Beef – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

We Draw a Magic Circle

Fumi is badly injured and placed on a ventilator for a while as episode 6 of Beef begins. Thankfully, it seems like she will recover and is sent home with her family not long after. She does not tell the truth about why she was in the house but her tone is one of suspicion. Does she know about Amy having an affair with someone?

When she mentions that George and Amy are soon to be separated, it rings the alarm bells for George as well. Fumi is high on painkillers and speaks without a filter.

We get a glimpse of another spiritual session at the church though, as all our main characters including Isaac are present. He has got an exemption for his religious practice. Edwin gives him the first of the cheques for the renovation work but Isaac decides to keep it all, not giving anything to Danny, Michael, or Bobby.

He also actively flirts with Esther and strikes up a rapport with Veronica and Edwin. He firmly believes that he is going to be a part of the church social group and before leaving, he gives Danny some money as well. He asks Danny to trust him, and even though the money is not enough to bring back his parents, he is apologetic.

George calls Amy from the store and tells her that Naomi is coming over to talk to his mother. Naomi has started a neighbourhood watch in light of the robbery and wants to interview Fumi. Suspecting that Fumi knows about Mia, he breaks up with her. Mia is disappointed but before saying goodbye to George, she asks for any leads he might have in art galleries indicating that she was having an affair with him for his contacts. Danny and Paul finally have a bonding session, they get past the issues and are united for now.

Paul informs Danny that he has broken up with Kayla, which Danny is relieved about. Paul says that his delusion that money comes easily has finally ended and he is now looking for a regular paycheck. Danny asks him to apologize to Isaac who will help him out since the company is in Isaac’s name. When Naomi comes to Amy’s house, she finds out that Fumi is out on painkillers. Naomi is quick to pick up on Amy’s deliberate attempt to prevent her from meeting Fumi.

But Naomi has now had enough. She brings up her theory that Amy is actually having an affair with Danny. Video footage captured Bobby and Michael wearing The Chosen One hoodie, which is also Isaac’s company’s name. Amy bursts out in laughter and insults Naomi about all the free time that she has. Naomi vows to get tangible evidence and go to Jordana to cancel her deal to buy Kōyōhaus. Paul apologizes to Isaac and he accepts it.

Isaac shows Danny a slew of rice cookers. He has actually stored money in a certain kind of cooker and thinks that his lawyer will be able to keep him out of jail. Isaac trusts Danny and says that once this mess is behind them, they can expand their business. Danny is unsure about it as he is worried about Paul. Amy texts Danny to end the feud once and for all.

She asks him to take the fall for the road rage incident and say that someone else was driving the white SUV. She promises to pay him 25K for doing it, and he agrees but asks her to apologize. They almost fight again but Amy makes sure he realizes they’re on the same page. They even heckle another person who honks at them.

While driving back, Naomi calls Amy and apologizes. Fumi has overheard their conversation and has taken the blame for the road rage. Naomi interpreted Amy’s stoicness as an attempt to protect Fumi. Amy is shocked, both by Fumi’s sacrifice and how cosmic this confession is. She goes back home to find George cleaning up June’s vomit.

Earlier in the episode, Amy found umpteen empty wrappers of chocolates, and that is what she has thrown up. Amy gets on her case because George won’t and June starts lying. Amy gives her another chance and she says she is stress eating lately due to the news that Amy and George might separate.

That brings the parents closer to June. It is almost like a therapy session where they recognize how each of them being different qualities to the relationship and how they sacrifice their own happiness to put family first.

It is a manifestation of everything the duo has been working on in the entire episode. This moment is cathartic to watch a very positive step in the relationship. Danny is about to masturbate to the photo he saw of Paul. He thinks it is Kayla, but before he can do the deed, Amy calls him and it spooks Danny. She says the deal is off and Danny is pissed.

Fumi is healing quickly and Amy takes her shopping. She opens up about her marriage with Haru and how they never cared about their finances. Haru taught her the moment you acknowledge worrying about money into existence is when you stop living.

Fumi says what Amy really wants for her family is the perception she buys into. Fumi also gives a piece of advice to Amy to let George feel like he is the hero in certain situations.

At the basketball game, Edwin’s team takes on Isaac’s but he is nowhere to be seen; it turns out that he has been arrested. He blames Danny for it and he is right. He sent the video to the authorities and since the truck is registered in Isaac’s name, he is the one who has been arrested. Isaac asks Danny to take the call for him and he makes a fake promise to do so.

During the game, we see Edwin’s true colours. All that we saw until now was a façade. In reality, he is a competitive, envious and bitter person, which is for everyone to see. We see Danny hitting the winning shot in the game and coming out on top – both on the court and off it.

The Episode Review

Danny walks away from this episode with a big “w” to his name. Not only has he won over the church group, but he has also mended things with Paul, sent Isaac to jail and taken over his shady dealings, and somewhat ended the beef with Amy. Fumi and Amy’s deep yet strange conversation has put things in perspective for Amy too. The series is now at a tipping point where our protagonists have made definitive choices which will affect the rest of the series.

It is quite remarkable how well the creators have been able to utilize the runtime. Each episode runs for 30-odd minutes but the amount of exposition is staggering, as is the continuity that has elevated the story to the next level. This is A24’s big foray into television, even if Beef is not for everyone.

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