Berserk of Gluttony – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Twilight Swordsman

Berserk of Gluttony Episode 7 opens with Mayne getting upset about a taunt from Fate, causing Sloth to become extremely heavy and crush the wheels of the cart. While the driver mends the wheel, Mayne strays off into a village where they meet the village chief, a Holy Knight. Fate asks him for a place to stay, but the holy knight challenges him to cross swords.

Fate engages in a sword fight with the chief but loses. The chief agrees to let him stay at his place if he agrees to train under him. Fate agrees.

Aaron gives them a place to stay and then proceeds to train Fate. He corrects Fate’s stance and posture to help him better utilize his stats. Aaron notices the change in eye color, and Fate becomes even better at fighting.

Returning to the house, they find the food scattered all around. Later that evening, Fate comes across a picture of Aaron’s family. He also sees Aaron looking at the Castle.

The next day, Fate trains with Aaron and displays a significant improvement in skills. That same night, Aaron tells them about his castle and how he had lost his family to the Crowned Beast while he was away on an expedition.

Fate agrees to accompany Aaron in avenging his family while Mayne stays back to guard the village. As they enter the premises of the castle, they face an army of skeletons whom they effortlessly defeat. Entering the castle, Aaron’s wife and son welcome him back, but soon enough, his son tries to attack him.

Aaron is aware that it is an illusion and blocks the attack. They engage in combat. Fate intends to kill the others, but Greed brings it to his attention that they will not be slain, as the souls devoured by gluttony can never pass on.

Fate heads out to find the Lich Lord instead. He shoots an arrow at the wall, revealing the Lich Lord. Fate engages in combat with the Lich Lord. Just then, Aaron arrives to assist him. Aaron sees his wife’s soul pleading to reconsider and recalls the day he left for the mission.

Fate and Aaron combine their Grand Cross attack and finish off the Lich Lord. Standing in the ruins, Aaron sees the souls of his family and gets a chance to apologize to them. As they share their final hug, the Lich Lord attempts to attack them again, but Fate intercepts it with an arrow.

As they exit the place, they find another army of skeletons, but they effortlessly defeat them. Returning, Aaron compensates Mayne for waiting and taking care of the village. He claims to have seen her years ago, and she hadn’t aged a bit. Mayne reveals that she is a phantom and cannot die at the end of Berserk of Gluttony Episode 7.

The Episode Review

Berserk of Gluttony Episode 7 tells the tale of a small village Fate and Mayne visit. Aaron’s return to his castle is beautifully depicted in this episode. The castle appears to be in an abandoned state from far away, but upon reaching it, it is illuminated and brought to life, as if Aaron had never left. Even his wife and son greet him in their own flesh.

However, the dark truth is that their souls are under the control of the Lich Lord, and the entire place is under an illusion spell. It evokes one of the sorrowful feelings of being returned to something extremely dear, only to know it will never be true. The ending scene, when the camera turns towards the curtains of his house and then fades off to their present state, hits just the right notes.

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