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Best BTS On-Stage Performances So Far

BTS ARMY is really going through a lot of different emotions now as the boy group recently released its latest October 2022 concert – ‘Yet To Come in Busan’ concert in the cinemas as a concert movie. Various movie theatres from around the world are hosting the biggest fandom in the world for a special concert movie experience as the boys perform their last concert as seven members for a couple of years.

With BTS members being loved around the world, there is always room for a list of the best BTS on-stage performances from the past decade as the boy group is known for their ability to perform on stage with charm.

This list includes BTS’ most iconic stage/concert performances that went viral online for various reasons. It goes without saying that the ‘Run BTS’ performance is #1 for every ARMY which is why it has intentionally been skipped from this list.

The list is in no particular order whatsoever and is only meant to take a trip down memory lane to recall BTS’ most ‘fiery’ performances to date.

Jin controls the dancers with his visuals

BTS’ performance at the 2019 Mnet Music Awards is remembered for more reasons than one but one of the most pivotal reasons is that ARMYs really saw BTS’ oldest born, Jin also known as ‘Worldwide Handsome’s true power. This solo stage entry performance on ‘Danger’ from Jin is dubbed as the epitome of handsomeness.

Fans can see how Jin can still say a lot without even doing much in this performance where he directs the background dancers to move around with his charm alone. This performance sees Jin enter on a large horse representing the Greek Goddess – Athena who represents justice, wisdom and military victory.

Suga stops rapping mid-performance

BTS members have always been subject to remarks of lip-syncing their raps and lyrics just like any other musician has been. However, trust the savage BTS member, Suga to prove to haters that BTS does not lip-sync and how? The rapper along with the other members of BTS were performing their hit single, ‘Mic Drop’ at the 2017 SBS Gayo Daejun.

Suga decided to stop rapping as the backtrack played an empty beat proving to everyone that BTS members were indeed singing and rapping as they performed. This is one of the many instances where ARMYs saw Suga be the savage that he is to prove his point.

Dior J-Hope

While Jimin may be Christian Dior’s global ambassador now but J-Hope has been known as one of the style icons from BTS. The rapper is a ball of fluff otherwise but it seems like something gets over him every time he comes on stage. One of many such performances is from BTS’ Speak Yourself World Tour from 2019 where the boys were all dressed in Dior.

J-Hope’s Dior outfit stood out so much so that stans have a special place in their hearts for ‘Dior Hobi’ as they watch compilations of the rapper performing in an all-black Dior outfit that looks like a military gear.

J-Hope was shocked by ARMYs cheering him on

Veteran ARMYs can recall how J-Hope used to be very underconfident about himself as older fans hardly gave the rapper any love back in the early days of BTS. A lot has changed over the years and it seems like our humble king – J-Hope does not still realise how much the ARMYs love him.

During BTS’ 2019 Speak Yourself World Tour, J-Hope performed his single, ‘Just Dance’ and the crowd started roaring in cheers with fans screaming his name. This shocked J-Hope so much that he took his earpiece out to make sure he was hearing himself right.

As soon as he did so, J-Hope’s sheer shock at hearing fans scream his name non-stop is a reaction worth the books of BTS’ history. Another similar instance took place when J-Hope performed at the Lollapalooza in the USA in 2022 as a headliner.

RM Tokyo Dome performance

Often known as the leader, translator or spokesperson of BTS, RM has a different side to him that not many are aware of. Much before he buffed himself up by working out, RM was known for his charming romantic and boyish side when he was not rapping.

One such romantic performance is when RM performed his track ‘Trivia: Love’ at the 2018 BTS Love Yourself concert at Tokyo Dome in Japan. RM is known for his wordplay and this song is proof of this. The way RM takes over the stage we see the entire stadium cheering over their cutest and most romantic leader.

Jimin magical Outfit change

There are a number of performances from Jimin that stand out but one that will be for the books is Jimin’s magical outfit change from the 2020 Map of the Soul ON:E concert. During this show, Jimin performed his solo track – ‘Filter’ but one thing that shocked every viewer was Jimin’s quick outfit change.

Jimin’s ‘Filter’ performance shocked fans on both days of the show and everyone kept wondering how the idol switched from wearing a shirt and pants to a red/purple suit in a matter of a few seconds.

V screams ‘It’s my birthday’

Year-end award shows or music festivals have always been a treat for BTS members as they often land on the same day as BTS’ penultimate member – V’s birthday. Despite many other noteworthy performances from V, this one where BTS performed ‘Fire’ at the 2016 KBS Song Festival is iconic.

As the boy group started the performance, RM made it known that it was V’s birthday by wishing the member. However, what fans started raving about the most was when V himself screamed ‘It’s My Birthday’ just before the chorus of the song making it seem like the entire music festival was a celebration of V’s special day.

