Bitch X Rich – K-drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

Episode 3 of Bitch X Rich starts with a flashback from the day of Je-na’s bullying investigation. Je-na’s minions bully the poor students at Cheongdam High for ratting Je-na out for being a school bully. Je-na is mad that the boys are not able to find the whistle-blower and punishes them by asking them to jump into the pool.

Student Kim Hae-in, who helped Hye-in, is also a part of the poor kids being harassed by Je-na’s minions. Je-na tells the scholarship students that being born in a poor household was their fault and was also the reason they were being bullied. That evening, a student takes the blame for complaining about Je-na. He packs up his things and leaves school.

Hae-in asks him to tough it out and stay but the boy claims that the school is not built for poor students like him. As it turns out, Hae-in was responsible for the complaint and Je-na’s minions had started bullying her.

The next day, Hae-in meets Hye-in for the first time in the women’s room and the two help each other out. Hye-in cannot bear the insult from Na-yeon and goes into school to interrupt her selection interview and meets Je-na for the first time.

Meanwhile, a rich student named Do-eon meets So-mang on the rooftop. So-mang teases Do-eon for being a ‘trust-fund’ baby and tells him that he was pulled into being a volunteer because he was caught smoking.

Do-eon calls security, telling them that So-mang was on the rooftop. Do-eon leaves while So-mang rushes back to his spot at the volunteer counter. There Hye-in shows up with a bucket full of water asking about the selection interviews. So-mang and the other volunteer lead Hye-in to the room but he is shocked to see her. Hye-in crashes the interview and douses water on Na-yeon, causing a commotion.

Na-yeon’s mother shows up at school and starts beating Hye-in up. The school president kicks Na-yeon out of the school and blacklists her from joining Cheongdam International School. Na-yeon’s mother is sure to teach Hye-in a lesson. That day, her school teacher tells Hye-in that she was being sued for using a fake id to get a job tutoring Na-yeon.

Hye-in is upset that the rich brat treated her that way. Soon the students at her school start badmouthing Hye-in and bullying her for lying to them about being wealthy. Meanwhile, Je-na’s friends show her a photo of Hye-in wearing the Cheongdam International School uniform.

At the same time, Hye-in deactivates her account and leaves the school to talk to the director of Cheongdam International School – Seo Hee-seo.

She asks him to enrol Na-yeon into the school and apologises for her mistake, but Hee-seo tells her that he can do nothing about it. Hye-in tries to reason with him but he claims that there is nothing he can gain out of enrolling another rich brat into a school full of wealthy students. Hee-seo asks Hye-in to be escorted out of the school but she asks to use the restroom.

In the women’s room, she starts crying but meets So-mang who was smoking there. So-mang tells her that the restroom was no longer in use after a student gave birth there. The two chat for a bit and instead of going straight home, Hye-in waits for Hee-seo to leave so that she can talk to him another time.

So-mang tells Hye-in that the red Porsche in the parking lot belongs to Hee-seo, which prompts her to wait outside in the parking lot to talk to the school director. While Hye-in waits for the red car to leave until 2:30am that night, Hee-seo has already left in his other car.

Hye-in decides to go back home but is shocked when she hears a loud noise after Hae-in falls off the rooftop. Hye-in looks skyward at the person who caused Hae-in to jump off the roof as the episode comes to an end.

The Episode Review

The episode ended with something unexpected. While it is clear that Hae-in was the student that fell off the roof, I am not sure if Hye-in actually was able to see the person that pushed her off. If Hye-in did see the person, it is possible for her to manipulate the authorities into giving her admission into the school.

I also find it odd that no one cared that a student was inside the school premises way past closing hours. From the look of it, Director Hee-seo was the one to leave the school minutes before Hae-in was pushed off the roof. Is it perhaps possible that the Director was behind Hae-in’s death? While Je-na could realistically be the bully who got Hae-in to jump off the roof, it will be exciting to see her butt heads with Hye-in in the episodes to come.

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