Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life – Episodes 65 & 66 Recap and Review

“Eating People up”

Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life returns with another emotional set of episodes as Yu-Ra confronts poor Cheong-Ah about her son’s suicide. This was quite tough to watch but what a great performance from the actresses! This reinforces the wedge between our favourite couple and I’m wondering if they will ever manage to get together.

The episode starts as Joon-Hwi comes face to face with Si-Wol. Cheong-Ah notices them and decides to join, worrying about the encounter. After Si-Wol leaves, they both sit down to have coffee but Joon-Hwi starts acting jealously, questioning who Si-Wol is and why she keeps meeting him. As they walk together, Joon-Hwi comes to the conclusion that there must be a strong connection because his mum is sponsoring him. While looking at the view, they share an emotional moment before Joon-Hwi pulls her into his arms.

Yu-Ra is still in shock over the letter she just read and reminisces about her son while Seol-Ah gets an offer to host the afternoon radio show. The producer also explains that there will be a segment with chefs introducing recipes and unbeknownst to her, Tae-Rang is one of them. She then calls Jin-Woo as she thinks he made that happen but he insists not having anything to do with her promotion this time. As Jin-Woo hangs up the phone, his mother arrives in his office and gives him an ultimatum; Seol-Ah or his position. He tries to object but she insists and tells him to choose soon.

Back at the station, Tae-Rang and Seol-Ah are surprised when they realize they will work together. Seol-Ah is not too happy but vows to concentrate on her job and urges him to do the same while Yoong-Woong is still struggling at his part-time job.

At lunch, Seol-Ah meets Jin-Woo in a cooking studio where he tells her he’ll cook for her. As they have drinks, he pushes his luck and almost kisses her. Despite her anger, he carries on joking around claiming that he’s having a hard time resisting her. Unfortunately, she’s unable to eat his dish as the mussels are still full of sand. She then thinks out loud that Tae-Rang might know a way to fix the dish but this upsets Jin-Woo as he wonders if she ever stops thinking of him. He then suggest eating out but she feels bad and insists on eating it.

At the Moon household, Pa-Rang announces during lunch that he has decided not to go to college. This shocks his family and especially his sister who tell him that if he doesn’t, he will have trouble in life and be judged because he’s adopted. After hearing that her sister is not feeling well, Hwa-Young decides to pay her a visit. She first starts complaining about her son then reveals that she’s a candidate for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and wants to know if she’s interested. However, Yu-Ra tells her that she can’t really think about things like that at the moment.

Joon-Hwi arrives home and asks his maid what “eating people up” means. She replies that it means killing innocent people, which of course shocks him. He later visits his mum in her bedroom and apologises, vowing to not run away anymore from Cheong-Ah. Still determined to find out why his brother killed himself, Joon-Hwi decides to contact the priest who helps his mother with Si-Wol and arranges a meeting with him.

Realising Cheong-Ah has been lying to her all these years, Yu-Ra calls her over to the house right away. As soon as she arrives, Yu-Ra slaps her and demands to know the truth. Cheong-Ah admits that they both met to end their lives which makes Yu-Ra red with anger, telling her that she killed her son. Cheong-Ah drops to her knees to apologise but Yu-Ra tells her she’ll never forgive her and will hold her responsible until the day she dies.

Joon-Hwi decides to go for drinks with his colleagues where Baek gets really drunk and upset with Joon-Hwi for what he did to Cheong-Ah. After Baek passes out, Joon-Hwi sees Cheong-Ah is crying. As he tries hugging her, she reveals that his mum has found a letter and knows about his brother’s suicide, which ends the episode.

Just as Joon-Hwi is trying to get closer to Cheong-Ah, another spanner has been thrown in the works with his mum finding out the truth about the suicide. As expected, her reaction is very explosive going from shocks and despair to anger and rage towards the people who have lied to her. Her first target is poor Cheong-Ah who has been through so much and has to endure even more now.

In contrast, Jin-Woo is still coming up with unusual and fun ways to conquer Seol-Ah and doesn’t look like he will give up soon, despite knowing he has a rival. There is great chemistry between these two and I am still rooting for them to get together in the end.

Joon-Hwi is also getting closer to find out just what his brother did and I’m quite intrigued to see what really happened on that fateful day. Surely, Yu-Ra will realize that she’s partly responsible for her son’s tragedy which could soften her anger towards Cheong-Ah. Before this though, I’m sure she will confront Young-Ae while not being aware of the connection with Seol-Ah. There’s still plenty more drama and tense episodes to come on Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life and I’m looking forward to see it all unfold!

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