Behind Every Star – K-Drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

Episode 5

Episode 5 of Behind Every Star starts with actors Park Ho-san and Oh Na-ra having an argument while on set. The two actors are not able to navigate through their differences while doing a romantic scene which makes the task for the makers to deal with. Since both actors are from Method Entertainment, Jane manages Ho-san and Jung-don manages Na-ra.

The next day, Jane wakes up in bed next to Sang-uk. She is late for work as Jung-don picks her up and he narrates to her how their actors were causing chaos on set. Jung-don is shocked to see Sang-uk walking past Jane’s apartment complex while Jane flirts with him via text.

Meanwhile, Tae-oh gives Hyun-joo a present which she assumes is him wishing her on her birthday. Turns out, the gift is for a client and not her. On set, Hee-sun is a side actor opposite Park Ho-san and she is ecstatic about having a line with the veteran actor. She reaches out to him and asks him to practice the line with him.

Park Ho-san agrees to practice because she is a Method Entertainment actress and also to piss Oh Na-ra off as she was waiting for him. Soon after that, Ho-san leaves to perform a scene with Oh Na-ra who is actually the assistant director in a wig.

The scene is not authentic and Ho-san gets furious because Na-ra is out doing a variety show when she should be working on her main acting project. Ho-san storms off set and run into Jane and Jung-don. Assistant Manager, Won-jae tells Jung-don that he was tired of managing the two chaotic actors who did not see eye to eye.

Oh Na-ra arrives on set and Jung-don meets her trying to butter her up before filming so that she tries to get along with Ho-san. It works out for them as Na-ra is much calmer than before. Meanwhile, Jane is doing a half-ass job reassuring an angry Ho-san because she is busy texting her boyfriend.

Ho-san rants about not liking Na-ra but when Jane talks to him about Sang-uk, he recalls how he got along with his actress in the past. On the other hand, actor Young-tak has been killed off from a show because of his terrible acting. Tae-oh and Myung-aeh try to pacify the makers but they are adamant about cutting Young-tax out.

Tae-oh tells the assistant managers about Young-tak and Hyun-joo decides to take matters into her own hands to make a fan-led petition to save Young-tak’s role in the show. While on set, Ho-san and Na-ra try to do the scene in a much more civilised fashion this time.

Ho-san ends up wiping the tear off Na-ra’s face and she gets furious because she had forced herself to get emotional about the scene. The two actors end up fighting again and the managers get the two away. The producers of the show are exhausted because of the commotion.

Hee-sun spots Jung-don on set and asks if she could get tickets for the movie screening because she was a part of the cast. Jung-don says that she would and takes his leave. At Method Entertainment headquarters, Hyun-joo’s overhears Tae-moo reject Eun-soo’s idea to save Young-takes role and decides to go ahead with her own idea of an emotional petition.

The makers of the ongoing film Ho-san and Na-ra talk to Jane and Jung-don about the project failing because the two actors were not able to perform together. They tell the managers that they were supposed to film a kiss scene soon but could see how the two actors were not prepared for it in the least.

The makers put the responsibility on the two managers and ask them to get the actors to cooperate for the kiss scene. Ho-san and Na-ra are not having it and are throwing another tantrum before the scene that will take place the following day. Jane goes back to her room and gets a call from Hyun-joo.

She wishes Hyun-joo a happy birthday and the new manager is happy that she was acknowledged. Jane is surprised to find Sang-uk taking a shower in her hotel room bathtub. She gets pissed because the tax officer stalked her and used his connections in order to surprise her.

Jane leaves to go out and of the room and Sang-uk trips out of the bathtub injuring himself. Jane tries to help him up and the two eventually make up. Meanwhile, Hyun-joo makes a post about Young-tak and asks her mother to share it online using a fake id.

Jane leaves Sang-uk to rest in the room and goes out for her dinner with Jung-don in order to keep Sang-uk’s visit a secret from her colleague. Jane rushes through the dinner and has only a few bites before rushing out leaving Jung-don to eat by himself.

