Berserk of Gluttony – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

The Village of Lost Memories

Berserk of Gluttony Episode 8 begins with Fate and Myne on their way to Galia after departing from Hausen. Lady Roxy and the warriors arrive at Hausen Land. Lady Roxy informs them about Aaron Barbatos and the Lich Lord. Just then, Aaron arrives and recognizes Roxy. He tells them about the man who helped them slay the Lich Lord but refuses to give them a name. Aaron learns about Mason’s death and offers instructions to help Roxy through Galia.

While walking, Fate and Myne reach the place where she was born. She then takes him to a huge Cocoon. They decide to engage in combat with the Chimera. Myne strikes the head, and a huge monster emerges with a girl in its chest. A battle erupts, and the chimera sends a wave of lava behind them. Myne counters it with Sloth. She then goes on to cut off an arm, but it regenerates. Myne chops off its arm once again, but it regenerates and also grows wings.

Fate decides to go into starvation mode. They use a combination attack to damage the chimera heavily. The chimera creates a huge barrier around it, but Fate identifies the weak spot and cracks it open.

The chimera takes off flying to recover, but Myne uses Sloth to hurl him into the air after the monster. Reaching mid-air, Fate upgrades Greed to a new level. The chimera creates another barrier, trapping Fate inside with it to incinerate him. Fate quickly attacks the girl in the chimera to take it down.

During this battle, Fate sees a vision of many doctors with children, one of them being the girl in the Chimera, and also Myne. Fate learns that he himself can potentially become a Chimera one day and requests Myne to kill him if he does. Fate reaches the bulwark between the kingdom and Galia, the Sentinel City, Babylon. Fate and Greed make their way into Babylon. Greed reveals that the weapons of mortal sin are indestructible.

Fate sees Roxy arrive at the village and puts on his mask. He also senses the strange presence of a woman in the crowd at the end of Berserk of Gluttony Episode 8.

The Episode Review

This brings us to the end of the endless travel, and we finally arrive at the city of Babylon in Berserk of Gluttony Episode 8. It presents an intense fight sequence in which Fate and Myne team up against a humongous monster that is controlled by a human who has lost control. Greed also reaches a new level during the battle.

The series builds fairly decent opponents for Fate to fight against; however, it drags on the journey to Galia far too much. He has a goal to fight and help Roxy, and that’s something we’ve been longing for. Now that they have reached their destination, hopes are high, and it appears that we will see some great advancements here.

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