Behind Every Star – K-Drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

Episode 4 of Behind Every Star starts with Tae-oh visiting actress Soo-hyun who had just delivered her baby. She is interviewing a nanny to work for her but is not able to find any luck in that department. She wants to get back to acting and wants to work on an action project since she is a skilled fighter and can do badass roles best.

Tae-oh claims that it will be hard for her to continue with that since she recently gave birth but the actress brags by saying that she was in great shape already. At the Method Entertainment Headquarters, Hee-sun hands over a few of her portfolio photos to Jung-don who is in awe after seeing how amazing she looks.

He takes the photos with him and Hee-sun is glad that he likes them. Tae-oh spots Jung-don and wonders how Hee-sun will be taken as an actress when she works as a receptionist. Just as they are bickering, Sang-uk asks Jung-don about the data he requested from him.

After Sang-uk leaves, Jung-don badmouths the tax officer to Tae-oh who retorts back asking the manager to mind his business. Meanwhile, Jane is looking up Sang-uk online and discovers an Instagram profile with his name. One of the photos posted on the account is him shirtless, rock climbing. Jane swoons over the photo.

The next day, Jane throws on the act of being sore as she looks for pain-relief patches in the office Sang-uk is working in. She claims that she loves rock climbing and starts flirting with him with sexual innuendos. Sang-uk catches on to her actions and claims that he has a colleague with the same name who is interested in rock climbing.

Jane learns that her act has failed and leaves the office but Sang-uk is left thinking about her. He opens the files to Jane’s expense report and starts studying it. At his office, Ma Tae-oh is talking to the makers of an action project who already have a name in mind for the lead role.

Tae-oh suggests that bringing a new actor would be risky and claims that Soo-hyun could star as the lead actress since she is talented. Tae-oh wins the makers over and brings the script to Soo-hyun. She is ecstatic about the project. He asks her about the nanny and learns that she is still looking for one.

Meanwhile, Jung-don is talking to all his contacts in order to get Hee-sun an audition but there is hardly any luck. He tells Hee-sun to have patience and promises that he will find some work for her. Tae-oh has a meeting with the late chief, Tae-ja’s wife. She claims that she will be putting the management agency up for sale since the director has now passed away.

Tae-oh is shocked that there are buyers interested in the company despite the tax investigation. Mrs Kang claims that she had a Chinese buyer ready to buy out the company and was going to finalise the sale of her shares soon. The next day, Tae-oh informs Jane, Jung-don and Myung-aeh about his conversation with Mrs Kang.

They deliberate about what to do next while Tae-oh gets a text from Play Entertainment’s Gi-bong. Jane is suspicious that Tae-oh was the whistleblower who ratted the company out to the Tax officers but he denies his involvement in the issue. At his house, Tae-oh’s wife, Eun-ha asks about things at work. They. discuss the buyout from the Chinese company.

Eun-ha states that she got a text from Eun-gyul stating that he will be coming home late that night. She asks Tae-oh about Hyun-joo but he tries to avoid talking about her. Eun-ha states that Eun-gyul could have feelings for the new manager but Tae-oh gets upset after hearing about it.

Eun-ha is shocked at his reaction but Tae-oh claims that he does not want his son to be dating any random girl. The next morning, Sang-uk calls Jane asking when she would make it to the office. She is groggy and states that she would be coming to the agency in the afternoon.

The tax officer claims that he had some urgent business with her and offers to visit her house immediately. She gives him her address and starts freshening up and wearing makeup. Once he makes it to her apartment, she starts flirting with him as he asks her about her expense.

Sang-uk claims that she looks like the type who has multiple flings. He claims that he was not interested in her but Jane argues that his questions about her personal expenses make it seem like he was. She starts to get closer to him but they are interrupted by the bell.

She is shocked to see her ex at the door but he throws a tantrum when she does not open the door. The ex throws a fit at the door claiming that she used him. He discards garbage at Jane’s doorstep before calling her out for breaking his heart and leaving. Sang-uk is frustrated and leaves her house without saying another word to Jane.

Meanwhile, Soo-hyun is at the office with her baby because she still wasn’t able to find a nanny. The baby is initially sleeping in Tae-oh’s cabin with him taking care of her as Soo-hyun talks to the makers about filming. The maker states that the show will first be filmed in LA which shocks Soo-hyun. Soon the baby starts crying and is taken from the cabin of one manager to the other.

At her meeting, Soo-hyun grows concerned about her child crying incessantly. The maker points out how there was a crying baby in the company. Soo-hyun leaves the meeting and goes to Jung-don’s office to tend to her baby who immediately stops crying after seeing her mother.

Soo-hyun gets a call from her new nanny and she is excited. She crashes on the couch and falls asleep just like her child. Jane is in her cabin when Hyun-joo arrives. The manager tasks Hyun-joo to visit their rookie actor – Eun-gyul’s house and collect his childhood photos for a scene in his ongoing project.

Meanwhile, Eun-soo goes into Tae-oh’s office to see him but he rushes for something important. Tae-oh’s phone dings and Eun-soo notices a text from Star Media. She then opens his laptop and reads his service contract with the label and yells in horror.

She informs the rest of the Method Entertainment employees about his betrayal. Soo-hyun is getting trained for the upcoming action project. In between her practice, she checks the baby monitor back at home and notices that her daughter was going into the kitchen near a flaming stove unattended.

