Behind Your Touch – K-drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

Episode 4 of Behind Your Touch continues with Jang-yeol and Ye-bun getting a bite to eat after they saved Sia-, the kidnapped girl. Jang-yeol has finally decided to believe in Ye-bun’s ability and starts peppering her with questions about how it works. He suggests “poking or kneading” a butt to see if it lets her see more specific things.

Ye-bun walks home to find Ok-hui waiting for her. Ok-hui tells her that Ye-bun was right about her boyfriend—he wasn’t who he appeared to be. Later, Ok-hui lets Ye-bun test out her powers on Ok-hui’s butt. It turns out she can swipe through memories like photos on a phone, and she can see more memories the more she messes with a butt.

Jang-yeol heads to the hospital to check on Si-a. He sees her doing a stream from the hospital, completely milking her abduction experience for money. Outside her room, Jang-yeol sees Jong-mook lying on a gurney and rushes over. The police team was trying to catch Ted Chang (meant to be the same fictional gang leader in a movie called “Extreme Job), and Jong-mook picked up a pencil, thinking he’d get the culprit John Wick style.

He comes back, beaten up, holding a broken pencil. The team was only able to catch him with the help of the special task force. Ju-man walks in, congratulates the police team (except for Jang-yeol) on the case, and takes photos with them. Jong-mook calls Jang-yeol over to take a photo, and Jang-yeol thinks that Jong-mook is asking him to join in the photo, but Jong-mook hands him his phone to take the picture.

Jang-yeol, jealous, pretends to take photos of them but takes selfies instead. Si-a suddenly walks by the police team and includes them in her live stream. Ju-Man takes advantage of the opportunity and pops behind her camera to ask people to vote for him.

Jang-yeol walks into Ye-bun’s office, angry, and starts accusing Ye-bun of ruining his career. Instead of catching Ted Chang, which would give him the notoriety he needs to send him back to Seoul, he caught a lesser-known kidnapper. He gives Ye-bun a stack of files to solve. Ye-bun tells him that she can’t do them because they will make her hair fall out. Jang-yeol takes out a razor, threatening to use it if she doesn’t do the cases.

Jang-yeol takes her to a massage parlor, and Ye-bun pretends to be a massage therapist in order to catch a villain. She touches his butt, and starts screaming from whatever she saw, and runs down to the parking garage. The guy and his goons come after her, but Jang-yeol knocks them all out.

Then, Jang-yeol asks if the villain is the guy who was at a karaoke bar earlier. He denies it, but Ye-bun says it is him and starts singing the song that the villain chose for karaoke, and the villain joins in, and Jang-yeol arrests him. At home, Ye-bun tells Jang-yeol that her hands are worn out, so he finds a way to strengthen them by having her stick her hands in hot sand, which achieves the opposite effect and leaves her with burns.

Ye-bun runs into Mr. Park, who is live-streaming himself scratching a lottery ticket. He tells his subscribers that there is no way he will win because he is not summoning the power of his deity, but he scratches off the two first rows, and it looks like he is going to win 500,000,000 won. He gets to the third row, now full of hope, but the numbers don’t match, and he starts sobbing.

Ye-bun comforts him before going to the convenience store to buy band-aids. In the store, she runs into Sun-woo, who offers to treat her wounds for her and asks her to have a quick convenience food dinner with him, much to her surprise and delight.

Over dinner, he says that he will give Ye-bun a better meal next time. Ye-bun talks about memories of her mother, and Sun-woo confesses that his mom also passed away. Mujin was his mom’s hometown, and that is why he moved there. She asks if they can be friends, and Sun-woo says that he is interested in someone but doesn’t say who.

They walk home, and the temptation to touch Sun-woo’s butt and find out who he likes is too much for Ye-bun. She quickly chews some gum and puts it in her hand. She tells Sun-woo that he has gum on his butt, and offers to get it off for him. She “gets the gum off,” but all she sees are grainy images of a room.

Meanwhile, Jang-yeol is on his roof on a phone call and is asking after someone named Seung-gil. The person tells him that there is no news. The next morning, Hyun-ok tells Ye-bun that their financial state is not good and that Dr. Jung is not well. Dr. Jung walks out and yet again ignores Ye-bun.

Hyun-ok takes Dr. Jung into the hospital, and he accidentally stumbles into Si-a in the elevator, who responds very rudely. Hyun-ok tells her to apologize for disrespecting him, but instead, Dr. Jung apologizes to her. He then goes to his appointment and asks Hyun-ok to wait outside.

Hyun-ok sees Jong-mook with a neck brace and wheelchair and starts acting sympathetic. She walks toward him, and he keeps backing away until he comes to a staircase, going down the whole flight in his wheelchair.

