Behind Your Touch – K-drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

Episode 3 of Behind Your Touch picks up with Ye-bun’s realization that Jong-hyeok is a kidnapping monster, and runs next door to tell Jang-yeol. She finds him standing against the wall, scared of a cat that found its way into his apartment. After the cat leaves and he recovers from his scare, Ye-bun tells him that she saw inside Jong-hyeok‘s head. He doesn’t believe her, and literally pushes her out of his apartment.

Ye-bun heads back home and runs into Mr. Park. She tells him that she can see people’s memories, but Jang-yeol won’t believe her. Mr. Park shows her how to tell him with confidence. She goes back up the stairs and tries out the new tactic, with no success. Determined to find out who the kidnapped woman is, she searches online. She arranges a meeting with one of Jong-hyeok’s co-workers and a former classmate of theirs.

At the meeting, she finds out where Jong-hyeok lives. She walks around his house and gives him a call to see where he is. He says he is out shopping, so she starts to enter his house’s gate, but then he shows up out of nowhere. She says that she wanted to surprise him, and then they go to a café. She starts asking him questions about his life.

Jong-hyeok bends over to tie his shoe, and is about to touch his butt when she trips and accidentally (and comically) touches a nearby waiter’s instead. She sees the waiter’s memories of watching a girl put on seductive clothes. A little while later, she bites into an extremely hot sea squirt, and that puts an end to their meeting and her questions.

Meanwhile, Jang-yeol is back to being clueless when he and Deok-hee visit the pharmacy. Deok-hee has to keep translating the literal meanings of what the pharmacist is saying for Jang-yeol, who is getting frustrated with the local way of speaking. When they step outside the pharmacy, Jang-yeol sees Ye-bun going by on a bus, with her burnt tongue hanging out the window.

Suddenly, the police get an urgent call, and they rush into a room to find that policewoman Na Mi-ran‘s husband is cheating on her. Mi-ran and Jang-yeol both give him a beating. Later, Jong-mook loosely lectures her for using police resources to take revenge on her husband.

At home, Ye-bun tries to talk to her grandfather, Dr. Jung, but he ignores her to her disappointment. But she quickly cheers up when she realizes that Sun-woo is downstairs. She takes his kitten to give it some vaccines and glimpses its memories of seeing Sun-woo step out of the shower. She looks overly pleased, which confuses Sun-woo a little.  

Meanwhile, Dr. Jung visits a neurosurgeon before participating in a political campaign for a man named Cha Ju-man. Ju-man helps Dr. Jung into his campaign vest and tells him that he looks unwell, but Dr. Jung insists that he is fine. Ye-bun is outside Jang-hyeok’s house again and lures two of his cats outside. She touches them and sees a chair that she saw in Jang-hyeok’s memory. There is one older cat, but she is unable to lure it.

Hyun-ok sees Jong-mook sitting alone and invites herself to join him. He tells her to go away, and she cries and runs out. When Jong-mook sees that it’s raining and she is standing under an awning, he gives her a ride. Hyun-ok opens the sunroof, and sticks her head out in the rain, shouting that she is happy but Jong-mook acts aggravated. When they get to her home, she tells him that he is the reason she got a divorce and that she will regret losing him forever.

Ye-bun meets Ok-hui so that she can introduce Ye-bun to her new boyfriend whom she is going to “marry.” Ok-hui’s boyfriend walks in, and Ye-bun is surprised to see that it’s the waiter whose butt she touched earlier.  They make small talk and the boyfriend gets up to bring them some food. Ye-bun starts to chastise Ok-hui for her seductive clothes that Ye-bun saw in his memory.

Ok-hui denies ever wearing such things, and Ye-bun realizes she is telling the truth. Ye-bun tells her that he is seeing another woman before seeing Jong-hyeok and running out the door. Ye-bun seizes the opportunity to visit his house since he’s out in town and tries touching the cat whom she didn’t get the chance to touch before. She sees Jong-hyeok entering his passcode and uses that to get into his house.

Once inside, she finds a room in his house set up for live-streaming, which confirms her suspicion that the missing woman is a live-streamer. She suddenly hears Jong-hyeok enter and hides. He suspects someone is inside, and starts looking around. Ye-bun squeezes out a small bathroom window, but she takes the surrounding part of the wall with her. She rides the bus home with the window frame around her waist.