Jungkook flying over fans

BTS’ World Tour from 2019 was notable in more ways than one but it seems like the boy group’s Wembley Stadium shows were something else. It was on this tour that BTS’ maknae (youngest-born), Jungkook performed his fan-loved solo track – ‘Euphoria’ live and gave fans an iconic performance.

Fans who watch BTS’ other variety programs and holiday shows know how adventurous the golden maknae is but new fans were in awe to see Jungkook being tied to a harness as he flew over the heads of fans and around the stadium. The reaction to Jungkook flying over fans as he sang about how much he enjoys being around BTS members and the ARMY.

Black Swan Water performance

While BTS’ solo performances are commendable, the boy group is known for being in tandem with one another and giving out amazing group performances. One such fan-loved performance is when BTS performed a version of their hit single, ‘Black Swan’ at the 2020 Melon Music Awards.

The performance opened with Jungkook and Jimin giving out an amazingly choreographed performance over water and slowly moved on to Jin and RM taking over with similar intensity as J-Hope and V concluded the dance before moving on to the next track – ‘On’. However, fans did really miss Suga in this performance who was on a hiatus due to medical reasons.

BTS x Daechwita

BTS members get just as much love and support for their group songs as much as they get for their solo releases. However, one thing that all fans of the boy group will agree with is that Suga’s (Agust D’s) solo album D-2’s lead single, ‘Daechwita’ sends fans into a trance of a different kind.

BTS came together to perform ‘Daechwita’ live at the 2021 Muster Sowoozoo show where Suga took a step back and let his bandmates take turns as they spit his rap in their own version with outfits to match the vibe of the single. Not only that but, V’s alter ego – “Taechwita” also became a running meme in the BTS fandom after this performance.

Vocal Line Dimple and Pied Piper

Being in a seven-member boy group, BTS has a distinct sub-unit breakdown with the Rap line and the vocal line. All four of BTS’ vocalists – Jin, Jimin, V and Jungkook often team up and drop singles that fans really love. However, most of BTS’ songs are written by RM and one such single is ‘Dimple’ (Illegal) at BTS’ 2019 Muster.

This performance is iconic, to say the least, because unlike ‘Baepsae’ (Silver Spoon) this song has softer and mellow hip thrusts that are lethal for hard stans as well as mellow visuals that soft stans love.

The performance was followed by the remaining three members – RM, Suga and J-Hope joining the vocal line as they performed the single ‘Pied Piper’ an ironic song for ARMYs delivering a memorable performance.

BTS x Grammy

Most ARMYs really hate the Grammy Awards but one thing that can be said about BTS’ appearance at the 2022 Grammy Awards is that the boy group showed the makers exactly what they will be missing out on. The boy group took the international stage and delivered a James Bond-esque performance that will always be a part of BTS’ iconic performances.

During this performance, Jin’s hand injury that rendered him incapable of participating in the dance break. However, the other six members of BTS performed their hit English single, ‘Butter’ on stage with a stunning choreography that caught many off guard.

BTS Ddaeng ft. Vocal Line

If there is one song that dedicated BTS fans have memorised word by word is the boy group’s unofficial single, ‘Ddaeng’ which isn’t a part of any album from the boy group. The single is a diss track that the rap line of BTS dropped with the intention of throwing off the people that trolled BTS during the time the boy group was starting to get popular.

The song was originally performed in 2018 during BTS’ anniversary Festa celebration but a future performance of ‘Ddaeng’ is what has been etched in the memory of many fans.

BTS’ Vocal line joined RM and took turns performing ‘Ddaeng’ with the boy group’s leader at their 5th Muster show in 2019. The performance showed fans V and Jungkook’s rapping skills that fans still rave about.

Rap Line Cypher Pt. 3 and Ugh!

One of the most recent performances from BTS that went viral online is from BTS’ 2022 concert – ‘Yet To Come in Busan’ where BTS’ rap line – RM, Suga and J-Hope performed the group’s most destructive rap song – ‘Ugh!’ The song that opens with a gunshot has to be lethal and this performance is a proof of just that.

The performance sees RM and J-Hope clash with each other and this fake fight really seems intense with Suga finally intervening as they deliver a performance of a lifetime. The rap line of BTS then also continued their performance with an old favorite ‘Cypher Pt. 3’.

ARMY surprises BTS

One of BTS’ most emotional and vulnerable on-stage moments that many ARMYs still cherish is when the boy group were on stage ready to end their 2019 Wembley Stadium ‘Speak Yourself’ concert. Unbeknownst to what the makers had planned for BTS, the boys were getting ready to give their respective ments before performing the final songs for the night.

As soon as BTS members registered that 90,000 ARMYs in the audience were singing their hit single, ‘Young Forever’, the seven boys broke down on stage. The boys were visibly overwhelmed by the love fans were pouring on them.

So there we have it, our list of the most iconic and popular BTS on-stage performances!

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree with the list? Are there any notable omissions that you enjoy? Let us know in the comments below!

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