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The world of anime is expansive and offers many unique stories with compelling characters, engaging plots, and epic moments. While some anime come and go, many deliver unique and memorable experiences. Those types of anime typically contain well-written storylines and characters.

For our ongoing series of articles depicting the best anime, we’d like to highlight the best anime about isolation and loneliness. From high-school-centered stories to sci-fi series, there’s a great selection of anime on this list that’ll whet your appetite. 

Feel free to leave your comments about our choices below. If we missed any of your favorites, feel free to leave a suggestion below and we’ll add them on when we have the time. 

Welcome to the NHK

Welcome to the NHK is a great anime for those looking for a series that explores loneliness and isolation. It follows Satou, a socially withdrawn male who battles with loneliness throughout the work. The series examines the impact this feeling has on his life and showcases what societal factors contribute to this feeling. 

Viewers will appreciate how Welcome to the NHK delves into the inner workings of Satoru’s mind. It focuses on his insecurities, anxieties, and longing for human interaction. With its multiple criticisms of conforming to societal norms and expectations, fans will adore how Welcome to the NHK handles its emotional themes. 


Colorful is a fantastic anime that tackles the above concepts with virtue and sensitivity. The story centers around a soul known as Purgatory Boy who receives another shot at life. This soul finds itself inside a boy named Makoto. They must unravel the mysteries of his past, concerning loneliness and isolation. 

The series exceptionally analyzes the internal and external circumstances that contribute to Makoto’s feelings of loneliness. Moreover, you’ll see how his family is impacted by his emotions and will appreciate the story delving into the issues that plague their lives. From Makoto struggling to fit in at school to his family’s strained relationship, this anime will leave its mark on audiences after they finish it. 

5 Centimeters Per Second

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

This thought-provoking rom-com offers a compelling take on isolation and loneliness. It follows Hikigaya, a high school student who is known for their isolated demeanor. As the story progresses, the anime delves into the complexities of loneliness, offering a nuanced traversal of this concept. Hikigaya’s character captures what fans would expect a loner to act like. 

The anime gives viewers compelling reasons for her lonely nature by highlighting the internal issues that contribute to it. Social hierarchies and expectations factor into Hikigaya’s reasons for being this way, too. This allows audiences to develop a connection with the character, making for a more engaging watch.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

While this sci-fi anime has its share of epic robot battles, it’s known for having excellent psychological aspects that appeal to intellectual crowds. The anime follows Shinji, a teen who must pilot a giant mech to save Earth from aliens. Beneath the surface of its action-packed premise, lies a story rooted in emotional complexity. 

Everyone from Shinji to Rei battles with their form of isolation. Whether through simple interactions or minuscule goals, the anime delves into the existential void that accompanies these sensations of loneliness and isolation.

With its examination of its cast’s past trauma and viewpoint on societal pressures, Neon Genesis Evangelion is a must-watch sci-fi series for those after a deep narrative. 

Serial Experiments Lain

Serial Experiments Lain is a 90s gem that many fans should watch. It follows Lain, an introvert who gets entangled with the digital world called “The Wired.” Through its unconventional storytelling, this anime provides viewers with an introspective take on loneliness and isolation. Its handling of the digital age is profound for its time. 

As Lain immerses herself in The Wired, she confronts its paradoxical nature. She’ll learn how the internet evokes a sense of disconnection and alienation as she traverses through it. This cautionary approach toward the worldwide web is fantastic and many fans will be surprised by how well this anime’s aged since its release. 

March Comes In Like A Lion

March Comes In Like A Lion delivers an astonishingly beautiful tale that’ll appeal to many anime fans. It follows Rei, a boy who grapples with multiple emotional issues despite having wonderful shogi skills. He carries deep wounds from his past, and this baggage leaves him feeling detached from others. Fortunately, through human interaction, Rei musters the strength to move forward. 

However, the road to recovery isn’t easy, which the anime exceptionally showcases throughout its run. Moreover, this anime shows how one’s triumphs in life aren’t akin to a perfect state of being. Despite the success he achieves through shogi, Rei loses out on having a proper social life. This will hit deeply for those who set important things aside in favor of fame or glory. 


Despite being a quirky anime with an equally unsettling female lead, WataMote has a compelling take on loneliness and isolation. It follows Tomoko, a girl who wants to become popular. Through its brutally honest analysis of Tomoko’s isolated habits, WataMote provides fans with relatable scenarios that demonstrate one’s issues with seeking proper human connection. 

WataMote exceptionally captures how social anxiety and low self-esteem can impact one’s path to achieving greatness. Tomoko suffers from self-doubt and anxiety. She finds it difficult to interact with others and form genuine bonds. Viewers who have experienced similar internal issues will resonate with Tomoko’s struggles and will pray for her to surpass these problems.


Mushi-shi is a fantastic slice-of-life series with an introspective atmosphere. It follows Ginko, a traveler who investigates and interacts with mysterious creatures. As he travels from village to village, Ginko meets many folks who struggle with isolation and long for interaction. Additionally, this anime excels at delving into the isolating nature of being different or misunderstood. 

Many episodes in this show follow individuals who possess incredible skills. Yet, these talents will make these cast members feel ostracized from society since it’ll prevent them from forging authentic relationships with others.

In addition to highlighting the problems from arise from characters wishing to attain something beyond a human’s reach, this is a fantastic program to watch. 

The Garden of Words

The Garden of Words

Makoto Shinkai strikes again with another incredible anime about loneliness and isolation. This tale follows Takao, a teen who seeks solace in a garden on rainy mornings. This area becomes the backdrop for his meetings with Yukari. She’s a woman who seeks refuge from her desolate life. Through their unlikely bond, the anime explores how these characters find solace in each other’s company.

While its visuals are pretty, they contain fantastic symbolism. Shinkai uses rain as a symbol of isolation, underscoring the characters’ longing for connection amid a dismal terrain. Both characters struggle to find their place in society, from Takao’s shoemaking admiration to Yukari’s qualms with her age.

In addition to its nice takes on escapism and friendship, The Garden of Words is a beautiful anime everyone should check out. 

So, there we have it, our picks for the 10 best anime about isolation and loneliness through the years!

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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