Between Us: The Series – Episode 6 Recap & Review

Episode 6

In Episode 6 of Between Us we see Team practising swimming in the pool when his leg cramps up and he suddenly starts drowning. Win appears in time and drags Team out of the pool. He initially helps Team but then lashes out at the junior for being reckless in the pool. Win scolds Team so much that he starts crying and eventually yells back at Win.

The two hold each other close and apologise as they hug each other. Win is crying as he asks Team what he was to do if Team were to drown and die in the pool and Team kisses him in order to stop Win’s intrusive thoughts. He asks Team to promise him that he would be more careful going forward and Team does so.

As Win drives Team home, he asks if the older one had eaten. The two have an argument in the car as Win asks Team why he lied about being recovered from his leg injury. Team states that he was worried Dean would not let him participate in the tryouts. As they reach the dorms, Win leads him to his family home.

In the room, Win uses a warm washcloth to help with Team’s cramp while Team asks if Win was still mad at him. Win tries to brush it off but notices that the drowning incident was personal to Team. Win apologises for what he just said. Team hugs Win and explain how he was petrified of drowning.

Win validates his feelings and the two call if the night leaving Win feeling worried about Team. The next morning, Wiew finds Team in Win’s bed and is shocked to see how his brother had brought a lover home. Team clarifies that he was only a peer studying at the university with Win. Win watches as Team and Wiew get along over their similar tastes and interests.

At college that day, Manow and Pharm attend the tryouts to support Team while Prince attends to support Bee. Win thanks Dean for calmly managing Win’s drowning incident and deleting the video evidence from the CCTV files. The tryouts start and Win is worried for Team as he sees him dive into the pool.

Dean asks Win to introspect and understand why he was feeling so worried for Team and claims that he is in love with the junior. Win shares his feelings from the night before when he found Team was drowning and tells Dean how he feels he is not good enough for Team because he did not believe in love. Deam tries to convince Win to stay with Team if he felt for him but Win leaves the swimming area to be alone for a while.

Team finishes his lap first and is looking for Win but can’t find him anywhere. After the tryouts, Dean compliments Team for his hard work while Team hesitates before asking about Win and eventually informs him that Pharm was waiting outside for Dean. The swim team members decide to go out for drinks but Team declines the invitation while Bee follows him.

Outside, Bee meets with Prince and the duo flirt casually. That evening, Win is drinking at a bar with Tul when Waan joins them. Waan talks to Win about his romantic feelings but Win states that he did not even know that he was in love. Win explains that he is afraid of losing his partner if he gets too attached to someone.

At the same time, in his room, Win does not answer Team’s calls. Dean meets Pharm and the two flirt with each other as the swim club president gives his boyfriend full freedom to enter the club premises as and when he likes. At the bar, Waan and Tul learn that Win had already left to go back home. The two start talking and Tul discovers that Waan really likes sharing his feelings with his online gaming partner.

Tul asks Waan if he would like to meet that friend in person and Waan claims that he did not Waan to do so which gets the former upset. In his apartment, Team wakes up to another nightmare. Since Tul had forgotten his key card, he accepts Waan’s invitation and crashes at his family house.

The two end up sharing the same bed and Waan is frustrated because his online friend is not active. Tul feels special that Waan was missing someone who was so important to him. Tul accidentally slips up that he is Waan’s online friend but Waan fails to latch on to it. At the same time, Team goes to sleep with Win but finds it locked and gets upset as he crashes at the door.

The Episode Review

This episode was so different from Win and Team’s story that we already know about. The traumatic incident Win had experienced probably had a lot of impact on him as a child that causes him to experience nightmares so often despite his bubbly personality.

I am a little taken aback by Win’s sudden confusion as this plot point is very different from what we saw in Until We Meet Again. We had no introduction to Win’s unwillingness to love, even in passing and I think that makes it a little unnerving.

Despite all that, I am enjoying the chemistry Win and Team share and we all know that at this point, their foreheads are attached. The side couples are really interesting as well and I am enjoying Manow and Phruek’s chaotic relationship a lot.

I can already sense that Bee and Prince would have an emotional story and I am not looking forward to being sad because Win and Team are messing with my emotions already.

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