Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life – Episodes 63 & 64 Recap and Review

The Letter

The truth is finally out as Yu-Ra discovers that her youngest son has actually committed suicide. It took 64 episodes to get there but it never felt too long as the show has managed to build to this moment nicely. There’s still plenty more reveals to come though, especially with Si-Wol having a bigger presence in Cheong-Ah’s life as well as Joon-Hwi. It won’t be too long until they figure out the connection between him and Joon-Gyeom.

The episode starts with Cheong-Ah and Si-Wol walking together and intent on getting something to eat while Joon-Hwi watches and follows them. As they start talking, Joon-Hwi heads inside and sits at a table in the corner. Si-Wol speaks to Cheong about the meaning of his name and we learn that he is an orphan. They then go on to talk about the hit and run and he tells her that there was an informant who gave a false statement to the police. Just as they’re about to leave, Joon-Hwi stops Cheong-Ah and asks to spend some time together, leaving Si-Wol to walk off on his own.

A sad Joon-Hwi tells Cheong-Ah how he has been worrying about her and asks to walk with her all night long. However, she remains cold towards him, saying that even if they did it wouldn’t change anything. She agrees to go in his car where she confronts him about the truth behind his brother’s death. She doesn’t want his mother to suffer from the same pain he is which is why they need to break up.

After their meal, Jin-Woo takes Seol-Ah home but ignores his mother’s call. When Seoul’s phone rings, she gives it to Jin-Woo to answer, thinking it’s his mother. Without telling her, he picks up the phone to Yoong-Woong and tells him that they’re on their way home. This makes her a little angry as she didn’t want him to speak to her father. As they reach her house, Jin-Woo insists on coming in to beg her parents for forgiveness. She refuses and leaves him behind but Yu-Ra lets him in, unaware of the situation. Once inside, he kneels infront of Seol-Ah’s parents and apologises. However, Yoong-Woong can’t accept it and runs to get his bat which prompts Seol-Ah to take Jin-Woo outside.

Not ready to give up, Jin-Woo climbs over the wall and heads back in the house. He kneels back down and tells the parents that he will not move until they have forgiven him. Yoong-Woong tries to hit him again but is stopped by Seol-Ah. He then decides to leave him there and to see how long he will last.

In the meantime, Hwa-Young is unable to sleep knowing that her son is spending the night with Seol-Ah. She decides to drive there and is shocked to find her son kneeling down on the floor. She confronts Young-Ae about it who replies that he’s the one who refuses to leave. Hwa-Young then goes on a tirade, saying that she knows they’re after her money and asks them what it would take to stop Seol-Ah from seeing Jin-Woo. Young-Ae then becomes fed up and tells them that if Jin-Woo likes Seol-Ah, they should date. This shocks Hwa-Young but makes Jin-Woo very happy as they head back home.

After remembering Hwa-Young’s words, Hae-Rang speaks to her brother about Jin-Woo and Seol-Ah dating again which surprises him. Later in his restaurant, Tae-Rang is approached by a radio producer who offers to have him as a panelist in their food review show while Yoong-Woong struggles with his first day at work.

In the police station, Joon-Ik tells Cheong-Ah that the files on the hit and run investigation have been discarded, which is very unusual so he suggests talking to the attorney in charge. Determined to find out what happened to her son, Yu-Ra finds the letter he wrote to Joon-Hwi but gets interrupted by the arrival of the latter. He then asks her if the kid she sponsored is Kang Si-Wol as he has heard the name in a restaurant and recognized it. She confirms that it is but explains that he can’t be him as she has been told that he lives in the countryside.

In the evening, Cheong-Ah relays to Si-Wol that his case files have been discarded so she asks him to remember who his lawyer was as they might still have them. Suddenly, she receives a call from Joon-Hwi asking where she is as he wants to meet. She then carries on her conversation with Si-Wol who reveals that his cigarette butt was found at the scene and that the victim’s name is Park Keut Sun which shocks her as it was the second name Joon-Gyeom mentioned to her.

We then cut back to Yu-Ra reading Joon-Gyeom’s letter and finally realizing that he killed himself. As she tries to come to grips with this bombshell, it proves too much for her and she faints as the episode ends.

After 64 episodes, Yu-Ra finally learns the truth about her son’s death and I’m not surprised she fainted. This is going to be very tough for her to deal with in the weeks to come, especially if she finds out that her actions to frame another person played a massive part in it. Speaking of Si-Wol, Cheong-Ah and Joon-Hwi are both getting closer to finding out the truth about him as well. He’s becoming a bigger part of their lives too which certainly spells trouble for our favourite couple.

We also see a stronger and tougher side to Cheong-Ah as she manages to stay cold towards Joon-Hwi. Meanwhile, her sister is having to deal with her crazy ex-mother in law again as she barged into her home. Her mum quickly came to the rescue though as she’s also starting to see that Jin-Woo may have changed after all and truly loves her daughter.

I’m looking forward to next week to see just what will happen now that Yu-Ra knows the truth and the confrontation she’s bound to have with Cheong-Ah and her mother. Roll on next Saturday!


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