Bed Friend – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

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Bed friend episode 4 starts with Pock forcing himself on Uea, with Uea screaming for help. In a flash, King appears out of nowhere and hits Pock, warning him that he will beat him if he ever goes near Uea again. Pock asks about his role, and he replies that he is Uea’s boyfriend.

Pock runs away, and King returns to Uea asking how he is, to which Uea replies by leaning on him. I would also be worried for Uea because that was a very traumatic experience!

King reflects that he should have hit Pock even harder. He states that he knew Pock would result in underhanded tricks. King insists on Uea staying with him for the next week, to which Uea agrees; Uea kisses King’s hand; it is such a beautiful scene to see. King tells Uea that he didn’t have to meet a horrible person like Pock and should only date good guys. Uea says he is unlucky, so he meets such guys. King asks for more than a kiss as a thank you and Uea obliges.

Later, we see them in King’s bed with King applying ointment to Uea’s bruises; he kisses Uea’s head and then gives soft blows to Uea’s bruises. He is so adorably concerned and considerate. It wakes Uea but pretends not to see what King is doing.

On Uea’s birthday, he wakes up to messages of birthday wishes from his friends. He hears a knock on his door, and on the other side stands Jude, his best friend who has come to wish him a happy birthday and take him out. He tells Jude that he needs to take treats to the temple. He tells him to wait as he takes a shower. Meanwhile, he receives a call from his sister to go home and celebrate with them at his mom’s insistence. Of note, and should be remembered, is that the mother is a homophobic woman. Since he can’t refuse his sister, he agrees to go.

Elsewhere, we see him enter his mother’s house cautiously; his sister makes him close his eyes as she gets him her gift. A drawing of only her and him with the letters “l love you, brother” written in it. Their mother breaks the moment by asking them why they are not helping her. The sister goes to help the mother. Uncle Sam emerges from a room on the side, and Uea panics and moves away.

The Uncle greets him with a fake smile and tells him he has been waiting for him. Uea moves aside and sits at the dinner table. The Uncle touches Uea’s bag seductively, setting Uea’s instincts on a high drive. The mom condescendingly says that Uea is doing okay; he works in an office and receives a monthly salary. The Uncle insists they need drinking water; mom and the sister then return to the kitchen to get the water.

Uea stands up, but the Uncle strongly holds him against his will. Uea tells him to leave him alone, and the Uncle tries to touch his face. We see a flashback to when the Uncle sexually assaulted Uea. Uea had taken a cutting tool and threatened him with it, saying he would stab him if he came nearer. Uea escaped and went to his mother and told her that Uncle Sam had tried to sexually assault him. The mother refused the accusations and started beating him, asking him why he was lying. The Uncle then comes down the stairs and tries to stop the fight. The mum puts Uea in a dark room and locks it, he pleads with her, but it’s useless; she doesn’t agree to open it.

In the present, Uncle insists they must have a long chat. The mum and sister return and Uea chooses to leave. The Uncle tries to prevent him, but he pushes a picture on the stand, breaking it into pieces. The mother shouts at him, asking what is wrong with him. He gets into his car and drives off; his sister comes out and runs after him. He stops the car, gets out, and his sister apologizes.

He leaves and drives off to Bangkok. When he gets in town, he stops the car and calls King, asking him if he is in his condo. King replies that he is, and Uea cuts off the call. He gets to King’s Condo, King allows him in, and they have a steamy moment. Uea moves aside and lies on the floor. King gets close to him but realizes that Uea is tense and anxious.

It’s such a shock because Uea allowed King to see his vulnerability. King insists on him getting a bath and as he rests in the tub, King brings a cake to Uea, and here we have another flashback.

Uea is staring inside what looks like a restaurant where a boy and his parents celebrate his birthday. Uea’s mom comes and kicks him away, and the young boy in the glass sees it. He lights up a candle on his next birthday and wishes himself a happy birthday.

In the present, King asks him to make a birthday wish, and they then have a sweet moment. In the morning, Uea stares at King while he sleeps. King arouses and looks at Uea and wraps his legs around him. Uea insists on taking a shower, to which King responds by engulfing Uea in a cuddle. Uea disentangles himself and leaves for the bathroom.

At work, Uea speaks to Jude; King takes his hand and brushes a kiss on it. Uea panics and looks around. Gun, a co-worker, startles Mong-Kol from his sleep leading to a series of laughs easing the atmosphere. That night after work, King confides in Uea that he doesn’t have a good relationship with his mother. His brother is a perfectionist, and his mother wants him to be like him.

Days pass by and they go to a beach resort for a company retreat, and the two end up sharing a room. In the group activities, Uea goes missing, and King finds him at the resort’s bar. King takes him away, and they end up along the beach with the beautiful sunset behind them. King insists that Uea is drunk and offers to escort him back to the room.

On the way, Uea trips and falls on King. The episode ends with King holding Uea above him while they stare into each other’s eyes.

The Episode Review

In episode 4, we see Uea getting closer to King. He is opening up more and more while King has become a safe place for Uea and treats him well, showing us a healthy, beautiful relationship. They may have started as friends with benefits but they are unknowingly getting close to each other.

The mum is still a homophobe, and l think she knows that her so-called husband is abusing Uea; she chooses to play dumb instead of being a protector. She is the worst kind of mom because her ignorance and denial hurt Uea but she doesn’t even feel remorseful.

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