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Best Lee Hye-Ri K-dramas

Hye-ri is a South Korean singer, and actress and has appeared on a few variety shows in Korea. Her rise to fame ignited when she became the youngest member of Girl’s Day. She has since then starred in different roles in various drama series with the audience praising her for her astonishing and captivating talent. She is multiskilled, multitalented, and rounded which strengthens her role in any character she portrays. 

Reply 1988

Lee Hye-Ri starred as the only girl, Sung Deok-sun, in a group of five neighborhood friends. She is the middle child in her family and does not do so well in school. Her family is poor and lives in a semi-basement because her father lost all his money and savings after guaranteeing someone else’s debt.

Despite her academic shortcomings, she possesses a compassionate and bright personality, which means she cared deeply for her classmates and her friends. 

However, she feels lost and without meaning in life because she has no dreams to chase. She just moves through her youth alongside her male friends. She enjoys dancing, and singing, and is always quick to get into fights with her older sister. 

My Roommate is a Gumiho (2021)

Hye-ri’s role here is Lee Dam, a college student who encounters an almost thousand-year-old nine-tailed fox who wants to become human. Her drunk friend fell asleep on top of the professor’s car and as she struggles to get her off, the professor offers to help. She is bright and appears goofy but is classy, gracious, charming, hilarious, and compassionate. 

Accidentally, she swallows the professor’s bead, which he uses to collect human energy to help him become human. The bead is deadly to humans and Lee Dam is forced to live with the professor as they try to figure out the predicament. Lee Dam has never been in a relationship before nor cohabitated with a man, which complicates the situation. 

 Moonshine (2021)

Hye-ri plays the role of Kang Ro-seo, the daughter of a poor noble family and the family’s breadwinner. She is a hardworking woman who does all types of jobs to make money and does not mind manual labor. She lives in a time when alcohol is strictly prohibited.

Regardless, she still engages in illegal business and secretly brews alcohol to pay off her family’s debts. Ro-seo has a classy appearance, which confuses many people including the professional inspector Nam Young. 

She is beautiful and classy because she was raised as a noble until the age of 13. She has to earn money to support her family, pay for her mother’s medicine, and buy books for her brother. The manual labor she does makes her physically strong and builds a persevering character when her family’s financial status continues to deteriorate terribly.

Two Cops (2017)

In this mystery thriller, Hye-ri plays the role of Song Ji An. She is an ambitious rookie journalist trying to clear her father’s name. In her pursuit of justice, she meets Cha Dong Tak, a zealous violent crime detective. He is currently in a tight dilemma as his body cohabits with the soul of a con man (​​Kong Soo Chang) who is in a coma.

As they run into each other when trying to uncover the truth, they begin to fall in love with each other. However, the soul of Kong Soo Chang played Kim Seon-ho  also falls for her. She is unaware of all the soul-shifting happening so who is she really in love with?

Hyde, Jekyll, Me (2015)

This is a psychological comedy starring Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min . Hye-ri plays the role of Min Woo Jung who has a crush on Robin. She has had a crush on him since junior high school and even after his 5 yrs disappearance she still likes him.

On the other hand, Robin is getting close to the circus master Jang Ha Na which displeases her. She decides theme park Wonder Land to keep an eye on them.

Miss Lee (2019)

In this comedy-drama, Hye-ri plays the role of Lee Seon-sim. Following the disappearance of the president of Chungil Electronics, Lee Seon-sim suddenly becomes promoted in her workplace.

She initially worked as a company clerk, handling any small tasks that needed to be handled in the company including bookkeeping. She lands the role of the CEO when the company is struggling, full of debt, on the verge of bankruptcy, and with employees desperate for survival. 

Lee always had a dream to become a shareholder of Chungil Electronics. She is humble, bright, and has a positive personality. She tries to turn the fate of the company around and she portrays amazing leadership skills and principles. She motivates her employees to work hard by offering bonuses and listening to her brutally honest mentor. 

The Entertainer (2016)

Hye-ri’s character is Jung Geu-rin, the guardian and elder sister of Jo Ha-neul. Geu-rin lost her parents when she was in high school and Ha-neul’s parents took her in and took care of her as if she was their daughter.

Following their untimely demise in a car accident, she takes time off her college studies and works several jobs to take care of Ha-neul and repay his parents’ kindness. They face difficult times and financial problems forcing her to work three to four jobs.

She is protective of her brother and is determined to become the band manager to keep an eye on him when he is signed by KTOP entertainment. She is wary of the director of the company Shin Suk-ho played by Ji-Sung.

And there we have it, our list of the best Lee Hye-Ri k-dramas of all time!

What do you think of our list? Have we included your favourites? Or have we missed any must-watch dramas? We love to hear from you so do feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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