in that she needs to gain 10,000 followers before being able to make any money back from Instagram.

At Cheongdam International High School, Je-na’s teacher yells at her for sleeping during her English class. Je-na is irritated with the new teacher and reads the sentence with much better pronunciation than her. She warns her by stating that no one messes with her in the school. Meanwhile, Hye-in goes early to Na-yeon’s house and lies to her mother that she’s preparing for her class with the middle schooler.

In Na-yeon’s room, Hye-in takes multiple photos in different outfits. She wonders when she will finally be able to make money from Instagram. Hye-in starts looking around the house and sneaks into Na-yeon’s mother’s closet. There, she finds Na-yeon’s new school uniform from Cheongdam International High School.

Hye-in asks the housekeeper why Na-yeon’s mother had purchased the uniform before Na-yeon had even passed the exam. The housekeeper claims that Na-yeon would be going to the school even if she doesn’t pass the entrance exam. Hye-in sneaks around the housekeeper and tries it on in Na-yeon’s room. There, Hye-in snaps a few photos of herself in the uniform.

Na-yeon arrives from school and asks the housekeeper about the uniform. The housekeeper wonders where the uniform has gone and starts looking for it.

Hye-in is unable to get out of the tight outfit and hides under Na-yeon’s bed. Na-yeon ends up finding Hye-in’s phone and notices the photos she has posted on Instagram. Na-yeon is pissed at Hye-in and finally learns that Hye-in had impersonated Sun-joo originally.

Hye-in is embarrassed in front of Na-yeon and offers to quit the tutoring job. She pleads for Na-yeon to keep the truth from her mother. Na-yeon claims that she won’t tell her mother about Hye-in’s mistakes but adds that Hye-in will have to repay her instead.

Na-yeon starts bullying Hye-in by making her do her assignments and running errands for her. Hye-in ropes Sun-joo into her mess and makes her do Na-yeon’s assignments as well. Hye-in claims that she was humiliated in school and needs to find a way to keep her reputation. Hye-in has turned into Na-yeon’s personal assistant now.

Na-yeon takes advantage of her situation by making her complete her friends’ assignments. Hye-in explains that she had to study for her finals but Na-yeon threatens to tell her mother about Hye-in’s lies. Na-yeon reveals that after her interview the following day, Hye-in will be free to go.

The next day, hours before her final exams, Hye-in gets a call from Na-yeon asking the former to help her. Na-yeon is crying on the phone when she claims that she has forgotten her essay at home and needs it before the interview. Na-yeon threatens to kill herself if Hye-in doesnt help, which makes Hye-in skip school and her final exams. Hye-in runs across town to Na-yeon’s house, picks up her essay and rushes to Cheongdam.

There, she overhears Na-yeon talking to her friends, mocking Hye-in. Na-yeon claims that she made Hye-in miss her exam for something that she did not need in the first place. Hye-in starts sobbing in the restroom because she is no longer allowed to give her final exam.

A girl who comes from a low-income family helps Hye-in in the restroom. Hye-in learns that the girl was being bullied at Cheongdam and decides to do something about it. She interrupts Na-yeon’s interview and dumps water over her. Hye-in asks Na-yeon to work on her character before pursuing her dream to study at Cheongdam as the episode comes to an end.

The Episode Review

It was obvious that Hye-in got caught because she pretended to be rich but it does not make any sense that she is being bullied in a school where everyone else is poor. It also seems absurd for rich people to be able to easily influence the school board but I guess that is what happens in South Korea. So far, the show seems pretty slow but hopefully it will pick up speed in the episodes to come.

From the way the show ends, there is little to no doubt that Hye-in is going to create a scene at the international school which will somehow get her into the school where she becomes the prime target of Je-na. Since Je-na hasn’t done anything particularly evil yet, I am finding it hard to hate her. I think we will only be able to make more out of the show as more episodes drop.

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