Bed Friend – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Bet

Episode 5 of Bed Friend starts with King and Uea at the beach, with Uea drunk and flirting with King. They make out under the beautiful sunset and just get lost in each other. The next morning, King tries to get it on with Uea but is turned down.

They return to the city where King notices that Uea gets scared when he hugs him suddenly. He apologises and Uea has a flashback to when his stepdad molested him.

At the office, the two try to keep their relationship a secret and Jade informs King that his mom has been trying to reach him. He wants King to call his mom back so she can stop bothering him. He is also curious as to why King never picked up his mom’s calls and thinks King might have been busy with his crush.

King admits that he was busy and promises to call his mom back. Uea secretly listens to their conversation to see if King will tell Jade who he is seeing. King gives Jade a few vague hints and drops the subject.

Uea gets frustrated with King’s relentless teasing and decides to get back to work as well. However, he can’t stop thinking of King so he decides to trim his nails and hurts himself. Jade and King rush to help him and King helps put a bandage on his injured finger. He also invites Uea to dinner and he accepts.

At dinner, Uea’s mom texts him, scolding the guy for not replying or responding to her calls. She wants Uea to send her money so he does. Uea also texts back that he has been busy but King notices a change in his mood.

King also receives a call from his mom and he excuses himself to take it. Upon his return, he tells Uea that his mom has arranged a date for him. Uea is hurt but pretends he is fine. King asks him if he wants him to turn down the date but Uea tells him he is the only one who can make that decision and quickly changes the topic.

Uea is worried that the time for them to end their situationship is approaching. After dinner, Uea tries to distance himself from King but King pulls him in for a kiss. They end up having sex and King apologizes for being a bit rough.  King tries to leave for a smoke after they are done but Uea begs him to skip smoking and stay.

The next morning at work, the boss introduces a new IT manager, Krit, who also happens to be related to him. While making his speech, Krit keeps staring at Uea which makes Uea wary and King gets jealous.

After the meeting, everyone feels bad for Bas who got overlooked for the promotion. Uea also runs into Krit in the hallway and he asks Uea to help him with his transition. He tries to get close to Uea but he quickly draws the line.

Two weeks later, Krit runs into Uea at the cafe shop and offers to treat him. Uea refuses his offer and King approaches them and subtly marks his territory. Krit is taken aback but he remains relentless in his pursuit of Uea. King tells Uea that he doesn’t like Krit and is annoyed to see the advances he keeps making towards Uea.

Uea tries to calm him down and points out that he pays no attention to Krit’s advances. King is still not assured and says he wants to protect Uea.

At the office, Jade complains that King’s mom called him again. This time to ask him to talk King into accepting the blind date she set up. Jade wants to know who has been stealing King’s attention and is frustrated King is keeping it a secret. He also offers to introduce Uea to a new guy but King puts a stop to that idea very fast.

Later that evening, King and Uea run into Krit who asks to join them for dinner but King refuses and suggests he visits another restaurant. Krit asks why they can’t share and King says that is impossible. It is clear they were not talking about restaurants but Uea himself.

Krit tries to talk to Uea but he refers him back to King’s words. Uea finds King cool for defending him and King is even more pleased with himself. He still feels insecure about Krit though, so Uea tells him that Krit is not his type as he is a player. King reminds him that he is different and willing to change for the person he loves.

Sadly, Uea doesn’t believe him and King asks to try before judging him. Uea leaves quickly without giving a response.

Later, King decides to up his game and approach Uea openly at the reception. He asks to spend the night at Uea’s place and Uea is surprised by his actions. He pulls him aside and reminds him of their agreement. They pretend to be on a phone call when seated next to each other and King convinces Uea to spend the night together.

They go to watch a football match and make a deal. The one whose team loses gets to do everything the other party asks. King’s team wins but he refuses to tell Uea what he wants him to do; he plans to use that card later. They go back home and Uea has a panic attack when the storm causes a lights-out. Luckily, King is there to comfort and cuddle him till he falls asleep again.

The episode ends with Gun and Jade wondering why King and Uea have been so close lately. King and Uea mockingly tease  that they are dating but Jade and Gun don’t believe them. Jade says if it is true he will bark like a dog in the office. In his mind, the two enemies can never possibly be dating.

The Episode Review

I can barely stand this new Krit character, he is giving bad vibes and he should learn to take rejection and move on.

Uea likes King but is scared to admit it and to ask for more from their “relationship.” He is also turning down King’s moves to define their relationship, and King has proven that he cares and that he can change his old ways.

I hope he won’t go on the blind date, as this is one of the reasons Uea is scared to move to the next step. He wants to see what King will do about his arranged date.

As for Jade, the poor guy has no idea that he will soon have to fulfil his side of the bet and bark like a dog in the office!

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