Behind The Attraction Season 2 Review – Same narrator, same ol’ problems

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2023 has been a rough year for Disney. Almost every film they’ve released has failed to make money. Star Wars is bleeding audience numbers with every show, Marvel is but a shadow of its former self and Disney’s stock price is at its lowest point in almost 10 years. And at the helm, sits Bob Iger who must be wondering just what he can do to turn things around.

Behind The Attraction then is a perfect example of how Disney have no idea who their audience is anymore. This interesting documentary series should be a sure-fire hit. Each 40 minute episode dives into the history, creation and success of the biggest Disneyworld attractions, explaining how they came to be, showcasing Walt’s genius and why these rides have managed to stand the test of time.

It seems tailor-made for a deep dive into each topic, perfect for adults of all ages. Unfortunately, Disney bungled the delivery of season 1, with choppy editing and a hyperactive, annoying narrator that makes this almost unwatchable unless you like quirky jokes every 5 seconds that interrupt fascinating interviews.

So naturally Disney have taken those complaints onboard… and delivered more of the same. That’s right, despite season 2 having six more episodes to chew through, including deep-dives into Pirates of the Caribbean, Thunder Mountain and EPCOT, the same stylistic ticks are here, in all their annoying glory. In fact, the editing at times is so choppy that a long interview will be cut in half with one word narrative bites, then a couple of archival shots from old Disney movies, and then back to the same interview again.

There’s also a little less consistency here too, with an entire episode dedicated to Disneyworld food, which isn’t exactly an “attraction” in the conventional sense. More than any other episode, this is the one that feels like one big commercial. There’s a carefully curated selection of the bigger restaurants and hidden secrets in each park, but personally, it would have been fascinating to get some figures on how much food the parks produce, the cost of making them and how Disney are trying to combat that against the environmental pledges to be more socially aware.

Ultimately, Behind The Attraction is more of the same, for better or worse. If you enjoyed the narration style and quick-fire, surface-level approach to these attractions in season 1, you’ll have a blast with this. If you were turned off from that in any way, you won’t find season 2 any better. There’s enough to enjoy, but there are far more expansive and informative docs on YouTube that tackle this.

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  • Verdict - 5.5/10

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