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Best Thai Dramas Starring BounPrem

Boun and Prem are Thai Actors who were first paired together in the 2019 BL drama Until We Meet Again. Just like it goes with many BL couples, the chemistry between the two stuck with fans starting from their first TV show together and in the years to follow.

The name BounPrem turned into a portmanteau and the two actors came to be addressed as one by BL fans from all over the world. BounPrem currently star in the Wabi Sabi BL show, Between Us which is a spin-off to their debut pairing show, Until We Meet Again.

Since Between Us is taking a mid-season break this week with no new episode airing due to the occasion of New Year, here are some other shows starring the two actors as a couple that you may have missed.

Until We Meet Again

Soon after making their solo debuts as Thai actors, Boun (Noppanut Guntachai) and Prem (Warut Chawalitrujiwong) starred together in the 2019 BL drama, Until We Meet Again. The show follows the ill-fated love story of Korn and Intouch who used to be a couple. Thirty years after their shocking demise, Korn and Intouch are reborn as Pharm and Dean and study in the same University.

The show gave fans their favourite couple in Win (Boun) and Team (Prem) as they played best friends of the main leads, Dean and Pharm. BounPrem’s popularity soared off the roof because following their appearance in this BL drama, the two actors were cast in multiple projects with the same character names, one being the 2022 spin-off, Between Us where BounPrem play the lead couple.

Long Khong

Finding our BounPrem couple in a horror drama was not on my 2023 Bingo Card but as it turns out, the couple has also acted in a horror thriller. The 2020 show, Long Khong is a horror drama that narrates the story of a high school cheerleading team who navigates through different challenges including being haunted by spirits and demons.

The cheerleading team is haunted after the target of their bullying, Praewa decides to make her tormenters pay by summoning various spirits and demons using her blood. As the other students are terrorized by ghouls and demons out to kill them, Praewa trains even harder to take on the centre position on the cheerleading team behaving as though nothing was wrong with the other students in school. 

You Never Eat Alone (special couple appearance)

Since the actor couple shot to fame, BounPrem has starred in multiple dramas for cameo appearances. You Never Eat Alone is the 2020 BL drama that sees a special appearance from the couple in its 9th Episode.

The show is an innovative Thai BL series that focuses on mental health. In this offbeat comedy, the lead character has a unique phobia of eating alone. Incapable of enjoying a meal by himself, he must always find someone else to dine with him.

7 Project

The 2021 anthology series, 7 Project, is a 7-episode show that narrates the story of seven different campus couples. Using music and video, the show aims to highlight different love issues presented using different couples representing diverse experiences of love.

BounPrem star in Episode 4 of the show as they play, Mek and Balloon respectively. Mek opens his heart again when he meets Balloon, but the latter comes into the relationship with many conditions that threaten either of the two parties getting tired of their partner’s demands.

Cutie Pie (special couple appearance)

Another special appearance from BounPrem was seen in the 2022 ZeeNuNew (another popular BL couple) starrer Cutie Pie: The Series. Appearing in Episode 7 of the show, Boun and Prem play Top and Win respectively and are Lian’s (played by Zee Pruk) friends. Lian introduces his fiancee – Kuea (Played by NuNew Chawarin) to his friend.

These friends are trying to see if Kuea is a good match for Lian and try to push the couple into starting voicing their true emotions to each other.

Rose In Da House (Prem special appearance)

The show, Rose In Da House follows the lives of six actors/singers from the Thai Industry who have to stay under the same roof to practice singing and dancing which is the mission of Be My Boyfriend 2, a reality show project. The catch here is that these six actors are unaware that there is also someone Rose in the house. Boun plays himself on the show and Prem appears as Rose’s boyfriend in Episode 6 for a special appearance.

Even Sun

The 2020 BL drama is the first official tv show starring Boun and Prem in the lead roles. Here, Prem plays Sun, a debt collector who is unable to successfully collect a debt. Sun’s father presses him to collect a debt from Athit (played by Boun).

Without the money, Sun will go bankrupt and he decides to visit Athit’s island. There Sun meets Talay and Nai, friends and henchmen of Athit. The debt collector, Sun plans to get close to Athit with the help of his friends.

Between Us

The ongoing 2022 spin-off series, Between Us, is BounPrem’s second official show as the main leads. The show follows the life of Win and Team who played side characters in the 2019 BL drama Until We Meet Again. In the ongoing show, Win and Team try to navigate through Team’s past traumas and Win’s protective nature as the two fall in love with each other.

My Broccoli (Upcoming)

The show has not been released yet but is one of BounPrem’s upcoming projects. Thanks to their popularity in Until We Meet Again, the two actors came to be called The Broccoli Couple. My Broccoli is a vampire fiction that follows the clash between the life of humans and supernatural beings.

All that we know about My Broccoli so far is a short plot synopsis that reads, “The law of living in the human world is you may not feel love.”

So there we have it, here is a list of 8 TV shows starring the Thai BL couple, BounPrem.

What do you think about the BL couple? Have you watched all these shows starring the couple in the lead role? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. love them together they have epic chemistry and are really excellent as actors in their genre..would love to see them in any other projects they do

  2. Love them so much since I watched UWMA in 2019 (with Ohm and Fluke as the main role) and Boun and Prem caught my eyes. Especially Boun, as I remember that he got a very small role as one of the participants of The Moon in “2 Moons” the series in 2017.

  3. I have watched every series, show with these two amazing young actors. They are by far the best bl couple in Thailand. They are not just both beautiful but their acting has proved them to be amongst the top class. I hope to see more of them in the future.

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