After work, Hyun-joo tells Jin-hyeok that someone important to her had forgotten her birthday which made her upset. Jin-hyeok tries comforting her and they promise to celebrate each other’s birthdays going forward. Tae-moo and his wife discuss the Method Entertainment take-over.

Eun-ha tells him that her father was willing to fund the buyout and Tae-moo is really ecstatic. The next morning, Jung-don learns from a hotel staff that Jane had a guest over in her room. He storms off to her room and finds Sang-uk hiding under the sheets on the bed. As they drive to the set, Jung-don asks Jane about her relationship with the tax investigator.

The two friends argue and he asks Jane to use this relationship to the benefit of the company. Jane asks Jung-don to leave her alone and finds a local truck driver to offer her a ride to the set. Meanwhile, Tae-moo scolds Hyun-joo over the post about Young-tak.

She tells him that he would reject the post before hearing her out and claims that the post had a lot of favourable comments for the actor’s benefit. Tae-moo compliments her and Hyun-joo is happy about it. On the movie set, the side actors, including Hee-sun learn that their scenes had to be cut out of the film because of the delay caused by Ho-san and Na-ra’s bickering.

Hee-sun is upset after what happened to her and breaks down. The crew then gets ready to film the kiss scene but Ho-san and Na-ra still are not on good terms. Jane and Jung-don are also arguing with each other. Oh Na-ra and Park Ho-san take their time filing the kiss scene and are not able to stop arguing.

However, Ho-san notices a spider inside the car and remembers that Na-ra is allergic to afraid of the insect. The two start looking for the spider but the makers see an intense lovemaking scene play inside the car. They let the scene pass and Na-ra is impressed by how Ho-san remembered her allergy from years ago.

They reconcile and which eases out Jane and Jung-don’s tension as well. The two managers check out of the hotel and talk about their argument. Jung-don is shocked when Jane tells him she is serious about Sang-uk. Back at his house, Tae-oh’s wife tells him that the buyout was finalised.

She reminds him about their family gathering for the musical. As she leaves, she notices a call from Hyun-joo on Tae-oh’s phone. At the office, Jane and Jung-don join the managers for a staff meeting when he announces that he was going to buy out the stocks of Method Entertainment with his father-in-law’s help.

Jane and Jung-don learn that Ho-san and Na-ra are now causing more chaos because they are getting along. The two actors keep breaking out into dance which is delaying the filming even more. Young-tak storms into the Method Entertainment office angry that the petition post had tainted his macho image in the industry.

Tae-oh intervenes and kicks Young-tak out when the actor yells at Hyun-joo. Hee-sun is still upset about being cut off from the film and talks to Jung-don about it. He promises to help her out but is distracted seeing Jane and Sang-uk leave the office together. Hee-sun asks him out to dinner and the two leave the office together.

Tae-oh talks to Hyun-joo and wishes her a belated birthday. He asks what she would like as a present and she asks for a drink with him. Meanwhile, Eun-ha and Eun-gyul arrive at the office after Tae-oh does not make it to the musical screening. They see Tae-oh and Hyun-joo having a drink together and assume that the two were hooking up.

Eun-gyul confronts Hyun-joo while Eun-ha confronts Tae-oh. Eun-gyul starts getting accusatory and violent with Hyun-joo which is when Tae-oh intervenes. He accuses his father of cheating on his mother with an employee and Eun-ha asks Hyun-joo to explain clearly her relationship with Tae-oh.

The Episode Review

Another episode where the true nature of Hyun-joo and Tae-oh’s relationship was not revealed on the show. This actually is intriguing for viewers because from the looks of it, it’s evident that Hyun-joo is Tae-oh’s daughter but they could well be having an affair. Both instances make what transpired between Eun-gyul and Hyun-joo in episode 2 really awkward.

The show is now progressing into showing us more of the personal lives of these managers where Jane is someone who is growing to understand her stance when it comes to romantic relationships. Jung-don is clearly in love with Jane but I am not sure there will be a good end to their relationship if the two managers link up.

Sang-uk is a feast for the eyes but I am growing suspicious about his loyalty to Jane. It could very well be possible that both parties are using each other as means to an end. It will be interesting to find out in the episodes to come!

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