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Voice actors helped shape the entertainment industry to become what it is today.

All animation and live-action works wouldn’t be the same without these actors’ incredible efforts. Each anime character, from Osamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy to Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Denji, is given a unique voice to help them stand out.

We’ve heard and compared many anime characters from shows and movies to give you our list of the 10 best anime voice actors. For this article, we’ll be examining Japan’s male actors.

As usual, we would love to hear your thoughts about our picks in the comments below.  

Yuichi Nakamura

Yuichi Nakamura is a great voice actor. He has participated in many popular and well-known productions. He’s best known for voicing popular anime characters from Jujutsu Kaisen’s Satoru Gojo and My Hero Academia’s Hawks. Yuichi’s known for voice acting in roles requiring a peaceful and calm tone.

Besides anime, Yuichi has loaned his talent to several video games, from Nintendo’s Fire Emblem to Capcom’s Street Fighter IV. Not only that, but Yuichi likes to upload YouTube videos occasionally too. One of Yuichi’s shining achievements involved obtaining an award in 2016 during the 3rd Yahoo! Search Awards.

Junichi Suwabe

Following the trend of award-winning talent, we find ourselves examining Junichi Sawabe. Suwabe has earned numerous awards for his supporting roles in popular anime and talented singing voice over the years. He’s played multiple characters, from Bleach’s Grimmjow to Shoto Aizawa from My Hero Academia. 

Besides singing and anime work, Sawabe has participated in Drama CDs, Live Action-Dramas, and video games. He’s loaned his dubbing services to a highly acclaimed Korean Actor named Gong Yoo, who starred in hit productions like 2021’s Squid Game and 2016’s Train to Busan

Kenjiro Tsuda

Yuki Kaiji

Attack On Titan was a smash hit in the anime industry. However, fans owe it to the incredible talent that worked on its production, from the animation staff to its voice actors like Yuki Kaiji. Yuki Kaiji’s known for playing characters like Attack On Titan’s Eren Jaeger and My Hero Academia’s Shoto Todoroki.

What makes him a notable actor is his extraordinary adaptability and range. He’s been voicing characters since 2006’s Hellsing Ultimate and has attained higher roles in productions. Like the others, Yuki Kaji is an award-winning talent that many production studios don’t hesitate to call up whenever they need voice work.

From winning Seiyu awards like “Best Rookie Actor” to “Best Actor,” Yuki Kaiji worked extremely hard to become one of Japan’s finest voice talents.

Daisuke Ono

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is an iconic anime because of its hilarious dialogue and masculine fights. While many of its parts offer something grand, this series gained steam when Stardust Crusaders aired. Among the people responsible for its achievement are the wonderful folks at David Productions and incredible voice talent like Daisuke Ono.

Daisuke Ono is a highly-acclaimed voice actor who has voiced many leading roles. Many characters include Erwin Smith from Attack On Titan and Jotaro Kujo from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Outside of winning multiple awards at the Seiyu Awards Show in Japan, he’s participated in radio shows alongside fellow Attack On Titan talent.

In 2016, Ono departed from his Japanese Talent Agency, Mausu Promotion, to continue his freelancing career.

Takehito Koyasu

Takehito Koyasu is a prolific voice actor known for his calm yet menacing voice. He’s voiced many popular characters over the years from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s Dio Brando to Zeke Jaeger from Attack On Titan. He’s been voicing characters since 1987 and continues to shock and delight fans with his stellar performances.

In 1998, Koyasu founded a voice acting agency called T’s Factory where he assists new talent. He’s become such an inspiration to many voice actors and influenced his son, Koki to follow in his footsteps. Koyasu has earned some awards over the years for his talent.

In 2021, Koyasu won the Best Actor in Supporting Role award at the 15th Seiyu Awards. When he’s not voice acting, he spends his time writing novels and playing video games.

Mamoru Miyano

This voice actor is solely responsible for giving Death Note’s Light Yagami his iconic yet terrifying laugh. Mamoru Miyano’s known for his sensational voice that’ll either warm your heart or send chills down your spine.

Besides Light, Miyano’s known for playing Rintaro Okabe in Steins; Gate, Chrollo Lucifer in Hunter x Hunter, and Douma in Demon Slayer. He’s a prolific voice actor that’s won many awards over the years. One of these includes the Best Lead Actor award he received during the 2011 Newtype Awards.

Despite being a wonderful voice actor, Miyano is an astonishing singer. He’s released over 20 singles and six albums over the years. He doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon.

Natsuki Hanae

When you’re the lead actor of two prolific works, it makes sense to have high popularity amongst anime fans. Natsuki Hanae started his career at the young age of 18. He’s many modern anime characters from Ken Kaneki in Tokyo Ghoul to Tanjiro Kamado in Demon Slayer.

With these roles under his belt, Hanae has earned himself quite the following. In 2020, he cemented his popularity by claiming the “Most Popular Voice Actor of the Year” award at the 42nd Anime Grand Prix. Besides Kaneki and Tanjiro, Hanae loaned his voice to many Drama CDs and video game projects.

Besides voice acting, Hanae has been a radio show host and YouTube content creator, where he uploads Lets Play-themed videos on his channel. With how life’s treating Hanae in recent years, it doesn’t look like he’ll be abandoning his voice-acting dream anytime soon.

Kamiya Hiroshi

Kamiya Hiroshi is a well-known talent in the anime industry. He’s best known for playing introverted-themed characters, as he nails each role with grace and charm. Some anime characters that he helps bring to life include One Piece’s Trafalgar Law, Yato from Noragami, and Yuzuru Otonashi from Angel Beats.

Hiroshi has high adaptability and charisma in every role he’s offered. Besides voice acting, Hiroshi’s known for being a phenomenal singer and narrator for a Japanese talent agency called Aoni Productions. Like Mamoru Miyano, he’s released a plethora of hit singles and albums.

At the same time, Hiroshi has won many awards. Some worth mentioning include the Best Actor award at the 3rd Seiyu Awards and the “Best Supporting Actor” at the 2nd Seiyu Awards. He also hosts a radio show with Daisuke Ono.

Jun Fukuyama

Jun Fukuyama is an incredible voice actor and singer in Japan. He’s voiced many iconic characters during his career including Kraft Lawrence from Spice & Wolf, Koro-sensei from Assassination Classroom, and Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass.

As one can tell, Fukuyama has an astounding range and adaptability. Despite being a phenomenal voice actor, he didn’t always envision himself leaning toward this career path. He cites a former lover as inspiring him to pursue a career in the industry.

While their relationship didn’t last, it had a positive impact on Fukuyama’s career. He’s acquired many notable awards over the years. He won the Best Main Actor award during the first Seiyu Awards in 2007. He also won another award in the same year at Animage’s Anime Grand Prix.

Despite his unfortunate shortcomings, Fukuyama managed to walk away victorious in the end.

So, there we have it, our picks for the best Japanese anime voice actors of all time!

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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