Tae-oh is with the makers for an important meeting but Soo-hyun is nowhere to be found. He tries to contact her but she does not answer him. Hyun-joo and Eun-gyul look through his childhood photos for the shoot. As she is about to leave, Eun-ja arrives back home and forces Hyun-joo to stay for dinner.

Tae-oh is at Soo-hyun’s house and the manager is upset with her for leaving him as well as many other people hanging. He adds that he pushed for her to get the role and she breaks down stating that since her family is abroad, she is all by herself caring for her daughter.

Soo-hyun tries to explain to him her situation but he claims that she should extend her time off since she is still using her daughter as an excuse. That night, Soo-hyun is taking a walk in a shady subway where young high school boys are racing bikes.

They try and argue with her and corner her. Meanwhile, Tae-oh is shocked to see Hyun-joo in their house but the four have dinner. Eun-ja is being inquisitive about Hyun-joo but Tae-oh makes him stop. Hyun-joo leaves after dinner and Eun-gyul starts to drop her off but Tae-oh jumps in and says he will walk Hyun-joo off.

Downstairs, Tae-oh scolds Hyun-joo for getting too close to Eun-gyul but Hyun-joo retorts that he should tell him who she is to put an end to it. Eun-ja spots this from their window. The next morning, the staff at Method Entertainment confronts Tae-oh for ratting the company out to the tax officers and then leaving the label to join Star Media.

Myung-aeh gets furious when Tae-oh admits to being the whistleblower and strikes him across the face. He explains that he was only trying to save the company and leaves the conversation, dejected. Tae-oh lets Jung-don, Jane and Myung-aeh know that the former Chief used to regularly rent out a hotel room.

Jane and Jung-don visit the hotel to get some insight into Tae-ja’s activities when Sang-uk arrives there. The two managers put up an act of being a couple and being at the hotel for personal reasons. Tae-oh is in his car when Soo-hyun calls him but he chooses to ignore the call.

At Method Entertainment, the assistant managers look at a video of Soo-hyun fighting and beating up the kids. The video is garnering a lot of negative comments against the actress which worries the staff. Tae-oh arrives at the office and they report the video to him.

He is shocked to see what happened but Hyun-joo points out that Soo-hyun had not touched the kids during the entire fight. Soo-hyun had just pretended to beat them up and they’d fallen down out of fear of being hit. Tae-oh confronts Soo-hyun about the incident and she claims that she was let go after the police saw the CCTV footage.

Tae-oh gets a call from the makers who states that she had been dismissed from the project and she is sad. Hyun-joo posted the real slow-motion video of Soo-hyun’s fight online and it gets a lot of favourable comments online. The public image of Soo-hyun has been restored and she draws a lot of attention online because of her video.

Soo-hyun lands an action figure for a game that suits her personality. At the Method Entertainment office, Jung-don is sad and he tells Jin-hyeok that Hee-sun had landed an audition. Jin-hyeok asks why Jung-don was sad if the news was favourable but the manager explains that the role was that of a maid in a period drama.

Jung-don tells Hee-sun about it and she is very ecstatic about the audition opposite to the manager’s assumption of her reaction. Jane makes it to the office rooftop where Sang-uk is standing by himself and explains why she really was at the hotel with Jung-don.

Soo-hyuk claims that boys are just playthings for Jane and she reveals that she was at the hotel with Jung-don only to cover up the embezzlement. Sang-uk believes her because she was finally being honest with him and she suddenly pulls him in for a kiss. The two make out on the rooftop.

That evening, Jane goes to Sang-uk’s cabin to leave his tie that she had sneaked during their make-out session and spots a folder inside his bag. The next day, Jane gathers all the employees and they look at the papers from Sang-uk’s folder that details Tae-oh’s earnings.

They learn that Tae-oh’s actors make a lot of money and in the event that he leaves Method Entertainment, the company will lose all the money his actors made. They plan on stopping him from leaving the company and Myung-aeh joins them stating that Chinese buyers had backed off from buying the company.

She claims that they had learned that Tae-oh was leaving the label and decided to back off because the company was no longer profitable. The team concludes that Tae-oh had purposely spread the news about him leaving the company to stop the buyers and all the staff members apologise to him for their lack of faith in him.

The four managers gather for drinks when Jane claims that Sang-uk had found that the amount embezzled by Tae-ja was concerningly high claiming that they were in big trouble.

The Episode Review

The show is now taking a chaotic turn where Ma Tae-oh’s personal as well as professional life hangs in balance. I am sure he is Hyun-joo’s father but that could be completely untrue and it could be a lie that even she is not aware of. Jane and Soo-uk have insane chemistry and the two being a couple is something that all the viewers saw coming from a mile.

Jane is really an unemotional dater but it is evident that she is really falling for him. How that relationship progresses is something that we will only learn with time. Each episode of Behind Every Star deals with the different issues around different celebrities and it is interesting to see how the managers get involved in the business of the actors that they are managing.

Something tells me that Jang-don has feelings for Jane but she is infatuated with Sang-uk. Meanwhile, Hee-sun could be interested in Jang-don making it a love square if that’s a thing. This chaos could end with Jane and Jang-don falling for each other if things don’t work out for Hee-sun and Sang-uk eventually.

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