Jang-yeol sees her walking home, and she yells at him for not believing her, before asking for his help to remove the window frame. He takes out a saw and gets to work. In order to get him to believe her, Ye-bun tells Jang-yeol his memory: that he let a man go because he trusted him. But he only tells her to get lost. She gives him some money in return for taking the window of her, saying that she doesn’t want to owe him anything.

Meanwhile, Ok-hui calls some people to spy on her boyfriend. Later, Sun-woo visits Mr. Park (AKA General MacArthur), gives him an English test, and then asks him if he can stay in a building that Mr. Park is renting out. It just happens to be next to Ye-bun’s clinic. The next morning, Ye-bun is delighted to see that Sun-woo is moving nearby. Mr. Park tells her that Sun-woo is teaching him English in exchange for the place he is renting out.

Ok-hui tells Ye-bun that with all of her many connections, she found no evidence that her boyfriend was cheating on her. She tells Ye-bun that she will only believe her if she finds the woman who her boyfriend is cheating on her with.

So, Ye-bun stops by Ok-hui’s boyfriend’s café. They sit down to eat, and Ye-bun keeps filling up his glass with soju until he passes out. Ye-bun pretends to give him a “massage” to wake him up and is about to touch his butt when she sees Jang-yeol glaring at her through the window. He motions that if she touches it, then she is dead.

Later, Ye-bun tries to drag Ok-hui’s boyfriend home. And Jang-yeol, who was out asking people to identify a photo of someone, sees Ye-bun dragging the man into a hotel. He starts to follow and bumps into Ok-hui. They both find Ye-bun with Ok-hui’s boyfriend, and Ye-bun pleads with Jang-yeol to arrest her when she sees Ok-hui’s angry face.

Jang-yeol takes her to the police station, and neither of them gives her a chance to explain. Ye-bun keeps telling Jang-yeol that he isn’t believing anything she says, and he tells her to call him when she knows where the missing girl is. Meanwhile, Ok-hui visits her boyfriend’s apartment, to find a “girl” there. It’s her boyfriend — dressed in drag. He tells her that this is who he is. She takes it with a brave face, and leaves, realizing that Ye-bun was innocent.

At home, Ye-bun finally finds the live-streamer’s videos online. The backdrop looks identical to what she saw in Jong-hyeok‘s home but realizes that there are a few differences and that the streamer moved to another room somewhere else. The streamer puts her address in the live stream so that people can send her gifts, and Ye-bun gives the address to Jang-yeol and goes to the address herself.

She opens the door to the dark apartment and steps inside. She walks into the room she saw in the livestream, and sees Jong-hyeok. She asks him where the girl is, but he ignores the question and tells her that he knows she broke into his house. He starts to strangle Ye-bun, but Jang-yeol comes in and beats him up. Ye-bun runs into the bathroom to find that the girl is in the midst of hanging herself. She calls Jang-yeol and they help the girl down in time.

The police finish their work on the scene. On the way back to the station, the police chief says that Ted Chang (a somewhat comedic reference to a fictional gang leader in a movie called “Extreme Job”) will be coming to Mujin. Jang-yeol suddenly stops the car and heads back to the crime scene, where Ye-bun is sitting with a blanket wrapped around her.

He tells her that she saved the girl’s life, and Ye-bun asks if he believes her now. He says no before taking a phone call, telling the person on the other end that he will be coming back to Seoul soon. After he hangs up, he asks Ye-bun if she wants to get something to eat, and she eagerly joins him.

The Episode Review

Wow, this comedy really took a serious turn when Jong-hyeok starts strangling Ye-bun, especially when you pair it with the near-death image of the girl hanging herself. Behind Your Touch is definitely building, and it seems to be getting more entertaining. Jang-yeol catching Ye-bun in yet another perverted act is pretty funny for those that enjoy that sort of simple humor.

And Ye-bun is redeeming her former naiveté with her bravery and persistence by investigating the kidnapped girl. Instead of wussing out, she pulls herself up by her bootstraps and gets to the dirty work. Hopefully, they’ll keep up the momentum throughout the rest of the K-drama.

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