As he flies down the steps, he has a flashback from the old days: Hyun-ok and Jong-mook go to a handwashing area at a park, and she turns a faucet upside down to make it turn into a fountain. They do that with a few other faucets and start happily jumping around until a security guard catches them. Hyun-ok runs away, leaving Jong-mook who is forced to do push-ups the whole night.

In the present, Hyun-ok apologizes to Jong-mook, who is now lying in a hospital bed, and asks how she can make it up to him. He puts her in handcuffs, which she later unlocks with a pin.

Ye-bun sees a patient, but when she tries to touch the dog’s butt, she gets a grainy image. The same thing is happening with whoever she touches. She realizes that the hot sand from last night burned her fingerprints off, and it must have affected her powers.

That night, the Mujin tourism center is robbed, and Jang-yeol couldn’t be more thrilled. He starts investigating, and Ju-man tells him that their donor list was robbed. In order to give more money, a donor donated under his wife’s name. Ju-man explains that they are returning the donation, but if the list gets into the wrong hands, it will be used against him. Jang-yeol privately asks him for a favor.

Jang-yeol heads directly for Ye-bun’s help, but she tells him the bad news about her hands. He goes to a beauty store and starts buying every hand cream product he can find. The clerk even gives him a free lip balm. He then goes into Ok-hui’s shop, notices that her lips are chapped, and gives her the lip balm after buying a pair of gloves. That’s all it takes for Ok-hui to fall in love with him.

Jang-yeol gets to work treating Ye-bun’s hands on his roof. Ok-hui walks up, and Ye-bun tests out her hands and successfully sees Ok-hui’s memories of Jang-yeol giving Ok-hui the lip balm. Later, Ye-bun tells Ok-hui that she knows she likes Jang-yeol but Ok-hui denies it.

Jang-yeol finally takes Ye-bun to investigate the robbery. They try to ask a homeless man some questions, but he won’t answer. She pretends to wipe something off his butt and sees that he saw the profile of the thief just as he fell asleep. Ye-bun tells Jang-yeol that she can only see memories of what a person saw with their eyes.

Jang-yeol takes Ye-bun to a political rally and tells her to go touch everyone’s butts to find the suspect. Ye-bun complains, and Jang-yeol whips out some leverage: a video he took of her trying to touch Sun-woo’s butt.

Ye-bun asks Ok-hui for help, and Ok-hui calls her gang to come start a fake fight between the political parties. Ye-bun uses the distraction to quickly touch everyone’s butts. She finally touches Ju-man‘s aid and sees that he was at the office the day of the break-in, but he never told the police that.

One woman tries to get away, but Ok-hui throws a shoe at her, knocking her out. Ye-bun touches her butt and tells Jang-yeol that she didn’t see anything. But the truth is that she saw the woman’s memories of seeing a culprit in the office who has the same shoes as Dr. Jung.

Si-a gets released from the hospital and runs into Mr. Park outside the convenience store, which is currently live-streaming. He films her, and she pretends to be nice before walking away to buy beer. Si-a flirts with Sun-woo and writes her number on his hand.

When Si-a starts to drive home, she calls someone and tells them that she won’t tell fans that he is her boyfriend because she will lose money. She reaches for a cigarette and doesn’t see a truck that is coming toward her. Si-a veers off to the side of the road and wrecks the front of her car.

Kwang-shik gets out of the truck and checks on her, but she tells him to leave her alone. A stranger comes walking up the road in a cloak and knocks her out. The person drags her away, holding a knife, and apparently slams the knife next to her head.

The Episode Review

This is another humorous episode, but it ends on a serious note. I didn’t anticipate Si-a, the streamer girl, sticking around this much. 

Behind Your Touch has left a lot of unanswered questions rolling around, but these are the main ones:

  1. Who kidnapped Si-a again? If the first kidnapping was just for more views, then is Jong-hyeok still in jail? Getting kidnapped twice seems ridiculous, but Jong-hyeok’s memories seemed authentic.
  2. Is there more to Jang-yeol and his memories from the first episode?
  3. Why did Ye-bun’s grandfather apparently steal the documents?
  4. What medical issue does Dr. Jung have?
  5. Why did Hyun-ok betray Jong-mook? Will they ever get back together?
  6. Is there more to Sun-woo than meets the eye? Maybe he is the one who kidnapped Si-a again…
  7. And who is Sun-woo interested in romantically? They have given us absolutely zero hints in that area.
  8. Did Ye-bun’s mom actually die of suicide?

If Sun-woo has a character reveal, I don’t think we will see it anytime soon. But one thing is for sure. Ye-bun will be absolutely crushed if he turns out to be a villain.

If you have any ideas and theories about the plot or characters, share them in the comment section below!

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